Monday, May 31, 2010

Likable gold investment

Luckily i have a shrewd husband knew how to make wise investment, otherwise i didn't think we could afford to purchase a car in full cash. Although the car what we bought is not one of the famous car, i am thankful that we finally have our own transport. I had been taking public transport for 4 years, actually i hate it to bits especially during rainy days! Recall the last time we were still unsure where to invest our money, stock or buy gold coins, fortunately we chose investing in gold and the enticing returns have made us able to get a car and pay off it immediately without getting any auto loan.

Next, i better go and get my car license!

Father's day soon..

Father's day is just near the corner, so have you got any gift ideas for dad? I was discussing the gift ideas with my kids the couple of days ago, my elder boy says he would like to draw his father a nice picture whereas my little boy says he would plant a big wet kiss on his father's face. See, kids are simply too lovely when they think of their father. The gift ideas are not worth any penny, but i think they are still as precious as those expensive gifts!

Move out of this house

We have a 40 inch LCD at home, but what a waste that the space of our matchbox house is not perfect to get a contemporary home theater seating. We normally snuggle under the duvet on the sofa when we watch telly, actually i prefer to sit on home theater chair and better can hold a bowl of hot noodle when watching telly. That's only called life! Hopefully we can move away from this small house soon, i really mean it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girl is princess

It's definitely a big blessing to have a daughter. I always thought to have a daughter and was seriously hoped my first baby would be a girl. However, my hope failed, not once but twice. Luckily, i have got my baby girl after my third pregnancy. In my opinion, girl is different than boy in terms of their growth and speech development. Girls tend to be more feminine whereas boys tend to be more masculine. I can see these significantly because i have 2 boys and a girl at home. Actually i was initially worrying that my girl would have tendency to act like a tomboy since she learned most of her things from her brothers, fortunately, she still acts like a princess and adores everything in pink and red. Perhaps one day in future she will come and tell me that she will like to study in Arkansas Cosmetology School, why not? Daddy and mommy will sure support you to a great extent.

Love coffee

What a great combination there, a cup of cold sesame mocha blended and a black bean muffin.

I like coffee to bits although everyone says i should stop taking caffeine as i am still breastfeeding my little girl. Actually i have never bothered what other people said as i still take a cup of coffee every day and i believe taking caffeine beverage moderately will not harm my little girl too. Don't you think so?

Perhaps i should invest a good coffeemaker in near future, otherwise, it seems so waste to have a can of Illy fine grind coffee at home. :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I want a brand new DSLR

The digital cameras are on sales now, i am so tempted to get myself a new Canon 7D but sadly to say i still do not have extra budget to get a brand new DSLR for myself. Sigh!! How i wish i had a job with enticing income, if i did then i could get anything i like without much thinking. *double sigh* Perhaps i should go and persuade my hubby to get one for me since our wedding anniversary is just near the corner. I really wish to have it, do you know that? :=)

My boys prefer iPhone more than iPod

Although i have 2 ipods at home, my boys still prefer fighting over my iPhone. So basically, i cannot touch and play my iPhone when both of the boys are at home. I was initially thought that nobody would take my iPhone anymore once each of them had their own iPod, but now it proves my thought is wrong as they still like iPhone more than iPod? Why? Both iPhone and iPods have same applications, that's why i have been thinking the "WHY" for a thousand time but still cannot conclude the actual reason.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Online SAT Prep Courses

My aunt pretty worries her daughter's academy score because her daughter will be attending university after this Summer. However, as her daughter's cousin, i trust her ability and strength, what's more she has been attending the sat prep courses that provided by accredited and famous Knewton. In another word, the courses provided by Knewton are tailored courses that can meet individual needs. So, what i think is, my aunt's worries are simply extra!

During those old days of my college time, i had few friends took Knewton's online SAT Prep courses too, they actually scored excellently although they learned everything through online. So, who says students cannot score well when they do not attend class and meet the teacher physically? I tell you, even the online video and online classroom can be as lively as you see the classroom physically and meet the teacher face to face!

Cannot stop eating.

I can't stop myself from eating, after the dinner, i took another 2 slices of durian cakes and also a packet of UHT milk. Now, after 1 and 1/2 hour, my tummy is protesting the hunger! That's simply too unacceptable! As a vain pot, i cannot give in my desire because the more i eat the more i ruin my diet plan. I seriously thinking to buy phentermine which can suppress appetite to a great extent. See, lady's money is way too easy to spend, before you can see the money grows you actually have spent them away!

The doorbell woke my baby

It's pretty hard to put my girl to sleep, sometimes i need more than an hour to get her fall into her slumberland. Due to she is a light sleeper, so normally i will unplug the telephone cable and let my handphone stays silent when comes to her nap time. Sometimes i have luck to let her fall asleep pretty fast whereas sometimes the luck is not with me. Like just now, the doorbell has woken my baby who was almost falling asleep. I hate the sudden doorbell to bits, gosh, why does people always choose wrong timing to disturb us? Perhaps i should try configuring how to off the sound of doorbell whenever i wanna put my baby to sleep? Or do you have others good doorbells that you can introduce to me? Better something with few functions, be it produces musical sound or animal sound, or be it can switch on and off by using remote control, or better it gives vibration! Actually got such a doorbell available in market?

I have license to eat

This big bowl of fried chicken and vege fried egg rice has never failed to bring me a smile and good appetite to finish it. Honestly i still do not have any weary feeling even if you ask me to take it everyday. It actually seems easily to fatten my tummy but i have never worried about my weight since i am still breastfeeding my baby. Well, didn't you know breastfeeding mother hardly gain weight? So i have "license" to indulge myself in any good foods now. However, i still admit i will need quick weight loss tips later once i stop breastfeeding my little girl!

Acne acne here, acne acne there...

The weather has been quite hot lately, so i have to be more hardworking to apply thick sunblock before i bask under the big bright sun outside. However, i suddenly noticed my face has been having few acne spots ever since i started to use the sunblock, so i pretty wonder is the sunblock triggered the acne or the acne is triggered by excessive sweating due to the hot weather? I ain't sure the reason but luckily i still do not need acne scar removal now as my acne would disappear within few days without leaving any visible scar!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Red Rashes

My girl will have red rashes around her body everytime she recovers from her sick. Is it because the side effect of taking medicine? Can even Paraceptamol cause allergic? I ain't sure. Luckily the red rashes will not become severe eczema and will subside after few days without any medication. I was panicked the first time i saw those red rashes over her body, but now i am so immune by seeing those red rashes.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Mommy is tired

My baby is still wide awake whereas i am already half dead here. But mother being mother as i still have to wide open my heavy eyelids and keep eyes on my super active night owl alike baby. It is nearly midnight, but she still shows no sign of tiredness even after an outing just now. Oh baby, what time will you go to sleep? Mommy is so tired now and mommy has not been taking any rests ever since mommy came back from the morning jog. My two sons are sleeping soundly now as both of them are exhausted especially the elder boy who was chased by a crazy dog this morning while we were jogging at the park in our neighborhood. What a bummer! Luckily my boy didn't get bitten by that crazy dog, otherwise i would definitely look for a lawyer as famous and professional as Austin dog bite lawyer to sue the dog's master for being irresponsible and being careless of taking care of his crazy dog.

Gold investment

Have you ever thought of investing in something special? Stock investment, property investment and currency investment are pretty common nowadays but definitely not the gold investment. According to recent studies, more and more people like to buy gold bullion instead of having the traditional forms of investment. Undoubtedly, keeping gold is less risky yet giving you an attractive return.

How i wish i could afford to get gold bullion for myself but how could a woman make her dream comes true when the woman does not have fix and stable income? Not even gold bullion, i think i even cannot afford to buy myself a gold necklace.

Cake as supper

I am having a big slice of cake now. My girl's birthday cake.

I ordered 2 pounds but now i am so regretted. Actually 1 pound is definitely enough for us because none of my kids love eating cake. As for hubby, he only takes cake when he is super hungry. So only ME to finish it, but 2 pounds, how to finish? That's why i have taken a big slice for myself and eating and typing this post at the same time. Yeah, lady can always be multi-tasking.

Birthday eggs

I prepared the hard boiled eggs for my girl on her birthday. The ritual of having red eggs is a must for Chinese when celebrating birthday. Sorry girl because mommy could not find any red powders to dye the eggs, but being creative, i used red ribbons to tie them and put them on the Ikea red chair. Hahaha....still considered RED eggs, right? Having said so, red powder is not good for health too, so i think this is more healthier to get the birthday egg prepared. :)