Sunday, December 31, 2006

Before the END..

Today is the last day of 2006, so better to write down something to mark the end of this year. :)

Just very sudden i found out my Jo has grown up so much, and he no longer a little baby who used to sit inside his stroller while shopping. He prefers to run around the mall with his cheeky smile and squealling sound, and he likes to do his own shopping to toys shop. Just within a week from 24/12 till 31/12, only 3 days he didn't bring toy back to home as we didn't go out, yes, i know that we are spoiling him.

We spent our 30/12 in HK again as HK has a year end crazy sales till 1/1/07, that's a fruitful and tired trip. Jo only had 1/2 hour nap time in car rode on he way to Lo Wu, but 1/2 hour already enough for him to be extremely energetic in the mall. It's tired to keep eyes on him while had to hunt our own things, so finally i brought him to McDonald and let hubby had his own peace time to hunt for his shoes. Jo loves McDonald so much as he could gobble down his fries and cola without much restriction of mommy, of course has the toy that FOC.

When i told him we're going down to HK later, he even asked me these "go and buy ABARE's car car for Jojo?", "ABARE's car car very pretty?"...He loves this AbaRanger (Japanese Cartoon) so much lately, before AbaRanger, he loved Ultraman and he always self-proclaimed himself as an Ultraman. But now, he is an "ABare Blue".

He looked so puzzled when choosing the Abare, which one is better??

Finally, he opted this "Abare Black & Raptor Set".

We headed back home around 8.30pm with our victorious goods (Timberland 30% off & 2%'s Bag 40% off). By the way, Jo slept throughout the way back home and only took his dinner at 11pm.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blog Break

I can't access internet smoothly after the earthquake happened on Tuesday night, the connection here is extremely slow, so i think maybe can take this time to have a blog break too.

My place could feel the quake too, but maybe i am pregnant and became more clumsy so i was totally couldn't feel it. Hubby felt it and asked me could feel it or not, i even said maybe he was sick so felt something abnormal, and maybe just the impaction of renovation outside. Both staying in same house, but one felt it another one just like nothing.

See you all after New Year 2007! Happy New Year to you all!

p/s: 2 backdated posts (about food poisoning on Christmas & met my first blogger mummy, Jazzmint) will be up soon, stay tuned. :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Camera but Bad Experienced!

This is my new camera, Canon IXUS 850IS. Bought it on 24 December 06 at Broadway, HK. We started our snapping at the Snoopy Park right after we bought it, it was about 150 pieces photos saved in the memory card, and i don't know why i could be so stupid to wrong PLAY with the format button, and the photos from Christmas Eve, Christmas Day till today Boxing Day are all gone! I miss my Jo's sweety smiles that had being captured..Today just a BAD DAY for me..i feel like i wanna to bang myself to wall...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Let's Celebrate the holiday...

Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas to you!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

From the day you born

A letter to Jo.

It's like yesterday i just took you out from hospital, time really flies and you're 33 months old now.

Mommy hope you can be a good and obedient boy, and follow the God's path that never diverted yourself to left and right. I pray God to give you a strong body that you can withstand all the sickness, and pray angels keep eyes on you away from all the bad happenings, last, i pray God that you are a happy and joyful boy as your Chinese name stated. Amen.

p/s: Photos from left to right, from top to bottom stated Jo's born day till current 33 months old.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

33 months old

Jojo turned 33 months old officially on 15.12.06. He dislikes reading, most of the kids will look for the desire books when they shop to bookstore, but my Jo is opposite, he would go to the disc racks and hunt for his lovely cartoon and use his cry as a weapon to force us pay for him. He even said "i am very pity, why i have to read book?", can you imagine what a little boy's thought of reading, is it as a pressure? In fact, we never forced him to read and never forced him to remember certain of things, everything we introduced to him was in fun basis, but he acts so reluctantly. Secondly, he doesn't like nursery songs (blamed mommy barely listened one when pregnant him) but he would sing the Japanese cartoon song when TV is broadcasting the cartoon, of course he is not capable singing a complete song. Apart from reading and singing, he is just so excellent in everything especially his dexterity, he ever said this before "I want be Number One in racing but not in reading" (我赛跑拿第一,我不要读书第一), as a mother what will you do when you heard this? Just let him be what he wants to be or hold the cane and force him to sit for reading? Both ain't, we trying to cultivate a good reading environment for him as we believe persistent cultivation sure can upbringing a love reading child. I just hope his current interest in reading is not equall to future, in case not, i just don't know what is the remedial for his declined.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jo said these..

Jo is started to show his masculine act that he wants to be stronger and even bigger in size. As he said, he wants to protect his mommy.

M - Jojo, you're a bad guy.
J - No, i'm a policeman.
M - You're a monster.
J - No, i'm Ultraman. (His favor personated character)
M - You're a little mouse.
J - No, i'm a cat.
M - OK, you're a cat.
J - No, i'm "Alex The Lion". (Sure you will know who is Alex The Lion if you ever watched Madagascar before)
M - You're a monkey.
J - No, i'm a pig, pig 胖胖(fat), monkey 廋廋(thin).
M - You're a frog.
J - No, i'm kangaroo 会跳跳 (can jump jump).

But when i said he is a kor-kor now, he will insist he is still a baby!
A myth saying that little kids always can predict a correct gender by asking them, so i asked Jo,
M - Jojo, mommy's baby is di-di or mei-mei?
J - mei-mei.

5 mins after, i asked him again,
M - Jojo, mommy's baby is di-di or mei-mei?
J - Is a monster. (是怪兽)
M - *speechless*

Another 5 mins after,
M - The baby is mei-mei or di-di?
J - di-di.
So, is what?

The other day, he even stepped my tummy and said "I don't like the baby, i want to step the baby". Why suddenly acted so cruel and not thoughtful? Emm..I think the mind of sibling rivalry has being started and sprouting gradually at this moment.

What a dull reading a post without photo, i love this photo so much, not because the people but is the background, the withered forest.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Yi-yi-Yap-yap at Park

I know i was so bad as i sneakily taking these photos! But, i think the couples won't mind it since they already doing openly at one of the famous park in my area. It's very common to see couples "pak-tor" at park, but this white shirt one really made a big scene for me as he was very hungry to fond the girl's breast and the girl's body was almost half exposure for public seeing. Be frankly, the fondling and kissing absolutely were an eye-opener for me, as first time i watched in real-making LOL!

They are quite young, i guess they about 18 or 20, sigh, pity their parents! If want to do something, please do secretly, don't uglify the natural beauty of the park LOL! Somemore that day was Saturday, was a congested day for public to visit there. They are so young until don't know how to protect themselves, poor girl, such a young age already been seeing by so many people. I don't think they first time doing this LOL!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

What Tarot Card are You?

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What Tarot Card are You?
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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cough, cough go away..

Jo's stubborn cough finally being cured after giving him the "Zithromax". My paed ever told me before that i can feed "Zithromax" for Jo if the sickness seems to be fitfully happened. It is a good antibiotik that cured Jo's bad cough which had already last about 3 weeks, and the 7 types of cough syrup can finally be putting aside. I hope he can gain back his weight though he still need to take the unhealthy delivery rice service, boy, we are going back to Sabah soon, just be tolerate a short while, ok?

I'm thankful that God given me a very easy caring son. He never got the fever, flu, cough or diarrhea before 1, and even the teething period also like nothing happened to us. I'm thankful too as i have a good nanny who had given an extremely good care to Jo. I sent my Jo to her on 19 July 2004 (Jo was 4 months old), from the first day till November 2005, my Jo fell sick once only which was happened on his first birthday. I have a superboy who achieved every milestone earlier than the chart's mentioned. He managed to rollover himself left and right when he was 4 months old, he started his first crawl when he was 5 months old and his first step when he was 10 months old. Apart from dexterity, he was a slow talker if compare to his peers. But nevermind, at least he can talk perfectly or slow seems doesn't matter.

But after we are residing here, the situation has changed as he always tends to fall sick especially this year 2006, we had been visited different doctors in different areas from KL, KK(Sabah), Macau, China to HK, that's not a good experience to be a hospital-goer especially with a sick kid who needs extra handling and caring. Somemore we don't have our own transport here, it's really havoc to take a public transport to consult a doctor.

I hope my Jo can stay healthy with guarding by angels and God, please God, let's protect him away from sickness and let him fit enough to attend his class. From September till November, i have already lost count how many times he fell sick, but i can remember every month he only managed to attend 2 weeks and another 2 weeks have to stay at home waiting for recovering. Sigh..not because the fees i paid, the most worrying part is his healthy.

Boy, mommy will pray hard for you, ok? Even for the baby inside my tummy!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Sunday in HK

My to do list:
Buy GNC's vitamin C
Buy digital camera or watch
Buy Jo's shoes
Buy a bag
Buy breastpump
Change Jo's toy


Though hubby was kind enough to withdraw money from the ATM and prepared himself to pay my Christmas present, unfortunately, we only managed to change Jo's toys and the rest still on hold!

We were walking around to hunt a good digital camera from one place to another, but i still can't make up my mind which one is the best, i have 2 eyeing items, Canon (Digital IXUS 900 Ti or IXUS 750 Ti) and Olympus (MJU-750), actually both of them don't have special functions like Samsung does, but Samsung doesn't produce good photo quality than Canon and Olympus.

Then, hubby suggested we take a look on my Citizen watch since he planned to buy 2 presents for me, at first we thought it costs HKD1000+, but it costs HKD3000+ that even more expensive than the digital camera, crazy la, if this price i better buy other famous branded watch.

After i went to check the Avent's breastpump at Mothercare, but it's out of stock!

Then, we shopped to every sport shop to buy a sport shoes for Jo, from Adidas, Nike till Timberland, can you believe all ran out of sizes. OK, due to the season, i understand.

Last, i just felt tired to buy my vitamin C and bag as i felt very very down, walked the whole day but buy nothing. Luckily i had a good appetite to gobble down the beef steak and spaghetti.

So, on the way back to China, i just kept counting what my hubby had bought me throughout this year, oh, finally i remember, he bought me the Nokia N70 on 1 Jan, and a notebook on Valentine, ok la, if no Christmas present also nevermind !

Oh, ya, finally we managed to take a family photo that's long long due!

VCD make up Jo's day

Within a day, he could watch:
High School Musical - 3 times
Winnie the Pooh and Friends - 3 times
Bob the Builder - 4 times

He has ton of questions while watching the "High School Musical", and he even looked sad when Troy and Gabriella are not talking to each other. I was quite enjoying the plots too especially the singing and dancing parts. Hubby bought the "High School Musical" last Friday, and till now we have been watching more than 5 times.

Today have to make something with Jo, if not, sure he will become 4 eyes turtle (wear spec) in short future, ok, let's play Origami later.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Jo can recite 1 to 10 now through hide and seek game! At first, we still need to guide him by dividing the numbers into groups ("1,2,3" , "4,5,6", "7,8,9" & "10") and recited with him 123,456,789 & 10. After few times of playing, he finally managed to recite the numbers by himself. Sigh, as mommy is the victim that have to hide most of the times.