Friday, December 14, 2012

Studio Mic

My hubs gave me lots of words when i told him i wanted to get a rabbit fur. He said he would save the money to get himself a studio microphone at Musician's Friend  rather than spending a thousand to get me a fur coat! How sad when my dear one said this to me. I actually really like to get the fur coat but unluckily the seller doesn't allow me to pay by installment. :(

Healthy Chips

People like to comment me when they get known that i always "feed" chips to my kids. Hey, please don't simply comment people when you do not know there is something called healthy chips. Chips do not mean junk food, some more there is nothing wrong when you feed your kids moderately. Sigh, i am so sad that those people who surrounding me are too silliness to know all these basic knowledge. 

Sunday, December 09, 2012

English Speaking Practice

My elder boy has just joined the English Speaking Practice class recently and he loves going to the class a lot. I was told the teacher is friendly and funny, that's why my son loves going to the class. I actually wanted to send him to oral class when he was in Standard 1 but I kept procrastinating my plan due to expensive tuition fee.The current oral class was introduced by my neighbor whom her son has been going to too. The center is at prime location and its design is modern as well. Personally I like their classroom desks very much because they simply look comfy for everyone who attending the class. Of course the most importantly I like sending my son to this center is because their tuition fee is most affordable one!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Moet & Chandon

I bought a champagne for my hubby, as his 40th birthday present. I like this Moet & Chandon a lot and bet he would like drinking it too. Other than this bottle of champagne, i have booked a table at one romantic steak house as well. As for my kids, they are going to sing "Oppa Gangnam Sytle" for their daddy. How funny!!

40th birthday present

I have mentioned a lot of times that my hubby loves playing guitar, and even mentioned that he likes buying guitars despite he already has few guitars at home. But i know nothing can stop him from buying more guitars as collection, so i didn't feel shock when he told me he wants to get superb PRS Guitars at Musicians friend for his 40th birthday present. How pity of him since he have to pay for his own birthday present! 

One can never have enough guitar.

When one likes playing guitar, he most probably like buying guitar as well. Just like my hubby who can never have enough guitars! Other than guitars, he likes having all other relevant accessories as well. I don't know all those about so i didn't give any comment when he told me he would like to get the great dbx driverack pa from guitar center, what's more i am not one who is going to pay for it. Hahaha....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If i had a white Christmas

If you are staying in New Orleans, you definitely can get yourself some high quality NOLA patios. How sad that i am not staying there otherwise i believe i would have white Christmas! I actually have been hoping to have snowy Christmas since i was a little, but until now it is still a daylight dream which seems so hard to get achieved! Well, if i really can have a white Christmas i will get my family a real pine Christmas tree as well!!

Lunch at Station 1

My lunch ~ fried fish fillet with rice, taking it at Station 1 with my friend after we done our grocery shopping at Jusco this morning. After lunch, we spent another 2 hours chatting and drinking there. It was almost 3pm by the time i reached home. I actually tonight going to braise a pot of pork knuckles but since i just came back home not long ago and do not have enough time to defrost the meat so i have already decided to bring the kids eating outside later. I prefer dine out, easier for me since the maid is not coming tonight.

Saturday, November 03, 2012


Been thinking to get one of those hitch bike racks recently since we are so into cycling lately. But with just one car and one bike rack, then is it possible to hang 3 bikes? Actually the man has not been taking his company car to office ever since he bought the bike, yeah, he cycles to office everyday just because he would like to lose more fats. I can see him slimmed down a lot within this month although he doesn't take any diet plan but purely cycling. That's why i bought myself a bike as well!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Learning clarinet and violin

I was told by my son's class teacher that the pupils need to choose one musical instrument for accumulate their academy point next semester. My elder boy has chosen clarinet whereas my younger boy has chosen violin. I actually do not play any musical instruments so I can't help them much in practicing their instruments. So what I can always do is making sure they practice their instruments every night before they go to their bed. As for getting the required accessories, their daddy will get via online which he believes they are cheaper than getting from retail shop. He had even commented the vandoren clarinet reeds at wwbw are cheapest amongst others!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Weather is getting cold lately especially early in the morning and evening. The wind is pretty strong and chilly but it is still warm and hot in the afternoon. Ever since the onset of October, the management had already closed the swimming pool, which will be closed from October till next May. My son ever asked why the management didn't get the electric swimming pool heaters so that everyone still can swim even it is during cold winter. Yeah, what a good idea! Perhaps I should suggest this idea in the coming residential and management meeting.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Losing weight

My weight is just like sitting on roller coaster, from 55kg to 60kg then dropped to 58.1kg then the latest is 57.3kg. Well, i still have 2kg to shed in order to go back to my ideal weight. Losing weight has not been easier if you need to take care of 3 kids especially taking care of sick kid all by yourself. Well, think on the bright side, i at least save money for not buying those weight loss supplements. Yeah, i have natural way to stay slim.

Word Clock

My friend asked me whether i could bring him the word clock cable or not when i am going back. He said i could just get him the imitate one from those gray market, gosh, if i were him, i would just spend on a genuine word clock, at least the quality is guaranteed. But since he is my best friend so i would not reject his demand and i will try my best to get him one, yet i seriously hope he won't send the imitated word clock cable back to me and ask for exchange or money return.

Spend wisely

The staff of the saloon insisted to hairdo my girl's hair while i was having my eyebrows trimmed at the saloon. I didn't bother it and just let the lady to style my girl's hair because i knew my girl would love all these hairdos and cosmetics things. After a while, the lady started to put clips on my girl's hair and being very hard selling those hair accessories to me. She said i could bring my girl over for hairdo anytime for free as long as i buy their hair accessories. Be truly honest, i was about to pay for the hair clips as my girl loved them a lot, but i didn't at last because the prices of the clips are too expensive, all the clips on her head charged about RMB500+. Gosh, i am not stupid and i am not blind, i really couldn't see why i should pay few hundred for those low-quality plastic clips. I would rather use the money to get my kids one of those good quality rustic bookcases to keep their books. Well, even i like my girl being pretty but it doesn't mean i should spend blindness.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swisher Sweet Cigar

My friend told me swisher sweet is a sweet cigar. Huh? Sweet? Well, i don't smoke neither cigaratte nor cifar, that's why i can't really imagine the taste. Even though my man likes to collect cigar but he doesn't smoke so basically he can't tell the exact taste of cigar too. I actually don't like people either to smoke or to drink, but sadly to say my man likes to drink a LOT.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

So tired

I didn't sleep well yesterday night, almost kept waking up hourly. I actually found myself was asleep but at the same time i still felt my mind was awake. Do you have such experience before? I seriously hope i don't get any sleep disorder problems.

Although i am damn tired now, i still have to wake up early to wait for the worker to come over my house for fixing my kitchen hood. The hood has not been working for a week, at first hubs suggested we could get the hood's appliance part to fix ourself but since he has been too busy at work so he barely has time to get the hood fixed, that's why i finally called the hood repairing worker come over.


My first Valentine's present from a boyfriend (now hubby) was a helmet, well, the helmet looked neither stunning nor attractive but looked pretty old-fashioned. Be truly honest, i simply could not accept myself wearing such an ugly helmet and riding the super bike with my boyfriend. He should have bought me an astonishing HJC CS-R2 helmet, so that i could have become the center of attention when i ride with him.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Handsome neighbor

The boy next door shows how cool he is while standing beside the lift. He always looks gorgeous with his oakley sunnies, white linen shirt and kneelength shorts and his oakley laptop backpack, i must admit that he is absolutely a handsome young guy. How time flies, he was about 10 years old boy the first time i met him, but now he is even taller than me and i think he will bring his girlfriend back home pretty soon. :-)

Friday, August 03, 2012

Waterproof seat covers

Hubs was furious when he saw his boy spilled the half canned of coke on his car's cushion. I was mad too because this was not a first spilling and i seriously think he did it deliberately. This boy of mine is always an opponent who never perform things as what he was told. Gosh, i really feel like giving him a good punishment so that he can remember not to spill any beverages onto the car's cushion again. Further i think it is wise to get waterproof seat covers too, don't you agree to my idea? I better discuss this seat covers with my hubs asap, better have them worn over the seats before the next incident happens.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I hate argument

Hubs bought the Roll-A-Bout knee walker for my little boy but he has totally forgotten to get something for his elder son and youngest daughter. How unfair! Actually i just hate this "bias" attitute to max, of course he denied that he had such tendency towards his little boy! We even had argument because of this issue, but ended up i had to agree to differ just to end the argument. I dislike argument especially when i have headache!!!

So sorry

Hubs says he doesn't mind to have one of those buildings of metal as for car garage if we have bigger garden here. Of course this is just a dream sentence since we are actually staying in Condo, literally a matchbox-sized Condo. I somehow think, maybe the kids would like staying in my IL's house since their house has spacious garden for them to RUN. But kids, so sorry, we have to stay here to earn living. :(

Friday, July 13, 2012

If i have strong financial backup..

We went to furniture shops to look for cheap yet good quality racks and stands for my IL's new house. They are actually not intended to move into the new house but going to rent the house to working adults. My ILs are good in property investment, that's why they do not need to work but still can receive income from their owned property. I wish i can have such a good life like them when i am at my ripe old age. Of course, the first of all i must have strong financial as backup before i can invest in property!

Gonna sell my current laptop

My laptop had been infected with virus twice last week, the antivirus i had simply could not detect the virus. The keyboard even typed it ownself in the background. I had reformatted my laptop before the second time my laptop met the virus. But unfortunately the virus from my external hard disk came back to my reformatted laptop, so it infected the second time although i had the Norton antivirus installed in my laptop. Be frankly, the Norton had not been working perfectly so off i uninstalled it and installed BitDefender, VOILA, the virus just cleaned in a second! However, i don't want to keep this laptop anymore because i want to get a MacBook, but before i sell off my current laptop, i do need Iolo hard drive eraser to permanently remove all of my previous stored data. This is definitely a must since smart hackers are just around every nook and cranny. :)

Everybody needs a best friend

I am listening to Norah Jones ~ Everybody needs a best friend now, a very sweet and meaningful song indeed. Yeah, can't deny this quote as everybody does need a best friend who you can share everything with. I am lucky enough because i have more than a best friend, i actually have 3 who are willing to be my listeners when i wanna share my secrets, my problems, in short, my everything of my life. Well, friendship is hard to maintain as well, it's so unlike clothes you wear because the new are the best but friendship is the old is the best. But my hubs begs to differ, he actually defined his friendship as mens briefcases, the old the comfortable to be worn. LOL

Friday, June 22, 2012

Maternity Compression Stockings

My cousin is pregnant now and she is looking for maternity compression stockings which i never used for my previous 3 pregnancies. I was told the stockings can help alleviating any discomforts caused by pregnancy, oh gosh, i must have been outdated last time to know about this stocking. I remember i had to bear my legs pain during my pregnancies, if i had known it earlier then i would have bought it too.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Girl loves pink

Every girls like pink, just like my daughter. She likes everything in pink, be it her outfits, toys, bags, shoes, socks and a lot more. Actually i have been seriously wondering why most of the little girls like pink, is it because pink color related to princesses? Look at those 10 Disney princesses, their outfits are mostly in sweetest colors. I think perhaps this is a reason why my girl loves only pink but not other colors. She even begged me to get her pink camo bedding. She just could not get her pair of eyes off the sweet pink bedding when she found it, gosh, my girl has grown up so much, a way too fast before i can realize her growing speed.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Summer Holidays soon

The kids have been making a lot of unbearable noises lately, gosh, i just hope my neighbor won't make any complains on those noises they made. Be frankly, i have been worrying how to stand them when the summer holidays come and how to stay sane throughout the 7 weeks of holidays. I seriously hope the kids can well behaved at home like reading, watching tv, coloring and doing all sort of good and healthy activities. I even have warned my boys that they cannot play their father's cymbal whenever their father is not at home, you know, i just so worry i will get any complains from my neighbors. I actually wish to send them back to my mom's house but sadly to say that it simply sounds impossible due to the expensive air fare.


If this is my house, i would definitely get more storage cabinets so that i would have more place to store my things and make my house looks more tidy up. We have too much things placed disorderly and i just hate to see those messes. Kids are still young, so basically cleaning their toys and books are my daily job which seems like a never ending job. Be honestly i sometimes would feel regret why did i offer toys as their reward, actually the more toys means the more messes. Sigh, how i wish they can grow up quickly and know how to help me clean up the messes. You know, i have been so tired to do all sort of cleaning and arranging works.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The thought counts...

I don't need any expensive gift for my coming birthday, actually pandora jewelry will do. Maybe you will think i am too silly and why did not i request a diamond bracelet from the man. I actually can't see the reason why i should have asked for an expensive stuff for my birthday, not the thought surpassing the value of the gift? Somemore, the man has bought me a concert ticket so making me have chance to see my favorite idol singing on my birthday. It is actually more than enough for me. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Antique furnitures

I love contemporary design but my hubs love antique design. So we would have lot of arguements when comes to choosing furnitures for our new house in KK. Sometimes i simply think he has piece of silly mind because i have always thought that it's not suitable to put heirloom typed of furnitures in our new house which it eventually will rent out to other people. What's more i think nowadays people will love modern design much more than old fashioned design. But i have totally changed my mindsets after my first glance at those heirloom yet luxury furnitures just like those i saw at Ethan Allen. However, i don't think i am willingly to rent out my house to someone i don't know if my house is fully furnished with those top quality and top craftmanship furnitures.

Treat your wife as your girlfriend

During our dinner yesterday, hubs suddenly mentioned it is so difficult to get birthday present for wife but it is easier to get for girlfriend. Actually i don't think so, as long as you have heart then getting a lovely present for wife is simply easy. What's more you can always treat your wife as your dating girlfriend, give her more passions, more loves and more hearts, then getting one of those birthday gifts for girlfriend is as simple as reading ABC. Although we have been married for 9 years, we still can put more passion in our marriage. Agree?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The kids are so into music recently.

Sigh, money is just not enough here! With just a paid cheque but arrays of expenses, i can actually feel the burden on my hub's shoulder. And recently, my elder boy wants to get a aer for his guitar. He has been learning guitar for 1 year and has been so into it, so after discussing with hubby, we have decided to get one for him. It will simply as a reward as well as encouragement for him so that he can master his guitar skills in more mature ways as time goes by. And very soon, i think we will have a piano at home for the little boy too. Arghh...can you feel our finiancial burderns?

Wanna look fit again

My man had been a good looking muscle man at his early 20 and 30. But, as time went by, his six packs abdomen have combined into one and become a big belly eventually. Recently, he has started to do exercise regularly and been planning to go back to six packs abdomen look. Perhaps he has reached his early 40 so he has been feeling hard to train his body up to the shape he wants. Some friends of him recommend MyoRipped for him but he still feels skeptical of its result. He said once to me he would try it maybe one day in future. But the most important thing he wants to do it now is trying his best to gather all the myoripped side effects and read them detailly, if the side effects are just minimal, then he will give them a green light to go into his stomach!

Summer is finally here

We are embracing Summer now! Yeah, my favorite season has come eventually! I know i am definitely a weido because majority of people hate Summer but i just love it to bits. Summer is always good for us, and the most importantly is the kids hardly fall sick in Summer!

Today we will have wardrobe cleaning, all the Winter wears will give their way to Summer wears. The carpets will be washed and stored into the vacuum bag, and the electric blanket will be stored nicely on the top of the wardrobe too! will be a busy day for everyone at home!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Prefer imported stuffs

I trust American products a lot, definitely not those made in CN! Although i have been leaving in CN for more than 7 years, i still trying my best to get imported foods from State. Luckily buying imported foods here is easier, even easier than in MY. I also ever heard my uncle said the american products pool light at his condo could last 30000 hours, so those made in CN ones definitely can't beat those American ones. Agree? :-)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Childhood memory.

I can't really remember my childhood time in my maternal grandpa's house, but i still can vividly remember there was a hammock with stand at my grandpa's house. We all loved snatching it and lying lazying there. However, being the youngest and weakest one at home, i always lost my chance lying on it. Now, after so many years, i have finally bought one again for my home in KK which it certainly brings back memories of my childhood. :-)

Friday, March 09, 2012

Working at the ripe old age.

As far as i know, most engines nowadays do not need any fuel pump. That's why i was pretty shocked when my hubs told me his father just bought a beck arnley mechanical fuel pump for his old truck which he uses it to deliver oil palm fruits. My FIL is actually at his ripe old age already but he is still working hard. Sometimes i just can't understand him, he should have enjoyed his life with his sons, daughters and grandchilden instead of working hard since he doesn't have financial problem. Em..maybe money is more important than family life.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I have been thinking to move back to my home country for months. Think staying in own place is definitely better than staying somewhere else especially cost of living in my hometown is much more cheaper than here. Of course, there are a lot of reasons involved especially for the kids' sake, and the most important thing is we can cut down the education fees we pay here. Furthermore the kids can learn more languages there and even can go to different enrichment classes as well as going to church. I have always wanted my kids join of those instrumentals class, but sadly to say, the learning fees here are so expensive. As for myself, i like to learn mandolin and get myself a good quality mitchell mandolin but due to having tight budget, i can only dream and never take any progress. Actually the mind of moving back is getting stronger and stronger each days, but just don't know it can be accomplished.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Been complaining a lot...

The feast is just over. Gosh, there were about 40 guests here gathering at my in-law house. The house was full of noise and the kids were playing happily and crazily too. Actually, i was a bit unhappy, all because of my MIL. She had been complaining a lot since few days ago, be honestly, i really do not have idea what does she want. She complained the dirtiness and complained we didn't help her out on the house chores, but gosh, my FIL had been cleaning the house by using the hoover steam vac for few days to ensure a sparkle looking home before the guests arrived, however, MIL still complaining a lot. Her complains annoy me a lot, now i seriously think to spend our next CNY in CN to avoid listening her never ending complains.

A lot of sick kids

A lot of my friends' kids are sick during this festive season, probably they had been taking too much of CNY foods and triggered the sickness. Most are having same symptoms like fever, cough and sore throat. My girl has eyes infection too, no idea where did she get it. I have bought the eye drop 2 days ago from the medical center, i was pretty surprised when i saw those on duty nurses wearing modern medical scrubs there. Gosh, those nurses looked so pro and gorgeous. My hubby even said their uniform looks more modern than my dress. :p

Friday, January 13, 2012

Titanium watch

Hubby bought me a titanium watch as a Christmas present. He was so lovely to give me a surprise. Actually, i never like to wear watch because my hand is allergic to watch band, be it a leather, silver or titanium. So be honestly, i was just a bit confused why did he still spend a huge amount to get me a watch which it is not necessary to own. He is a lovely man but definitely is not a thoughtful man!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

No more co-sleeping

Our king sized latex mattress is finally arrived at our doorstep this afternoon. After few years of co-sleeping with the kids, we finally decided to move the boys to other room. Both of the boys are fine with the decision and they in fact can't hardly wait to sleep in their own room. They have ocean theme room, so basically everything is in blue color. My girl wanted to have her own room too, but pathetically we just have 2 rooms in our unit, so for the moment i still cannot promise her any. Hopefully the boys won't come disturbing me at the midnight.