Friday, September 14, 2012

Losing weight

My weight is just like sitting on roller coaster, from 55kg to 60kg then dropped to 58.1kg then the latest is 57.3kg. Well, i still have 2kg to shed in order to go back to my ideal weight. Losing weight has not been easier if you need to take care of 3 kids especially taking care of sick kid all by yourself. Well, think on the bright side, i at least save money for not buying those weight loss supplements. Yeah, i have natural way to stay slim.

Word Clock

My friend asked me whether i could bring him the word clock cable or not when i am going back. He said i could just get him the imitate one from those gray market, gosh, if i were him, i would just spend on a genuine word clock, at least the quality is guaranteed. But since he is my best friend so i would not reject his demand and i will try my best to get him one, yet i seriously hope he won't send the imitated word clock cable back to me and ask for exchange or money return.

Spend wisely

The staff of the saloon insisted to hairdo my girl's hair while i was having my eyebrows trimmed at the saloon. I didn't bother it and just let the lady to style my girl's hair because i knew my girl would love all these hairdos and cosmetics things. After a while, the lady started to put clips on my girl's hair and being very hard selling those hair accessories to me. She said i could bring my girl over for hairdo anytime for free as long as i buy their hair accessories. Be truly honest, i was about to pay for the hair clips as my girl loved them a lot, but i didn't at last because the prices of the clips are too expensive, all the clips on her head charged about RMB500+. Gosh, i am not stupid and i am not blind, i really couldn't see why i should pay few hundred for those low-quality plastic clips. I would rather use the money to get my kids one of those good quality rustic bookcases to keep their books. Well, even i like my girl being pretty but it doesn't mean i should spend blindness.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swisher Sweet Cigar

My friend told me swisher sweet is a sweet cigar. Huh? Sweet? Well, i don't smoke neither cigaratte nor cifar, that's why i can't really imagine the taste. Even though my man likes to collect cigar but he doesn't smoke so basically he can't tell the exact taste of cigar too. I actually don't like people either to smoke or to drink, but sadly to say my man likes to drink a LOT.