Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moving soon

My friend has just got himself a new job in another town, and the job will be started on 5/2. Actually just few days remaining for him to move his things to another town and he has been thinking to let the moving task be done by professional moving company. There are a lot of moving companies available in town, i hope he can find an one that best suited him, the most importantly is he can get a cheap moving service.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breakfast for boys

Eli loves the "siew-mai".
Ever since my Jo started his school here, i found that he tends to be like very typical China boy who loves to eat "man-tou" (馒头) and porridge during the breakfast. Since now it is Winter holidays, so i have to prepare 3 meals for him, luckily, i still could find the frozen "man-tou" easily from supermarket, just steam them for about 5 mins then they're ready to be served. Jo loves the onion "man-tou" more than the red bean paste, so does Eli too. As for me, i dislike "man-tou", so i have to steam myself a plate of "siew-mai" (烧卖), my Eli who is a food lover sure will come to me and share my portion.

Be frankly, it's so tired to take care 2 boys at the same time and my day simply occupies by them. Sigh, i hardly have my own time to read, to blog and even have no time to go to toilet! Just can't imagine how's my life going to be after giving birth to No.3.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More fishes more protein

Fried Ma-Gao fish (马鲛鱼)
Steam fish (not sure about the fish name)

We're very into eating fish lately, more fishes more protein, that's definitely good for a pregnant woman. Actually i am sort of lady who doesn't like fish, but due to pregnant, it's wise to take more fishes, good for mother and good for the growing baby. Hubby, opposite of me who prefers fish more than other poultry. As for Jo, he only likes to have steam fish and likes his rice mixed with the gravy. With the gravy, i can save my time for not boiling soup. As for the fried Ma-Gao fish, i normally would squeeze lemon juice on top of the fish rather than using soy sauce. The fish tastes delicious with lemon juice and lemon is good to be used for removing the fishy and the heat from frying.

Upcoming weather forecast

We will be going back on Friday, according to the weather forecast, the temperature will drop to 4 degree, luckily we are not celebrating Chinese New Year here, otherwise i think we will just stay at home or most probably cover our body under the duvet.

Monday, January 19, 2009

CNY soon

OMG, i couldn't believe i have abandoned this blog for almost 2 weeks time! Sigh, so much to do, so little time. I really have to reschedule my time table so that i can have more time to start cleaning the house since the CNY is just about a week away. You know, i even have no time to put down the Christmas tree although the pussy willows have been decorated here at my living room. I have to spur on otherwise everything just cannot be finished before CNY. What's more we are leaving here and back to MY on this coming Friday. Yeah, i almost can sink teeth into my favorite Nasi Lemak soon, haha, i am glad that i do not have to worry about the fats since i am eating for 2, somemore i know Leptovox can help me to gain back my pre-pregnancy weight. Oh, of course i won't take Leptovox during pregnancy!

No time to blog

I have been super busy ever since the Winter holiday started, i think most of you could see it as i hardly update my blog lately! Sigh, my time has been fully occupied by 2 boys and i have been busying in the kitchen too. Imagine i have to prepare 3 meals for them everyday. I somehow feel like i am a maid more than my real maid. Perhaps more exercise is good for me at least i do not have to worry about my weight gained, otherwise i definitely need diet pill to shed off my body fats since i have been eating non stop with the boys!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wedding flowers for my best friend

My friend will be getting married on this coming 31 January. As her best friend, i have been planning to give her a surprise by sending wedding flowers to her doorstep, i guessed she will be thrilled by the time she sees those pretty flowers. I wish to attend her wedding ceremony in Texas, but it's just too far for me to go by my own and hubby will be worried too since i am pregnant now. Perhaps i should buy her 2 bouquets of flowers for compensating my absence during her big day. Due to the booming of technology, order a wedding flowers can be done easily as long as you have internet connection. What's more, you don't have to worry the flower wrapping and the delivery procedures, as there is always an expert ready to give help. That's cool!

23 Weeks

Today marks i am in 23 weeks in pregnancy. Actually i have nothing new to update as most of the symptoms are still same as previous week. However, i just wanted to chalk up something about my pregnancy.

Time flies, it is just hard to be believed i have actually gone through the half and another 17 weeks to go. Not really decided where to give birth to my baby, however, i have asked my mum to book a CL for me, at least situation won't be that chaos if i really give birth in Sabah.

At 23 weeks : -
- Back pain, yeah, still suffering it.
- Pee a lot as i always feel there's a press on my bladder.
- Baby moves a lot.
- Tummy size : 94.8cm
- Weight : 68kg (using own scale)
- Have porky thighs.
- Tummy tends to grow more to right side.
- Low tummy.
- Feel like throwing when i see fresh chicken and pork fleshes.
- Like sweet, spicy and sour.
- Like coffee.

I have not gone for my pregnancy check up after my last checking on 24/11/08, have planned to do one before i am going back to Sabah as i need a letter to board the plane.

I went to gynae's clinic on Monday (5/1/09) to get myself a pack of multivitamin. Pretty ridiculous as i have to pay the medicine prescription fee other than paying the multivitamin, and the prescription fee was even more expensive than the multivitamin itself. The prescription fee charged at HKD30 whereas the multivitamin just charged at HKD20.

Maid story..

I don't have a very smart maid, well, i can't blame her. If she was smart enough, then she won't be a maid. But sometimes i just felt too hard to control my anger, and sometimes i felt like i wanted to scream at her. Something like she has never used her brain when doing things.

I have a stainless steel wok which was quite expensive, bought it at about few hundred of RMB. But this aunt simply treats my wok like the normal cheap wok, and she has never cleaned the wok properly. I was shocked just now when i saw the bottom of my wok, gosh, it was all burnt and some part looked yellowish whereas other part looked brownish. In brief, the wok didn't look like my beloved wok anymore.

I told her (in very nicely way) that she must wash the inner part and also the bottom part too everytime after i cook. Both parts are important to keep cleaned in order to extend the wok's life, i didn't know how much she could understand my words, however, i would make sure she cleans it everytime after i cook. Luckily i have baking soda at home, i poured quite a lot of baking soda powder onto the bottom of the wok, and the powder just like a magic wand and a brand new wok was given back to me after a few washes and rubs just now.

Frugal Man

I have a frugal hubby who won't simply use his money. He ever said he would save $1 if i spent $1. However, i knew his intention was good as he has always wanted to save more money for our future. Chinese New Year is just around the corner, hubby would like to get his hair trimmed before the Chinese New Year, but he was quite against to visit the salon as most salons have increased the hairdo price, we called it new year price. So he plans to get help from his cousin, who was graduated from beauty school. I met his cousin few times before, undeniable, his cousin has talented in beauty. And i was told that his cousin plans to have further study in cosmetology industry. Of course, he will choose RegencyBeauty again, which is the fastest growing beauty school founded more than 50 years ago in Minneapolis.

Paternity Test

I'm being told by friend that he's going to send his son for paternity test. That's a shockingly news as he said his wife has been unfaithful to him. I was sad when i heard it. Both of them are my good friends, so i really didn't know what to say when i heard the news. Just hope it's not a reliable news and hope they can live happily ever after.

Wanna do online business

A lot of my friends have jumped on the bandwagon to start an online business. Be honestly, i wish too since i know where to get the cheap baby clothes. Yeah, i would like to start my business by selling them. My friend even jokingly said perhaps a membership card is needed hence to promote my business well. Okay, i will think of it too. Anyway, i still need your supports! The more you support me the more i can success!

No more ambition

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I am wondering when i can get my computer problem fixed. Actually i have been thinking to format my computer, but was told it at least takes 3 days to clear the virus and reformat my hard disk. Gosh, i didn't think i could survive 3 days without computer, so off i didn't send my computer for a repair. I guessed my life might have been too depended on computer. That's the power of technology, have changed our human lifestyle. Even education can be done online, that's why getting a degree online is very common nowadays. Despite your age and your background, you can simply go for it if you decide to equip yourself with more knowledge. I have heard a lot of success stories about Capella University, even one of my cousin was graduated from Capella. How i wish i could study now, but with the kids in tow, i could just put my ambition aside.