Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Learning clarinet and violin

I was told by my son's class teacher that the pupils need to choose one musical instrument for accumulate their academy point next semester. My elder boy has chosen clarinet whereas my younger boy has chosen violin. I actually do not play any musical instruments so I can't help them much in practicing their instruments. So what I can always do is making sure they practice their instruments every night before they go to their bed. As for getting the required accessories, their daddy will get via online which he believes they are cheaper than getting from retail shop. He had even commented the vandoren clarinet reeds at wwbw are cheapest amongst others!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Weather is getting cold lately especially early in the morning and evening. The wind is pretty strong and chilly but it is still warm and hot in the afternoon. Ever since the onset of October, the management had already closed the swimming pool, which will be closed from October till next May. My son ever asked why the management didn't get the electric swimming pool heaters so that everyone still can swim even it is during cold winter. Yeah, what a good idea! Perhaps I should suggest this idea in the coming residential and management meeting.