Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Picture is the key of sharing..

I received this cake from BIL's girlfriend, yeah, a big surprise from hubby. I didn't love the taste but Jo loves it so much until he finished 3 slices and totally forgotten about his lunch and dinner. I received the Estee Lauder's perfume from hubby on 16 February during his return from China. This year i have double happiness from him. Hope he can keep this on... :)

My FIL had a joyous afternoon to swim with his grandchildren on the second day of CNY. At first, Jo refused to dip himself inside the pool but finally hubby put him inside the pool successfully.

I managed to take Jo's funniest look while we had our lunch at Hilltop. He told us the Lemon- Teh-O is very "spicy". But i think should be very "sourly".

I had my 3D baby scan on 26 Feb. That's a wonderful scan i have ever seen though it charged me RM200 per scan. The baby's face seems very clearly to me, i found that he looks like Jo, yeah, another little naughty boy that Jo can play or even fight with. You know, i just can't wait myself to hold him real now..i love you my little boy!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

About the baby

I had my third checkup on 9 February, doctor confirmed the baby 100% is a BOY! We have shortlisted the baby name to Elijah, at first hubby wanted to name the baby as Joseph but finally we gave up as one of our churchmate also choosing Joseph as his son name.

I started to feel his movement when i was just about 12 weeks pregnant and now he is getting very active especially at night. I have to increase my trips to loo too due to his actively stretching. Just imagine i have to visit the toilet bowl 3 times within 10 minutes, but just few droplets down!

I saw him pulling his leg during my last checkup, just very sudden i found myself can't wait to see him real in face to face. I was so delighted when seeing him squirming here and there through the scan. He is definitely more active than Jo as i never seen Jo had this kind of movements throughout my pregnancy. Or perhaps my previous doctor not scanning my tummy as detail as this doctor?

Baby development is good, but mother's health is waiting to be improved as i suffered the brown color discharge started on last Wednesday (7 Feb). Other than discharge, i couldn't stand long and even walk as i felt like something is very "heavy" there. Anyway, i feel ok now as i try to rest more and decrease my heavy walking. That's why i didn't go to internet cafe for the pass few days and didn't able to do my blogs hopping. So sorry if i can't leave any comment on your blog, i will try to catch up everything once i go back to China..

Last, wish you all Happy Valentine's Day!!

Monday, February 05, 2007


Jo is almost 3 years old but his speech development still slightly lagging behind. He can speak but he has problems with some of the words pronunciation especially "s" and "f" sounds. I had been thinking he might outgrow the problems as he grows, but he still having the problems though the couple of months had past. I tried hard to rectify his pronunciation and till sometimes he really made my blood boiled. Though i know that's no point to raise my voice to him, i understand he been trying hard but still can't get the exact pronunciation.

Kids take time to learn something new and even it takes time to help a weak kid into a right pace. I know the rule but just can't control myself to scold him. I guess my unconsciously reacted might pressure him and have been making him so reluctant to improve his speech development.

I told his paed about his situation on last Monday (29 Jan 07) when Jo was having his JE last jab. Doctor checking his tongue and confirmed me that he has a minor tongue-tie problem. Doctor assured me that 80% of kids with tongue-tie problem will outgrow their speech problems when their grow up. Tongue-tie problem will even get distinctly when the kid reaches to 7 or 8 years old, then only a minor surgery is required for the tongue. So i really hope my Jo will be one of them out of this 80%.

I found another problem after the speech episode. I am suspecting Jo has color-blindness problem after been playing few times of color matching with him. He can't differentiate the blue and green colors when i asking him to find their pairs. He would match blue with green but others are fine in matching.

I told my hubby about this color-blindness problem over the phone, he sounded angrily and complaining me always over acting a little issue. But as a mother, what should i do when i found something abnormal, can't tell and discuss with hubby then who should i head to?

Do you believe that when you saying something about other kids then your kid might get the same problem? I really hope some people can stop criticizing others...

Friday, February 02, 2007

What happened?

What happened to blogspot again? Why i can't access my comment and even can't leave comment for some blogger's page? Any idea to solve this problem?

I don't hope to migrate to wordpress as accessing wordpress in China is a big suck for me..