Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

How time flies, a much awaited year 2012 will be arriving in 9 hours time. How are you going to celebrate tonight, the last day of year 2011? A blast together with the final countdown? I envy you if you will have one of any kind of celebrations later. I have not been attending year end party for years, and I can foresee I won't be attending any too for the next 10 years. Actually the last day of the year is just like any other day, even my boys have replacement class and are going to art class tonight as well. Hubby is working also. So it even makes the day less meaningful. Anyhow, i am here wishing everyone Happy New Year and have a prosperous year ahead!Oh, i had this Subway tuna sandwich for my lunch, yummy and satisfied food to mark the last lunch of year 2011.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wish to have pretty eyelashes

I have been thinking to try one of those best eyelash growth products so that my eyelashes can look longer. I actually even wonder could the eyelashes grow longer to my desired length before CNY. Can it be a magic wand? My friend told me before that i could have frequent trim to my eyelashes because eyelashes are like hair, the more you trim the faster they grow. I in fact never try this method, but i will if the eyelash growth product cannot help me. In short say, i will never forgo any chance that can make my eyelashes grow longer.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Can't wait any longer to "fly"

I have been so looking for the date of my flight to go back to my home country, yes, another 39 days to go. It has been a year since i last went back so i seriously miss the foods and my family and my friends there. And, i miss the hot hot weather there too! So in order not to waste the hot weather, i have planned to bring the kids to Manuka Island, and i even bought the funny t shirts for 5 of us so that we can have perfect matching on our island trip. Just can't wait any longer to go back home!