Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gold, precious metal investment

Not even the price of petrol increasing, the price of gold soaring too. How regretted that i didn't invest my money in gold, otherwise i would become very rich now and totally didn't need to worry money is not enough. investing definitely a high rewarding investment nowadays, even there were a lot of people suddenly turned rich due to they have been earned quite a good money from their gold investment. So, if you were affordable to have this precious metal investment then why wait over there? Go and invest immediately and start to grow your investment account today.

Know the laptop buying guides before paying your money

I was initially planning to buy MacBook, but my friend stopped me as she said it is too expensive and actually my condition do not need such a high-ended laptop. Even hubby suggested me to read more Laptop Buying Guides so that i can really have a laptop that is perfect for my daily used. I did ask myself honestly why i needed MacBook, perhaps i just fancy the Apple stuffs so that felt like buying MacBook.

It is necessary to know what is your laptop requirements, of course it is happy to buy a laptop computer, but there are a wide range of laptops available in marketplace, so do you really decide which one would work well for you. Or, perhaps you were the one who likes to buy fancy but unpractical laptop just like me? Don't like me, please. Impulsive buying is in fact not a good practice. Do get more informations such as what is the processor speed, memory, screen size and resolution, storage, connectivity and networking and peripherals before you really make your payment.

If you hate to get the information at your local IT department, do think of getting from, at their site, they guide to buying laptops, so it actually just a few clicks away to get more helpful guides.

Still raining..

It has been raining since..., well, i actually also can't really remember since when. Mid June supposed is a very hot month, but this year the weather has totally changed. The news even said that it will have more typhoons going to hit SZ this year, being a Malaysian, we seldom see "continuous" raining for a week or days, but in here, it would rain and rain non-stop once the rain had been started. Actually, i never had experienced so much rain in my life...haha...

Having said so, i still prefer rainy day more than sunny day. :)

Online Studying

"This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit”

"Stay till your old age, and learn till your old age". I always got my encouragement when i heard this sentence, knowledge is long lasting and would be with you till the end of your day, that's why nowadays it is pretty normal to see ripe old age people to have their self-study course. I was very salute them, be frankly i don't think i have as much as strength like those old folks still can study although i am much more younger than them. Perhaps one day i would consider to enroll myself an online university degree, of course won't be that soon, at least i have to wait till my boys can self-manage themself then only i have time to get myself a piece study. I like studying, just the stress of being a mother stopped me to think further.

I can't wait to get my Coach

CARLY SIGNATURE at USD398, size - 17(L) x 13(H) x 6(W)

SOHO SIGNATURE SMALL HOBO at USD218, size - 11.5(L) x 8.5(H) x 3.75(W)

I wanna buy these 2 Coach bags, the Carly Signature will be available online on 31 July, i don't like to wait, when i want something, i always hope i can get it immediately. Will buy it and send to my friend who is staying in Texas, then she will ship it to China for me. Perhaps it is cheaper that i buy them directly in HK than buy them from the Coach Official website. How i wished i were staying in State.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Banana steamed cake

I was very keen to try steaming the banana cake right after i read Sasha's post, so off i went to prepare everything and steamed it yesterday night. It actually looked like over-steamed and the cake tasted bitter too. I cracked my head why the cake turned out differently even though i follow every steps that stated in the recipe. And finally i managed to get known the bitter taste is due to the baking soda i put. It should be baking powder not baking soda. I got this after i read the original post at Chow Times's blog.

Unique wedding gifts for engaged couples

Would you buy wedding gift to your friend, relative or anyone who is getting married soon? I would even sometimes i just got not enough money to spend. Wedding Gifts simply serve as a meaningful and heartfelt gift to the engaged couples, and due to the booming of shopping boutiques in the internet, it is pretty easier to get low prices yet best in quality gifts from a very wide range of wedding gifts to either bride or groom or both. Just like the gifts and services provided by WeddingChannel, with their helps, wedding is no longer an arduous task but a relaxing job.

Wireless Routers, remotely connect to the internet

I just hope i can get my MacBook as soon as possible, so that i can totally forget my current sluggish laptop. It was a bit irritating as the processor hung everytime i loaded the Adobe Photoshop. It took me quite a while to think of getting MacBook, it is not cheap so i have to make sure i would fully utilize it. Another advantage of having MacBook is allowed me to access internet everywhere even bring to HK also much more easier.

We need to hunt a good Wireless router so that our 2 laptops can remotely connect to the internet without the cables. There are a lot of different types of Wireless (Wi-Fi) routers available in the market, be honestly i was pretty confused and in doubts which router is the best for home used. Hubby said it was necessary to read their descriptions before we buy one, and of course we have to compare the prices at difference stores so that we won't spend extra in the same brands with same features. Don't look down the one or two dollars, every cent counts and some more the economic is not good this year.

I would go straight to comprehensive online shopping site whenever i wanna buy something. It is only the place can save my wallet.

Need more luck..

Did you bet on Euro 2008? I was told that quite a lot of people have lost their bets especially during the match of Netherlands and Russia, i knew majority of people were aiming the Netherlands, although Netherlands was a good and strong team, they met their match in Russia. They definitely met their waterloo. I was a crazy supporter over Netherlands, i like orange and i like their place too, that's why i love Netherlands's team.

If you had lost your money, don't complain because betting as well as online gambling definitely need your luck. Of course, it does need some gambling strategies hence to increase your odds of winning. But do you know where you can get some insightful guides? There are actually a lot of those resourceful gambling tactics available in internet, it truly easier for you to get one or two and even more strategies that worked perfectly for you. Also you can think of joining gambling forum too.

I know there are pretty much of people keen to try online slots, so it is quite important that you get some knowledges on how this slots play. The slots tips would be greatly benefited you, so, a basic understanding of the rules even the slot machines sure can grow your money.

Save for rainy days

I have a very bad habit that i hope my kids won't inherit my bad habit gene. I used to spend money when i was really down mood. Don't ask me why, i just felt pretty uncomfortable if i were not spending any single cents. Maybe this is called shopping therapy? I would become very happy after i burned a hole to my wallet, did i sound mad? The money so far i spent was enough for me to enroll a beauty course in any famous beauty institutes. If i had known prices of everything would be soared crazily i would have saved the money for rainy days. Sigh, the life really getting harder compared last time, of course, i couldn't shop crazily even i am very unhappy now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

GPS vehicle tracking

More and more vehicles have been installed GPS vehicle tracking, this concept is pretty good and if you are a traveler who needs to rent a car, then you better rent a car with GPS system which is definitely worked excellent for you. You never lost even you are new to the place, that's why i have been planning to get mine GPS while i am having my Olympic Holiday in Beijing. I am quite looking forward the holidays, it actually has been an ages since my last holiday.

If you have a youngster who just got his/her car's license, i guessed you would truly worry about their safety of driving car. So, what will you do to minimize the worries? The role of parents is sometimes quite exhausted especially comes to pay attention to kids. Perhaps you would nag and nag your kids so that you can psycho them for not driving fast on road, but do remember, perhaps your kids would feel your "words" were too annoying therefore lead to more misunderstanding. In the event that, vehicle tracking is definitely perfect for you to control your kid, also, you're able to know where your kid were located. Control your kids is in fact pretty simple with GPS fleet tracking installed, not mentioned the location, it is best to aware their "in-progress" activity too.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A year free pizza, anyone?

Staying in China is pretty interesting than staying in MY. Even the pizzas served at Pizza Hut are difference than those in MY. In China, they always have different flavour of pizzas that be introduced in different seasons. I like to eat pizza, so does my elder son. He didn't know the words and symbols of KFC, MacDonald, Burger King but he knew the Pizza Hut very well during his early young days. See, how massive of the impact?! However, we seldom bring him to Pizza Hut as dining there is not cheap at all as compared dining in MY.

How i wished i can join the Ristorante Contest which is organised by Dr. Oetker, if i am lucky enough then i can eat the free pizza for a year. Sounded pretty enticing, but what a waste that i can't have such a great opportunity here. Gosh, i just felt like drooling when i browse through the Ristorante website. The pizzas looked scrumptious, and my stomach was complaining too.

Perhaps i should learn how to make pizza so that i can bake one for my family, baking myself is definitely cheaper than having one at outside. Of course, i can't guarantee the pizza tasted, maybe is not as perfect as those outside, but who cares? Everyone will love it as long as it is edible.

Healthy legs and eyes don't have to be expensive

I was told that our buttock would look "flat" if we sit on the chair a whole day long. But due to heavy workloads, then how can we have freely walk in order not to flattening our buttocks? In fact, i was not sure how reliable of this saying, but one thing for sure that it is true to keep more body fats if your job needed you to sit more but walk less. Normally the fats would keep around the buttock as well as thigh. And worse that the areas possible developed cellulite.

Perhaps you can try of wearing compression socks which can simply shape up your legs hence to give you healthy and beauty legs. Despite your job needed you to stand or sit for a long time, compression stockings are perfect used for moderate to severe varicose veins, post surgical, moderate edema, active venous ulceration and so forth. The compression stockings are breathable and comfortable, so it is no problem even you wear it during Summer.

If you need to face the computer around the clock, then perhaps the gel eye mask is perfect for you. The eye mask can give cold therapy if there was an eyes surgical taken place too. It was designed as a lightweighted, cooling, non-adherent and comfortable to soothe your eyes. The eye mask comes of 3 with cheap price. Healthy eyes can be done in very cheap way indeed, so does the healthy legs.

Do think of GPS tracking

Have you heard it is dangerous to take taxi? I have been hearing "take taxi alone is dangerous especially you're a girl" since i was young. Recently, there was a lady being kidnapped by a taxi driver, i bet you could think of the aftermath of a lady being kidnapped. That's really a horrible news happening in my hometown, and everyone has been talking about it almost everyday. You know, the lady is just 18 years old, what a pity!

In my place, more and more taxis have the GPS tracking installed, it was great to know that as this real time GPS tracking technology is pretty good for automotive fleet management. In short, it is quite safe for passengers to take a cab with the GPS tracking installed than those without it. Also, if you have a young driver kid who just got the driving license, then nothing beats to track their driving habits through GPS tracking.

GPS tracking is not only gone fine for vehicles because lot and lot families nowadays also preferred to have GPS tracking device at their home so that they are able to know what their kids or maids are doing. See, our technology has been thriving rapidly indeed.

Advanced POS system

Starting a business is not easy as there are quite a number of considerations that we cannot miss out. The business type, the start-up capital, the location, the rental and so forth are definitely arduous processes. Every single bit of starting a business is exhausted and overwhelmed, these go same for running the business too.

More and more businesses would opt for POS for improving their businesses. Actually, due to the thriving of technology, our lifes are depended the computer heavily. Just look around our surrounding, that's not hard to see everything has been computerizing such as the car park systems, the vending machines and a lot more. Then how could we still step on old pace without a step forward? Booming of technology also benefits business especially the creation of POS software.

Choosing the ideal POS solutions for business is somewhat difficult, however, it is pretty understanding why we need point of sale software although it is not easy to get a right POS. POS allows real time updates of your business inventory hence to benefit you for making more business decisions. So, nothing beats for adopting a POS system for your business.

Small Investment, Huge Return

Money not enough? Yeah, this problem is everyone problem, the problem even went worse after the petrol hike. And very sudden, price of everything also increasing due to the implication of expensive petrol. However, we still need to continue our live although it is hard...

Investment, yeah, are you dare to invest your money during this hard period? Some would just nod their heads yet some would shake their heads. For sure, investment does have the risk, and that's why not everyone keens to try the investment although they are affordable.

There are variety types of investment, either you are aiming for the short term or long term, certain knowledge of investment is still a must. What is the trend and the hit are very important when we are talking about the investment. You always can get helped from expert traders and it is possible to see your money grow. The stock trading education can teach you unique tactics how to pull money out of the markets. Earn weekly money no longer a myth if you know how to swing trading stocks.

No one cares about your money more than you do, trade and sell stocks are the very attractive way to grow your bank accout. So, do remember, learn before you start investing, this is wise to see the unlimited profit potential but with limited risk.

Hubby is X-Men fanatic

Hubby loves X-Men very much, he has been collecting the X-Men's comic books and toys since young, but he still feels not enough. Sometimes i wondered how much is enough for him although the X-Men stuffs are piling as if a little hill in the store room. He wanna get more and wanna introduce them to my boys. Yeah, adults, kids, whoever you are, there was undoubtedly people just like to have certain collection. And, X-Men is hubby favorite collection.

As for myself, actually i do not have specific collection habit, but i have passing fancy that everything comes and goes pretty fast in my life. Today i fancy about bag, tomorrow i will fancy about shoes, that's just uncertainty. Unlike hubby, he used to read everything in very detailed manner before he heading for something, even he would read the buying guide when comes to having his X-Men collection. He definitely won't simply buy anything without knowing the price and its information.

I am planning to buy Activision-X Men Official Game for him, it is a game specially designed for Xbox. This game allows players to play the roles of Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Iceman, and allows to upgrade their signature powers and maneuver through unique environments. I guessed he would like the game. How about you? You can get more info at Collectibles and Memorabilia site.

Friday, June 20, 2008

No.1 solution for moving

Being a lady has never failed to chit-chat like a "speechmaker", just like yesterday, i had face-to-face chatting with my friend from 12 noon till 5pm, and we even did not feel tiredness and thirsty although we had a marathon chit-chatting. Gosh, actually it has been quite a long time since i last chatted continuous with friend, if not wrong, that time i was still in MY, see, i was just so deprived of having a good and intimacy talk.

I think my life here will be getting more interesting as another family will join my hubby's ex-company, and, surprisingly the wife is my friend's friend, and i also managed to know we are actually same age and both are shopaholic. Yeah, i would like to have more friends here hence to keep my sanity, as a lonely mother of 2 young kids staying in a strange country without close relatives and friends is pretty pity, so now i just hope they can come earlier so that i won't be too boring. It is just so coincidence to know her family from another friend of mine.

Moving house is very arduous process, that's why i can understand her worries now. I hope everything will turn well for her family and we can meet up as soon as possible. Perhaps moving house can be done easily if they can find a Truck Rental Moving like the one in Chicago. Sometimes i would rather prefer to pass the worries to moving expert hence to have peace of mind when comes to house moving or whatever form of moving.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nothing stress than being a mother

How stressful to be a mother, like yesterday i almost went madly when coaching my son in doing his homework. Actually i was trying my best to speak softly to him, but my words just couldn't hold in his brain as if the words came in through left ear but came out from right ear. Hey, then how to control my temper since i still have lot of house chores to do, i just didn't like he kept wasting the time. So finally i had to flash the cane over him. Believed or not, he could finish his writing in just about 20 minutes after i caned him. I told hubby that perhaps the kava is good for me to release my stress, and the most importantly is can strengthen my health.

Last, would you spare the cane when comes to coaching your kids in homework?

Games for the brain

As a parent, have you arranged something useful for your kids when comes to Summer holiday? It is important to have some activities for your kids rather than let them glueing in front of the telly. Spending too much of time for watching telly is not good for their developing eyesight. Other than enhancement class, will you think of introducing puzzles for your little? Playing jigsaw puzzles can practice their motor skills and good for their brain development too. If you found that flashing alphabet and number cards is too bored for your little then nothing beats to introduce them alphabet or math puzzles. Puzzles can simply stimulate their visual due to their bright and enticing colors of each piece, and of course little kids can learn well through playing.

Change our lifestyle hence to save more money

We have to change our lifestyle a bit after the recent shocking petrol hike. We used to dine outside but now we only dine once per week hence to save more money. Salary still remained the same, that's why what we have been earned just cannot conquer the inflation problem. Also, we cut off those extra entertainments, previously we liked to watch movie in cinema but now it is good to rent the DVD. Movie ticket is not cheap, so better go for DVD. Every cent counts and can be accumulated.

Actually staying at home is not that bored as we have a Xbox 360, i even could find a very good bonding between hubby and sons after buying the Xbox 360 last month. I was also told that we can facelift the console by the Xbox 360 Faceplates, it is really cool which the faceplates start at $15, yeah a bit affordable to spend. Since price of everything has been escalated, so we definitely have to be a wise shopper, perhaps can compare the price before buying something. If wanna look for a budget and also a good quality stuffs, then nowhere can be better than shop in comprehensive online mall.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My baby loves practicing yoga

Practicing yoga is not only mummy's favorite exercise, as Eli loves yoga too. Look, breathe in, bend down, breathe out, yeah, Eli's a little yoga practicer. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Get your affordable health insurance

Government here has just launched a medical card for kids. Holding this card, children are entitled to get free health care services whenever they show their medical card to the relevant service counters. That's really minimize the parents' burden as the medical bills here will always cost a bomb. Of course my kids are not entitled any medical and health care protection as we are not their citizen. However, it really doesn't matter since hubby's company did provide health insurance for us.

Life nowadays is much more better than previous, but thriving of technology and changing of environment bring out a lot of health problems, and due to these reason, people tend to fall sick more easily, that's why a proper health insurance policy is relatively important for covering some illnesses and settling the troublesome when comes to hospitalization.

The continues booming of life also make everyone can have Affordable Health Insurance, so why still not get yourself or your loved one a health insurance? Somemore it is easy to get the Health Insurance Quotes online without you are going out. Getting an affordable quote just a click away as long as you have internet connection.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last Sunday after my lunch, i was pretty free to go down to 4th floor for taking some pictures. The day was a bit gloomy but it didn't affect my mood, somemore Jo was playing happily there although he was not able to swim due to the pool under changing water.

green path
bricks in swirling patterned

More shopping to go..

Everyone talking about the Apple 3G iPhone now, yeah, it is half the price and twice as fast. That's why i am so tempted to get as it is just at USD299. Friend of mine even told me it is just at USD199 for the basic one, gosh, what an irresistible price to get one chic iPhone. However hubby very against my will as he said if he was me, he would get a desktop computer since he has been tiring to hear my complaints about my "snail" loading of the processor. That's why he prefers me to spend the money to get the HP Compaq dc7600 Convertible Minitower PC instead of iPhone since he believes the 3G doesn't seem useful for me.

As staying in China, we cannot use other 3G phones to access the 3G service here as only the local made of 3G phone is able to access the 3G service, so it would be pretty wasteful to hold 3G iPhone in China. My man is a calculative typed, maybe in his mind i only can get one thing at one time, but for a lady, this theory has never been established as ladies can get a lot of things at one time as long as their wallets are affordable to pay it. So, i don't think it is a problem to get my 3G iPhone as well as the HP Compaq dc7600 at the same time. I did a little bit of surveying in the famous online shop, Shopwiki, i found that their deals are really irresistible again as similar as the price of getting one 3G iPhone. As for this reason, i guess i would have more reasonable points to get my man pays the 2 items for me.

Minitower PC is another hit for frequent computer users, though it is mini in size, size is not a matter if it still able to give fast processing. As long as not as sluggish as snail, i would be very happy to accept it. Who likes to use Adobe Photoshop if the computer's processor likes to make sluggish processing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A little foot

He can walk now, that's why he needs a pair of shoes, however, the most smallest size is still seemed big for him. :)

Friday, June 06, 2008

So boring..

So boring, nothing to do...and nobody can chat with me too. Msau and Chooi Peng are on the way to Japan, Jess and Miche no 4 b-l-o-g-g-e-r friends are so busy and no one has time to entertain me..really boring!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The art of tattoo

How do you judge people who have tattoos? In my mother's mind, tattoo looks ugly. Well, perhaps, she is an old woman who cannot accept the vogue nowadays. That's why she went madly when she got known that i have the tattoo drawn on my back.

Having tattoo is a symbol of pretty, sexy, mysterious as well as it brought out a very unique personality of someone no matter where is your tattoo be needled. The tattoos affair continues and become even more hotter than last time, in a nutshell, having tattoo is not just a bandwagon but it is an art of beauty for fine self-expression. It's pain to get the tattoo carved however the satisfaction of having tattoo is always covered the pain.

Some avant-garde people even had their tattoos at their private parts, that's bewitching and enough to make your partner to get the extreme fun. Saying practically, the tattoo nowadays is no longer a taboo but is an impressive artwork that everyone loves to have. Look at those celebrities in Hollywood like Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and others , don't you find the charisma by looking their pretty tattoos?

Would you like to have tattoo too? Why not?

Apa-apa pun mahal

I didn't sleep well yesterday night and kept thinking the recent price soaring of the petrol. I didn't know why i was so frustrated about the price though it doesn't affect me. Maybe i think of my parents, sister and brother...they all used cars in Sabah and you know, the economic in Sabah is damn bad, that's why i worrying of them.

My life here, well, considered pretty good as compared the life which i used to have when i was in Sabah, or maybe i should say when i was a kid. But you know, i do hope my family can have the same life as me, at least no need to worry about the money and all sort of trivial matters. Wishes are not always come true, i am just a lady who doesn't have a fix income, that's why i really can't help them though i wish i can unless i am thick face enough to ask money from hubby and give the money to my family..

Alas, price of everything rising in Sabah, not even petrol and electricity, even the foods also not cheap at all, so, tell me how can i help my family? The monthly money i give them no longer enough...sigh..

Monday, June 02, 2008

Get a new house

Hubby has just set his target to settle our home loan by end of next year. Is it possible? Yeah, it is possible since he is a type of man who said it who can do it. Settling a home loan is always arduous, i believe most of you agreed this, moreover, everything is lifted up nowadays and our financial burdens seem even more harder.

Anyway, hubby still wishes to buy another house since he is still affordable although bearing two home loans are always overwhelming. As a good father, his greater wish is providing each son a home so that our kids do not have to struggle their works and bearing the onerous loans when they grow up. I am always thankful that i have such a lovely hubby who takes to fatherhood like a duck to water and sets his family and kids in first priority.

Looking for a good home loan package is not easy since there are quite a lot of home loans packages available in market, but i truly believed that hubby can find a perfect one if he can contribute his time to do some basic surveys and checking out the loans comparison.