Friday, June 22, 2012

Maternity Compression Stockings

My cousin is pregnant now and she is looking for maternity compression stockings which i never used for my previous 3 pregnancies. I was told the stockings can help alleviating any discomforts caused by pregnancy, oh gosh, i must have been outdated last time to know about this stocking. I remember i had to bear my legs pain during my pregnancies, if i had known it earlier then i would have bought it too.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Girl loves pink

Every girls like pink, just like my daughter. She likes everything in pink, be it her outfits, toys, bags, shoes, socks and a lot more. Actually i have been seriously wondering why most of the little girls like pink, is it because pink color related to princesses? Look at those 10 Disney princesses, their outfits are mostly in sweetest colors. I think perhaps this is a reason why my girl loves only pink but not other colors. She even begged me to get her pink camo bedding. She just could not get her pair of eyes off the sweet pink bedding when she found it, gosh, my girl has grown up so much, a way too fast before i can realize her growing speed.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Summer Holidays soon

The kids have been making a lot of unbearable noises lately, gosh, i just hope my neighbor won't make any complains on those noises they made. Be frankly, i have been worrying how to stand them when the summer holidays come and how to stay sane throughout the 7 weeks of holidays. I seriously hope the kids can well behaved at home like reading, watching tv, coloring and doing all sort of good and healthy activities. I even have warned my boys that they cannot play their father's cymbal whenever their father is not at home, you know, i just so worry i will get any complains from my neighbors. I actually wish to send them back to my mom's house but sadly to say that it simply sounds impossible due to the expensive air fare.


If this is my house, i would definitely get more storage cabinets so that i would have more place to store my things and make my house looks more tidy up. We have too much things placed disorderly and i just hate to see those messes. Kids are still young, so basically cleaning their toys and books are my daily job which seems like a never ending job. Be honestly i sometimes would feel regret why did i offer toys as their reward, actually the more toys means the more messes. Sigh, how i wish they can grow up quickly and know how to help me clean up the messes. You know, i have been so tired to do all sort of cleaning and arranging works.