Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wide awake

I am still wide awake even it is 2am now, i know i should better go to bed now because i still have to wake up every 2 hours for nursing my little baby girl. Perhaps the Dark Mocha i took this afternoon is too strong for stopping me to get tried, i don't mind it since i love taking caffeine. But i have been warned by my sister as coffee is the top enemy for ladies because it can cause wrinkle easily. I don't mind it again because i can always use good anti wrinkle cream to fade out the ugly and unwanted wrinkles.

Are you wondering which is the best anti wrinkle product for you? Do learn more from there!

Colon Cleansing

Does colon cleanse help flatten the bloated tummy? Some said yes, some said no. So, i will definitely find out more if i really jump into this bandwagon. Cleansing your colon is good for your health and it promotes long term benefits too, that's what i heard from one of my friend. But, does colon cleanse pain and how much it costs?

Maybe i should try it out in near future to clean all the toxins and fecal waste away!

Inner beauty cannot win her love

My friend MSN-ed me that he would like to cry because he has just broken up with his girl friend. He looked so fragile and so helpless, but what could i do for him? Other than lending him a pair of ears, i actually could not do anything else. The reason of breaking is because my friend looks like 40 although he is just at his early 30, gosh, is not the love seeing from inner beauty? Now my friend thinking to try hgh supplements which claims to reverse the sign of aging! But, is it worth to do that for winning back her heart again?

Love the SPICY

I have been craving for spicy food lately, the more spicier the better, well, don't misunderstand that i have pregnant, okay? :-)

I love the taste of spicy, but staying in CN makes me so hard to get the yummy spicy foods, thus, i have been eating a lot of curry and Nyonya foods for satisfying my taste buds in this festive season. Luckily, i do not have acne problem, else, i could only dribble on those yummy spicy foods. Of course You still can enjoy your spicy food even you have irritating acne problem because you can always try the best adult acne treatment!

Stay young

My house has more than hundred pieces of Oshkosh outfit, i did not know it until i spring cleaned my cabinet before CNY. Some are new with tag hanging there, so i think i do not need to buy any for my kids again. Well, this only depends whether have i had a strong willpower to stop shopping at Oshkosh outlet. I love this brand which it has a good quality and its reasonable price. But, i better wise spend my money from today onwards, how about getting myself womens vitamins? I definitely need something good to keep myself stay young and pretty!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Special day of year 2010

Today is a special day, maybe i only have one chance to have such a special day once in my lifetime. Today is a Valentine's day and also the first day of Chinese New Year. I would like to greet all of my blog readers a Happy Chinese New Year and may the year of Tiger brings you health and wealth.

How are you going to celebrate such a special day with your loved one? I yet to plan properly but been thinking to go to the steak house with my hubby. Now the problem is should i bring along the kids or leave them to my in-laws? Be frankly, i wish to have a peaceful celebration without any kids tagging along, with kids, the dinner is definitely ended with more screams and cries! I mean it. But i don't feel like leaving the kids behind since today is also a Chinese New Year, so do you understand my dilemma? Well, let's check what's my hubby's thought later.

As for the Valentine's present, yes, i have mine. I have a Coach bag from hubby. As for his present, i have got him a macbook case from GearZap where the place you can find variety types of laptop accessories and netbook accessories. I got my hubby a laptop bag on last Valentine's day, he loved it so much and been using the laptop bag as his business bag for year and it still in its tiptop condition, that's why i love to get all my laptop stuffs from there. It worth to pay for the price as well as the quality and not mention the customer service and the delivery service too.

Time is running out fast, i better to go discussing with my hubby about our Valentine's dinner later. Of course, i need time to dress up and make up myself too!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Packing, lot of packing later

We will be going back to Malaysia tomorrow, time is actually running out but i do not have time to do my packing yet. My maid didn't let me know she would leave on Monday earlier, if only i know then most probably i would pack everything before she left me. Without her, i actually cannot finish most of my things, just like now, the house has not been cleaned and the laundry is still inside the dryer waiting to get dried. The weather has not been good too, sigh, bad weather makes my cloth dryer been running the whole day.

Better stop now..

Busy busy busy

My maid has gone back to Guang Xi for celebrating Chinese New Year yesterday, and now i totally feeling helpless. Have just put my little girl to sleep, so i will have another 1 hour to give my blog a lighting update before i start doing house chores. As for the lunch, i will order McDonald delivery for my boys, they love fast food rather than Chinese food, so better order something that i do not need to coax them to eat. Believe it or not, i have lost another 1kg in a day after my maid left, so i definitely do not need any fitness equipment to keep myself slim.

Stop here, have to boil porridge for my little girl now. Luckily i have the electronic pressure cooker which it saves my time a lot! My girl's porridge will be ready in another 30 minutes!