Saturday, December 11, 2010

Car fanatic

My little boy loves cars very much, be it toy cars, real cars and even those car pictures in magazine. In his iPod touch, you can see games related to CARS only and all the video clips saved are all about CARS too. This morning, he saw the ATVs pictures in newspaper and he insisted me to download some related movie clips for him. He wanted everything about ATV, including those promoting ATV Tires movie clips. See, he is such a car fanatic.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Acne problem is lingering

I signed up a facial course not long ago, but i am so regretted to pay my money to that unethical beauty center. Their products are not suitable for me and my face started to pop out those ugly acne after i had my facial there. What's more, i just been there 3 times! I asked for refund but they were not willing to pay the money back for me and claimed that their products are safe for use and won't be causing any allergic reaction. I never go back to that beauty center again, as for those money lost, i definitely learn my lesson. Now, i have started using Acsonix. I found this product through acsonix reviews, hope it can help minimizing my acne problem.

Honey + Cinnamon

I have received a meaningful email from one of my friend last week. The subject of the email has caught my attention which is stated "honey and cinnamon drink keeps you strong", i read the email carefully and started to make myself a cup of honey and cinnamon drink right away i finished reading the mail. Coincidentally, i have both 2 ingredients sitting in the kitchen cabinet. To my surprise, i did not catch the cold and cough from my kids after been taking this yummy drink for few days. So, i seriously believe honey and cinnamon are perfectly matched to kill the body germs and let you stay healthy. According to some studies, it helps burning body fats too. But i am not sure is taking this beverage as good as using fat burner, anyway, it is no harm to try it, right?

Keep your face looking young

I have been applying anti-wrinkle cream for many many years, if not mistaken, i started this routine since i was still a high school student. Can't believe? But, it is a truth. And that's why i look pretty young and my look doesn't match my actual age. I have always believed that maintaining your face is a job which you should start as early as possible, see, i am your EXAMPLE. :-)