Friday, August 29, 2008

Free consultation for accident claims

In most of the people's minds, the fee of looking for an expertise lawyer is expensive, and that's why people would just stop for further seeking help from lawyer whenever they meet a problem, despite serious or minor. That's true enough seeking professional legal help from lawyer is expensive that even might cause a bomb to your wallet, not to mention the consultation fee too. If you have a problem about the motor vehicle accident injuries or workplace accidents claims, then you can consult San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer where the lawyer can give free consultation to you. Do check it out.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go vacation

We will have 3 days holidays in this coming mooncake festival. Have been planning a short vacation to either Taiwan or Japan. The air fare is pretty affordable since the peak Summer travel has been over and students will be going back to school on September 1. Our budget is just slightly allowed for a short vacation, however, i will still insist to have travel insurance, just want to have peaceful mind during our vacation.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

*Spending* therapy

I ever thought i was a lousy mother, and i seldom prepare breakfast for my boys. Normally i just bring them out to eat outside although i know outside foods are just too much of MSG and not healthy for my growing up boys. These days, i always have this sort of compunctious feelings that i have not done well towards my boys. So for the past 2 days, i had been trying my best to treat them good for cooking 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner for them. Being a housewife, this is my job and i know i just can't simply sit in front of the pc without caring my boys' needs. Somemore, my elder will be attending K3 soon, so i have to give more efforts in coaching him in doing his homeworks. However, in order to keep myself sane enough, i do need rest too..and also spending money. I just like to spend, spending is a good therapy to keep my physical and mind sane, that's why i had bought few Moen faucets from the online store, and now just waiting for the coming of plumber who is going to change my old rusted faucets into brand new faucets.

Looking for moving trucks

I have had this phobia when people tell me "moving house", perhaps because i had been experiencing 7 times of moving house for 5 years. Moving house is an arduous task, sweating, exhausting, tiring as well as have to pack all the things in advance. Evidently, packing boxes seems more tiring than moving, what's more still have to unpack all the boxes once have been settled at one place. If i need to move house again, then i don't mind to get quotes from different moving trucks, actually, getting moving truck is something i have wanted quite a few times last time when we were moving house, but we didn't ask for help further due to our tight budget.

Lousy GlobeDomain

I have 2 blogs hosted under GlobeDomain, but don't know why i can't access my blogs in China, actually highly suspected the culprit is the government of China. As most of you know, China doesn't have freedom for broadcasting news and doesn't have freedom of accessing some websites.

For example, they had blocked wikipedia, blogspot, and a lot more, but recently i can access those blocked sites due to the Olympic games. Now the Olympic games has overed, so i can foresee the government here will block those sites again. *sigh*

I somehow don't know why they wanna block the sites, did those sites inflict any serious problems to their people? I really don't know, sometimes i just feel like they're goons as they block most of the websites. I hate this, what's more now i need to migrate my 2 blogs to other hosting server. You know, having data migration will just waste my money, furthermore, both of my blogs still have long to go till they expire! *hate*

Speaking to the GlobeDomain, actually i have been hearing how lousy of their supports for a year, i was not really believed it at first, but now, i can tell you, YES, their supports are super lousy and they have not served me perfectly even though i have been submitting my tickets diligently. Gosh, i am in rush to migrate my database to new server, i need their authorization code so that my new hosting registrar is able to help me in data migrating, but, this supports of GlobeDomain just has just ignored my tickets and has never bothered to give me a reply!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Massage Therapy School

Hubby always asks for a good massage from me, but dear, i was not graduated from any one of massage therapy schools so i think i am not able to give him a good massage. Perhaps i should take a massage therapy course to correct my massage skills in order to please my dear hubby! Actually i do hope there is one can offer me a good massage!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Caribbean cruise getaway

I asked hubby when would he spend me an Europe trip, he then answered he would only spend me after our house loan is settled. Gosh, that means no hope for going an Europe trip within this few years. I saw some cruises advertisement, some are having 75% off now. Personally i would like to try on 2 Night Caribbean, have been hearing how enchanting of Carribbean for more than 5 years. Sigh, Europe trip can be put aside, so does my Caribbean trip. If only i were a rich person, then everything was just possible to be accomplished.

Money, money, money, it's a rich man's world

I told my hubby that i won't go to HK anymore, as i had spent a lot in just a day trip. I went to HK on Monday, but i used about HKD2000 in just few hours. I am a shopping queen, what's more now there are final sales everywhere. So i just got all the Christmas and New Year clothes ready now, it's really save my wallet when buying things during sales, the prices of most of the things are 60% cheaper than actual price, that's pretty irresistible!

Spending money and splurging on stuffs are my favorite, but sometimes i just lacked of money for spending and splurging more. I am a housewife who doesn't have income, my only source of income is from hubby, so i only have money when he gives me, otherwise my pocket is empty. Perhaps i should try my luck at Online Casino rather than being thick face to ask for more money from hubby, you know, sometimes he did show me his sour face and he has been complaining that i never know how to control the money usage. He ever said that "I would be a rich man if my wife knows how to save money".

According to the Casino News, most of the Best Online Casinos do offer free sign up bonus, see, the bonus is even free then why not just try my luck on it? Money, money, i love to have more money, like what ABBA famous song ~ Money, money, money, it's a rich man's world!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Book your Las Vegas Hotels

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? Wanna save your Las Vegas Hotels fees? Do check out the site for more information about Las Vegas. This comprehensive site provides your everything that you might be interested like the information about hotels, shows, night clubs as well as tours and attraction. Traveling is fun and memorable if you know how to plan it properly in advance, otherwise, it can be just a nightmare for you. Imagine how terrible if all the hotel rooms and shows tickets have been taken up, these happens would only ruin your vacation mood if these really happened on you. So, a proper plan really a must for every trip.

Can sing China National Anthem but not Negaraku

Jo can sing China National Anthem but not our Negaraku, shame on us as we never teach him. Last Friday, we sang the China National Anthem while the anthem was playing during the Olympic opening ceremony, we know how to sing it as we have been listening this anthem for 3 years. What's more Jo is attending the school here, then undoubtedly he knows the anthem well. But Malaysia is our home country, we still need to instil more Malaysia culture to this little boy and we do not want him to forget his home country. I think i better buy him the Negaraku song and even flags while this round back to Sabah..

Miniature of Adidas shoes

I saw this miniature of Adidas shoes at Coastal City, they look very cute but sadly they are not for sale, otherwise i sure would buy them. The Chinese words mean - "My Beijing 2008". Be a Chinese, i am proud to see the Olympic opening ceremony was successfully held at BirdNest stadium. The count down was stunning, the introduction of Chinese culture was gorgeous, the live drawing on the scroll was terrific, and the way of igniting the Olympic huge torch was even breathless. Overall, the opening ceremony was nice, and we clapped our hands while seeing our MALAYSIA athletes. Yeah, how could we forget our MALAYSIA athletes although we are staying in CHINA.

Passion of beauty

I always want to wear ankle boots, however i hardly wear them due to my physical height. I am tall with 175cm, so i would look ever more taller if i wear high heels. I ever saw an one inch high of heels, but the ankle boots do not look nice with just 1 inch, i somehow felt like the length of heels only perfect with at least 2 inch or more. Speaking to the ankle boots, i would prefer open-toe which the design is most hottest at this season. I am such a vain pot, i like everything that looks nice and i ever thought of learning in Beauty Schools. These days, this mind of studying again has been kept popping out, but i really wondered would i still fit enough to go to school again with my current age and even need to juggle the family and kids at the same time. I have the passion to learn everything about beauty and hope to get a certificate too, who knows i can open a beauty center one day in future.

Osim Uzap helps achieving my ideal weight

I found that both of my calves look more thinner this morning when i just woke up from bed. I am quite "huge" in body size, and can never wear size S. I started my diet plan since early of July (2/7), sometimes i could really control myself for not taking any high calorie foods yet sometimes i failed especially during weekend. Weekend is always family outing day, so it was hard for me for not taking any food. Luckily the Osim Uzap has been helping me a lot, it is the belt simply designed to break the stubborn fats around tummy, thigh, calf and buttock, the belt also can be used to massage my neck, back and shoulder. Will keep using the Osim Uzap till i get my desired weight. Although my weight has been dropped, but my tummy still looks flabby due to lack of exercising. i am just fully relied on Osim Uzap and have totally forgotten my yoga practicing. :)

Oh, I bought the Osim Uzap at RMB1280. Cheap? Yeah..

Dumpling steamed fish

This is my favorite dish ~ dumpling steamed fish. The dumplings were tasty as they absorbed the juice and fresh of fish if steam the dumplings and fish together. The dish serves perfect with ginger, parsley and spring onion, the common dish decorations used to get rid the fishiness of the fish.

Have fun at Disney World

My house is not a big house, with 2 kids along, the house even seems more smaller than its actual sizes. The stuffs of hubby and mine actually do not occupy much spaces, so most of the things are belong to both of my boys. Yesterday while shopping at Coastal City, hubby bought a tent for my boys, but try to imagine how to put the tent at home? Now with the tent built, i even hardly to walk around my living room but both boys have been enjoying it very well. It's better to get the discount Disney World tickets so that i can bring them to Disney World with much reasonable and affordable price. Have fun outdoor is definitely better than staying at home, what's more now is Summer holidays.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Wanna dive in Sipadan, Sabah

I never try neither diving or snorkeling, but have been hearing how adventurous of this activity. Hubby's friend is working at MCD Sabah, so we're able to know the current best price of having this activity. It is just about USD110/person for 3 days 2 nights stay at Sipadan where Sipadan is a diving paradise. We would like to try diving on the coming Chinese New Year, if diving is just to hard to be accomplished then i don't mind to have just snorkeling. If only we can go to Sipadan, i hope to visit my paternal cousins in Tawau also.

I don't like my Cloth Diapers

After few days of email chasing, the seller finally decided to reply me and informed me she had just sent the cloth diapers for me. The parcel had arrived last night, i was glad to see the parcel but i was pretty angry to see the microfiber insert which is quite dirty. It supposed to be in white color, but i saw some dirty spots on the insert, and i really doubted that the BumGenius is not 3.0 but is the old version, 2.0. I had ordered 2 pieces of Bumkins AIO, 2 pieces of Happy Heiny's and 1 BumGenius, although i have not let Eli tried on the Bumkins and Happy Heiny, i could already tell you i have known the result. Both quality of Bumkins and Happy Heiny are lousy, gosh, i am really regretted now, if i had known the quality earlier, i would have just ordered more BumGenius. Sigh, just wasted my money!

Migrate to Australia

We had never thought of migration previously, but recently, we have been thinking that. Reason is simple, we want to provide a good education system to our boys. I am actually not biased the education system in Malaysia since both hubby and me were educated at there since young, and we satisfy the education system in China too. We are not China born Chinese, but as a Chinese, i have always wanted my boys know how to speak proper Mandarin, Mandarin and Chinese culture is our root which we never can forget. Having said so, i do emphasize their progressing of English, but my boys do not have much opportunity to learn English in China. In fact, we long for staying in English culture country too, that's why we have been planning to migrate to Australia these days. The plan has not been completely planned, as money is still a big issue for us unless we sell off our gold coins now for more strong financial backup. But gold investment can keep it for long, the longer you keep the more return you get, so i think we better keep the gold coin first rather than sell it off. I believe we can get more attractive return one day in future.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Claypot chicken rice with shallot

I love shallot every much, but i just cannot eat it round the year as staying in 4 seasons country. Shallot even hard to be found at market during the Winter.

I like to eat claypot chicken rice, but the way i cook the claypot chicken rice is somewhat difference than others. I like to fry the Chinese sausage with the fine chopped shallot, then only i would pour the Chinese sausage into the claypot and bring to stove after finely mixed the chicken, rice and Chinese sausage. I know most traditional cookings of claypot chicken rice do not include shallot, however, if you like the taste of shallot then perhaps can just give yourself a new taste.

Shallot, i just love to eat it but hate to chop it as shallot can cause eyes irritation. Friend of mine said she was tearless if she was chopping the shallot with her contact lens, but she was tearing if with her specs. As for me, both methods can easily irritate my eyes.

Work hard, earn more

I have to work hard so that i can save more money for buying : -
1. Canon Speedlite 580-EX II Flash
2. Tamron SP AF-17-50mm f/2.8

Having my DSLR is really not as simple as what i had thought before. At very beginning, i even thought a bare DSLR is enough, but then only got known that i need this external flash, extra lens as well as diffuser in order to have more stunning look pictures. I love my DSLR, that's why i have to work hard so that i can buy more gadgets. :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Unflavored Duocal Powder

My son looks so thin, i highly suspected the thin is caused by his picky habit. He tends to be very choosy when comes to food, that's why preparing his meal is such an arduous task to be accomplished. I was told that duocal is good for children over 1 year old, this high protein powder can soluble in water and any form of moist foods. Since it is an unflavored powder, then maybe i can buy it and mix duocal powder into his milk or soup, i was pleased to read its nutrition facts, so hopefully he can gain more weight after trying the duocal powder.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Look slimmer and prettier with weight loss supplement

I have been so quiet, just do not have momentum to do everything. Maybe my diet plan did not work well for me, and i look extremely mopey now. Apparently it's hard to shed off the extra pounds if solely rely on my own designed diet plan, and the plan actually not healthy too. I think i better get my weight loss supplement, so that i won't look mopey and pale at the same time i have my diet plan on.

Is Lasik safe?

Hubby had been thinking to change his specs before his friend introduced Lasik to him. He is interested to try lasik so that he can wave goodbye to his specs as well as his contact lens. I am keen to try lasik surgery too, wearing specs definitely blocking my pretty eyes, some more i do not like contact lens too as my eyes tend to feel dry every time the summer comes.

Actually how many people had Lasik before? Is Lasik safe?

Monday, August 04, 2008

I'm addicted to online shopping

I only have 4 cloth diapers (BumGenius), although Eli doesn't wear it for full time, 4 cloth diapers really seem not enough for him from 9am till 9pm. My friend asked me why not go for full time since wearing cloth diaper can save more money and even friendly to environment for long run, yeah, i know, but be frankly i still prefer him to wear disposable diaper at night although the prices of disposable diaper like Mamypoko, Huggies Red and Pampers are more expensive than the prices stated in Malaysia.

At first, i preferred to buy more microfiber inserts, but, the postage charge is more expensive than the inserts itself if i order them from USA. The insert is at USD3.5 per piece, but the postage charge is about USD34, that's why i just ordered my cloth diapers from this which the owner is staying in HK. The postage charge just about HKD45 to send the parcel to Shen Zhen. I am still prefer to have more microfiber inserts, since hubby is going to Missouri this coming September, so will ask him buy the inserts directly from there.

The cloth diapers i got from are :-
1 x Happy Heiny's Pocket, 145.00 = 145.00
2 x Bumkins All-In-One, 145.00 = 290.00
1 x Happy Heiny's One-Size, 179.00 = 179.00
1 x BumGenius One-Size, 175.00 = 175.00
shipping = 45

So total is HKD834, i paid it by using my Paypal money, USD1 = HKD7.60910, so total in US dollar is $109.61. I seldom use my Paypal money, most of the time i used it for buying those scrapbooking stuffs, so this actually considered first time i used it for something real in physical for my son. Hopefully i can get them latest by Wednesday, hehe...just can't wait to see those cloth diapers in real. And, very soon i will use my money for some fine arts from Art Storage too. My house just deprived of some beautiful decorations, that's why it always looks dull to everyone. I believe having colorful arts at home can bring more delightful feels for everyone.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Texas Electricity - helps save on your electricity bill

I have set up few rules for my household, if everyone co-operates well with me, then my rules can be successfully implemented hence to help ease expenses burden. Now my big headace is the maid as she always seems to waste the resources more than others, i have to push her more otherwise it just drains my effort. We need a frugal lifestyle, but my maid always does something overly like letting the tap ran, didn't switch off the air-cond when she brought the kids down to the park and a lot more.

I have been quite upsetting this mindlessly "wastes", price of everything is going up, even the government had just announced that the electricity rate will be increased another 20%. Gosh, what's more we need to meet this Summer's peak electricity demands. The electricity bill definitely shockingly expensive for Summer since 3 of the air-conds at my home almost have been functioning 24/7, i actually wished to switch off it sometimes but the hot weather has been lingering there, then no air-cond equivalent to having sauna at home. That's horrible. That's why i wished i can switch to other electric provider, like Texas electricity which can provide more reasonable rate.

Texas electricity company allows consumers to view different electric providers available hence to compare their rates, and saving your electric bill can be easily done by discussing your electric options with their electric management consultants. My friend who is staying in Texas is loyalty consumer of Texas electricity due to they are the only electric company helps people to save on their electricity bills from reliable retail electricity providers in Texas area.