Sunday, July 21, 2013

Moving house

We will be moving in to our new house this coming Christmas, yeah, just can't wait now! Do you know that i have been waiting for our new house for more than years? Finally we can get the key! *Jumping Up high*!!!

And, finally we can say goodbye to this matchbox sized house which it is definitely too small for our family! With a new house, my kids can now have their own room without sharing one small room, gosh, i know my kids have been waiting for having their own and private bedroom too!

Apart from all the happiness of having a new home, the most headache things now is "RENOVATION". Oh, money, spending money is like using water now! Luckily, we have got our cheap pipes from u bolts! It does save a lot of our money! As for others, gosh, sigh, money sometimes is just not enough. 

But, i know hubby will still do the best for his family!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Messy at home

My house is so messy as we have slight fixing at home. Been calling the guy to come to install the undermount drawer slides for all of my cabinets and he finally came today. The undermount drawer slides full extension can provide more useable space, that's good for storing my stuffs! I seriously hope he can install them quickly and leave my house as my kids are behaving like monkeys when there is an outsider at my house.