Friday, August 31, 2007

We watched Ratatouille

Brought Jo to watch the Ratatouille this afternoon, not a wonderful outing as he didn't show any interest in this movie. If you let him compare Ratatouille with Transformer, i believe he will tell you he loves Transformer more than this cartoon. He tends to dote on watching violence movie more than this childish movie. I didn't plan to bring him out indeed since my cough still on and off and really afraid my cough would affect other movie goers. But, since today is holiday, Jo's cousin were not coming to my house and some more my parents had their own activities, that's why i still brought him out though i am still coughing.

These goes my 4th anniversary

Hubby left comment in my own domain, it's very touching and sweet comment that i never expected he would leave this comment to me.

**In the name of God, I, XXX, will continue loving, XXX, my wife, to have and to hold her, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.**

Other than the solemn vow, he had bought me a cake which delivered to me by his friend at 7pm, i didn't eat the cake as i don't want the cake aggravates my cough since my cough condition not really improved yet.

The cake mostly taken by Jo and my family members. Look at the picture below, Jo just loves to eat blueberry cheese cake, or maybe i should say, Jo loves to eat blueberry but not the cake. :)

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Get your cheap Seaworld Orlando ticket

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I want TM Point compensate my loss

I want TM Point compensate my loss, i definitely want. Though they said the streamyx account can't be terminate before 1 year old, hey, tell me how to tolerate the dropping line. I paid RM77 for unlimited access, but be frankly, i think half of the day my line is not able to connect, then what for i paid the RM77. The line really makes me crazy, i go crazy especially i saw the high payout in tigaP but the line dropped whenever i started to grab! I just can't accept this, i want a smooth connection rather than "snail-inclined" and "dropped-inclined" connection. I want to terminate the account and i won't pay the rest for them, their line just not deserved for me to pay!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Love based on Affection

Your Love is Based on Affection

Your need for love is very primal and basic. You can't imagine living without love.
And for you, love is something that's best expressed through touch.
You're always up for a hug or a cuddle. And you feel a bit rejected when you don't get enough affection.
Whether you're sharing a blanket or sharing an order of fries, you thrive when you're close to the person you love.

Why your love can last: You express your love freely and frequently

Why your love can fail: You can come off as clingy, and this freaks people out
What Is Your Love Based On?

As for the last 2 sentences, it literally true, but not only applicable to me as i believe most of the ladies are having these similarities, ngam or not ngam? Just try yours and let's compare!

A romance place ~ Paris

Paris is a romantic-oriented place, most of the couples like to have honeymoon vacation to Paris. My uncle who works in travel field told me that there are thousands of couples came to issue air ticket to Paris during month of August every year, as in Chinese Society, August is the best getting married month, that's why August is a peak month for travel agents arranging the tour to Paris.

Eiffel Tower is what i knew about Paris, i do hope i have chance to visit to this romance country with my loved hubby. As what i read from travel blog, The Louvre is must-visit place. The Louvre is one of the world's greatest museums, formerly the residence of the Kings of France that riches past and collections. Their exhibition halls are divided into eight major sections that worth to pay a visit, there are "Near Eastern Antiquities", "Egyptian Antiquities", "Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities", "Islamic Art", "Sculptures", "Decorative Arts", "Paintings and Prints" and "Drawings".I even can take a look on world-known famous painting like Mona Lisa which painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Other than The Louvre, The Lido is another most oft-visited place, The revue Bonheur (Happiness) is the famous cabarat on the Champs Elysées and surely bring happiness for visitors.

As for the accommodation, the travel blog is highly recommended travellers get their Hotels in Paris and Hotels in France through As this site is providing widely range of cheap accommodation rates which including last minutes deal and year round prices, that's why travellers are absolutely can get the cheaper hotel rate from them by browsing their available hotels throughly. Since Paris has their own language other than English, travellers can drop by to the translated site about the Paris Hotel if they don't know how to read English.

Tips and FAQs about Online Dating

Dating, what kind of dating do you prefer? Real face to face dating or online dating? Or, would you like to start your online dating first then only evolve into real face to face dating? It's all up to you to choose your preference that eventually brings joyous to you.

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Good anti-virus software - NOD32

I love to surf net, that's why computer is part of important thing in my life. Then how to show my affection to my computer? Of course a comprehensive protection is essential for my computer, so the NOD32 is my choice for installing in my computer. This software is best-in-class computer security software, it has a very small footprint to be installed in computer and it has a blazing scanning rates that can fully blocking the virus which tends to attack my computer. Though i can find a lot of anti-virus software in marketplace, i only dote on this NOD32 that really can save my time for not hunting others and save my money.

Durian mooncake from Tai Thong

This is the Durian mooncake from Tai Thong restaurant, all the while i love durian very much but i didn't take any during my 9 month of pregnancy and also not dare to take now since i am breastfeeding my baby. This durian mooncake can substitute the real durian and give me the heavenly taste. I won't feel guilty for taking this, just hope it won't aggravate my cough. :) Aiya, i supposed to take the inside stuff, but i only remember after finished eating. Really forgetful these days..

My EQ is 87

Your EQ is 87

50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick!
51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese.
71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely.
91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that.
111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.
131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.
150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar.
What's Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?

Want to know yours? Try it out yourself!

I admitted i don't have high EQ, i get angrily easy most of the time though i know it is wrong to behave like this. My IQ also low too, do you know what is the most highest score in my life? will get the answer if you manage to meet me. :)

Maui Vacation Rental

Recently i have talked a lot of travel information in my blog, most of the time i was here to give my knowledge about the different vacation places to people. I hope my readers won't get bored about my overly writing about travelling posts, i just love to write so i hope you love them as well. Travelling always is a best satisfying pursuit in our life, i like travel to abroad but i just can't afford to pay my travelling expenses, that's the reason i keep writing the travelling posts to feed my desired. Now, i am going to introduce you for another great Maui Vacation Rental, if you're thinking to visit to Hawaii, don't forget to drop by to and look for one stunning home rental for yourself as well as you family and friends. I believe you can get your best service from them.

Scottsdale Real Estate

Buying a home or selling a home always seem as a taxing job for me, as a meek lady i really don't have much knowledge about this buying and selling procedures. Some more, i am an idiot when comes to figure, so you better don't ask me to anticipate how investment can eventually benefit me. If you ask me where is the best shopping place, then i am possible to give you my valuable information about where is the superb shopping location. As for the property investment, i would rather get helped from professional Scottsdale real estate agents. Don't you understand, thing can be done without double efforts if you are able to find a right person to do the right things.

Looking for the golf cart parts

Personally, i always feel like playing golf is an old-man activity, that's why i don't understand why my hubby loves playing golf every Sunday except it's a raining day. He ever asked me to join him,, i definitely won't join him as i am so afraid the scorching sun will burn my fair skin and leave flecks on my face. He never let me free at home to do what i like, as recently he asked me to find the golf cart parts for him, fortunately i am a frequent web user, finding information from internet absolutely not a problem for me.

Business for myself

All the while i know writing paid post can't be a long term income, that's why recently i have been thinking to set up my own business. I don't have experience in business setting but my cousin can help me as he is experienced in business management. How good can be an own boss, at least i won't be necessary to rush back home to cook for my family, my working time is my personal time as well, that's really different with working for other!

Everyone wants to look smart and wear designer sunglasses from leading brands, some more due to the scorching sun here, i bet selling Sunglasses may bring more high revenue for me. Of course, due to the standard of living here, i believe not everyone is affordable to buy the brand sunglasses since some can charge as high as people monthly salary. That's why i think replica sunglass will be the best item as a selling point. If i can provide the good quality of replica sunglasses, then i think people will tend to buy since nobody will refuse to accept a good thing with a good price. As for the stock, i definitely will order my stock from Wholesale Sunglasses company.

The Fourth Anniversary

Today marks the Fourth Wedding Anniversary for hubby and me. 4 years back, we walked down the aisle and vowed to be together for better for worse and for richer for poorer. That's a special day for me, my heart was pounding when i was walking down the aisle and my heart was filled with joyous when my father passed my hand to you. You looked super handsome that day, and i knew i looked extremely elegance that day. Happy Anniversary to you and love you forever.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lost and Lousy

Wah wah wah...the lima puluh per post popping out again, of course, i always can see but can't eat. What to do, really have to say my big TQ to streamyx as the line is super lousy here. In here, i need at least 10 minutes to login to tigaP, it only took 1 minute or even lesser to login to tigaP when i was in China. That's why i really miss my China's connection and i could earn more during my stayed in China...I have been thinking to terminate my streamyx though the terms and condition said the line can't be terminated before 1 year. Sure i won't terminate if i can have smooth connection, but, most of the time the line is unstable then tell me how to pay my money happily and willingly? Do you still remember i have bought the 16 pieces background paper from, i have not fully downloaded those papers due to the lousy connection here!

He wants Hilux

My FIL has an old type Hilux, recently he has been thinking to trade in his old Hilux to get a new Hilux. Men are men, always treat car as their second wife, but i just can't understand what for to buy a new Hilux, some more, my hubby is the one who is going to bear the monthly installment. That's what i dislike, if you want the car then just make sure you are affordable to pay, else, please don't buy and don't spread the burden to others. We have our own burden, ok?

Hubby is a fealty son, he won't say any word to his father, what he will do is just give in volunteerly even though it is pressurized into doing this. He always keeps his manner in this way to please people. I know i can't say anything since he is the one who earns money and that's no wrong for treating his father good, so i better zip my mouth so that we can avoid further argument.

In fact, is it necessary to buy a brand new car, how about used car? I believe it is easy to find a good looking and well maintenance Used Cars, why doesn't him try to look one? Sigh..

Consulted doctor again

Consulted doctor yesterday as i really couldn't stand the cough, i coughed the whole night without sleeping, i was extremely tired and that's why i didn't do my paid post heavily like what i have done previously. I tried to grab time to rest during day time as doctor said i must rest well in order to lessen my bronchitis problem. I know i am so deprived of sleep, but what to do, having a little baby sure can't enjoy much luxury sleeping time, right? Doctor said he will prescribe me the inhaler if my cough can't be cured within the next 5 days, i keep my fingers and toes crossed as i really hope i can recover from this bad cough. He has prescribed me the antibiotic, i am quite skeptical to take though he said the medicine is safe for breastfeeding mommy. Today i bought the medicines to my gynae and asked for her opinion, she said those medicines are safe even safe for pregnant woman. Finally i relieve my worries upon hearing this. Oh, ya, today i had my pad smear test that charged RM105.

Just for laugh ...

Received this forwarded email from friend, share with you all and hope you have a nice Wednesday night.

5Bs, 5Cs and 5Ks
Just for laugh ...
Well, here is something to link the 5C's to the newer 5B's!

I don't need a CAR, but I want a BMW
I don't need a CONDO , but I want a BUNGALOW
I don't need you to have CASH but I want you to own a BANK
I don't need you to have a CAREER but I want you to be a BOSS

It's interesting for you to read!

Most of you would have heard of the Singapore 5C's ! :
Car, Condo, Credit Card (Gold), Cash and Career

Heard of the 5B's ?
B - Body
B - Brain
B - Billionaire
B - Bungalow

And addition with the 5K's.

Kiasu (scared of losing)
Kiasee (scared of dying)
Kiabor (scared of wife)
Kiaboh (scared of having nothing)
Kiachenghu (scared of government)

We've been reading about the 5C's and 5K's for Singaporeans, now comes the 5 numerals and Malaysia's equivalent.

Singaporeans' "practice" for Simple Living:
1 - One Wife
2 - Two Children
3 - Three Bedroom Condo
4 - Four Wheels
5 - Five Figure Salary

Malaysian Malays' "practice" for Simple Living:
5 - Five Children
4 - Four Wives
3 - Three Figure Salary
2 - Two Wheels
1 - One-Storey Link House

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Internet Advertising Revenue

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Do read their FAQ if you want to know more how Dclickads can benefit both advertiser and publisher.

Online Casino

My father always complaints that he doesn't have luck to win whenever comes to online gambling. Of course, as a gambler, you definitely need your luck, but other than luck, you need gambling strategies hence to increase your odds of winning. However, where can you find those resourceful gambling strategies? Well, do consider which teaches strategy for casino games like roulette, video poker, slots, craps and more. At their site, you can find a plentiful of online casino game tutorials, reviews, guidance and original software designed to help you stay up to sate with the latest internet gambling news.

If you want to master your skills for the online games, is your first choice of place to get your tutorial learning as well as review the online casinos. Basically, you are able to know which online casino site is the most welcome casino by gamblers through the review, for an example, the Golden Casino is the current top rank of online Casino. In short, their listings are very detailed to providing an easy and friendly review for you. As for the game software, they have very visually pleasing software like Video Poker Coach, Video Poker Calculator and Gambler's Odds. Just download if you are keen to play.

You can join their free newsletter with updates on the world of gambling as well as find the best casinos for online gambling. Do join them today!

An exquisite landscape

Most of the Chinese people believe in Feng Shui, they believe Feng Shui can bring more wealthy and healthy to them. I am not sure how truth of this since i am Christian. For Christian, there is no Feng Shui, my uncle is opposite as he is Buddhist, he would hire Feng Shui master to discuss more further whenever comes to renovate. Like recently, he plans to build a rock garden beside his house as the Feng Shui master believes this rockery will succeed his business. The rock garden will have the water movement hence to believe it will bring more money to his family as water means money in Chinese society. Other than that, my uncle plans to brighten his rockery with landscape lighting. I am sure it will be very stunning landscape there.

Monday, August 27, 2007

He's going to vacation again

That's why i always say being rich is lucky, like my uncle, he is always has extra money to travel around the world. If i want my life like him, i think i should work 10 times harder in order to have this extra money to pay my travel expenses.

Recently, this rich uncle is going to have pleasant vacation to Maui. His kids like sun and beaches very well, thus, Maui is his prior option when comes to vacation plan. Sigh, Maui is just so far away from my mind, i simply not sure whether i have chance to visit there or not since i am not as wealthy as him. This uncle not only has the joyous travelling, the
Maui vacation homes he has chosen also is the most splendid one. See, how good to be a rich guy, can enjoy the vacation and staying in the comfortably vacation home. As for me, i think i only able to afford paying the 2 star hotel instead of 5 star. I am start looking for some articles from Hawaiian Local Travel Blog, i hope i can find some cheap packages including cheap air ticket and cheap accommodation, so that i can have my own vacation, i just hate to stare green with envy whenever hearing people talking about their vacation plans.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A simple dance exercise moves - DanceX

I simply love dancing since young though i don't have talent and rhythm, however, without rhythm just can't stop my passionate about dancing and make me like dancing even more. Normally i learnt my dancing skills from DVDs, be frankly, some choreography is quite difficult to follow and sometimes it has been making me felt very frustrating to keep my pace with them, i need to rewind the DVD for few times in order to familiar the complex choreography. But situation has been changed after i was introduced by the Fun Dance Exercise DVD, this dynamic workout make the learning fun and easy to follow dance exercise moves that will leave sweating, inspired and energized. Some more, with this danceX workout, i can achieve the perfect cardiovascular workout that can strengthen every part of my body from head to toe while burning stubbon fats and calories. Truth be told, that's the best workout for me as well as for my kids and hubby!

Jo hurt himself

Today is my BIL's (Brennen's daddy) birthday, their family and my family were celebrating his birthday at Tai Thong Restaurant. Jo was every naughty there as well as my niece and nephew. Jo's situation is the worst as he hurt his lip and chin, and now there is a big cut over his chin. He hurt himself by knocking the glass door, sigh, he seems like never learnt from mistake as he can hurt himself frequently due to overly misbehaved.

Looking for a cough remedy

I am looking for a cough remedy, i need it indeed as i still cough heavily especially at night. Like yesterday, i coughed the whole night till i vomited and this morning i almost lost my voice. Sigh, i haven't recovered my cough but it seems another sickness is tagging along now. What happened to my health? I wish i know...Last Tuesday i was taken the bird nest, and yesterday i took another "pou" soup, sigh, none of them could cure my for the medicine from doctor, i got a lot, same result as there are useless. If you have any good cough remedy, please let me know, i just don't want to spread my germs! I am going to meet Julian soon, so i really don't want his daughter gets infected by my germs, so does my Elijah.

Today is a good day

Today is a good day though today is Sunday. Like what i have mentioned before, Sunday means no maid to me, but today i have relatives who are willing to take care my kids. So that i can have my personal time to do my things including do the paid post, pay a visit to salon and pamper myself with a relaxation foot massage. I just love today so much, how i wish everyday i can have this ME-TIME. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Keep first aid kits at home

Do you have first aid kits ready at your home? Do you know the important of keeping first aid kits at home especially you have kids around? I never taken this into consideration, but recently there was an accident happened at my aunt's house, they couldn't find a plaster and gauze when their daughter's head hurt by the throwing stone from their neighbor's kid. The blood kept flowing and they were trembling when they couldn't find anything to stop the blood. I have learnt from this incident and now i only understand the importance of having first aid kits at home is necessary.

I have stumbled across to this book Wilderness First Aid: When You Can't Call 911, in the nutshell, we can have peace of mind by reading this easy to follow first aid text, basically, i need this sort of information very much since i don't have experience to handle outdoor emergencies beyond the reach of ambulance. Plus, this book Good Housekeeping Family First Aid also provide me a very resourceful idea when comes to handling family indoor emergencies.

I like to spend my time at as other than hunting my desired items, i can compare the price from different merchants prior adding my item to cart. In their system, they have a host of first aid kits as well as book for choice, simply choose the eyeing item then compare the price and get reviewed the particular store, i believe i won't spend more with the ability of price comparison system provided by them.

Trip to Berlin and Vienna

Other than having vacation, i really don't know what is the best remedy to relax my hectic life recently. I want a break, a throughly break, if possible i want to go alone and enjoy a life without baby's crying, toddler's screaming and busy workloads. I wish i can have 8 hour sleep, a hot coffee and a hot bun for my breakfast, visiting around all the places that i want to go and have a pleasure dinner without people disturbing me. I simply need this personal time to refresh and recharge myself.

As for my vacation dream place, Germany is my first choice of place, as i can visit to the famous exhibition "Scenes of Silence" in Rendsburg and go for the themed exhibition "Elisabeth of Thuringia. A European Saint" on the Wartburg Castle. Other than that, i can take a flight to Vienna from Berlin as well. Vienna is my another dream place, now, there are numerous of low cost flights from Germany to Austria, with those super offers, i can visit to St.Stephan's cathedral, Vienna State Opera and Vienna's museums. I believe everything is just within my travel's budget.

As for the accommodation, it is a time to look for cheap Hotels in Berlin and cheap Hotels in Vienna now, in fact, 2 star hotel is very suitable for me if i go alone for this vacation so that i can save more money hence to buy some keepsakes for my friends and family. If you're also interested to book your vacation rentals in Berlin and Vienna, you can check out the above 2 links or you can check for these translated links Hotels in Berlin and Hotels in Vienna.

Travelling to Spain

Travelling is a upmost pleasure for our soul, you relax and enjoy throughly during your vacation. Other than relaxation, you broaden your horizons and enrich your experiences for discovery and adventure. Thus, travelling is everyone's dream, nobody will refuse to have nice and pleasant vacation in the exotic culture of countries abroad.

Do you like travelling to Spain? Why not? Summer time in Spain is full of musical senses and full of action-packed activities. You can attend a concert inside a castle, in a nature area as well as in a Renaissance palace. If music just not your taste, you can opt for the excitement activities like water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and scuba diving. On top of it, you can visit to other interesting places or do your shopping in Spain too. Barcelona and Madrid are the famous must-visit places for travellers, thus, find your quickest way to get to these destinations is important.

You can either choose to fly between Barcelona and Madrid by flight or train. Most flights are little over an hour to reach your destination, however, if you choose train, it will take between 5.5 hours to 9 hours to reach to your destination. Taking train is more time consuming, you still can opt for train service if you like to enjoy the great views throughout the journey. As for the flight, from Barcelona airport, terminal B to Madrid Barajas, terminal 4 takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, the food is served on board and the flights depart daily. There are thousands of travellers choose to visit to Barcelona and Madrid every year, so it is wise to book your accommodation in advance, you can get your Hotels in Barcelona and Hotels in Madrid at very attractive rate from As for Spanish site (translated site), you can check Hotels en Barcelona and Hotels en Madrid.

Court Reporting service

A good quality court reporting services can help many legal secretaries and paralegals to minimize their workloads hence to produce more quality performance for their clients. Timelines are important in litigation field, missing the deadlines for filing transcripts could lose the case and will constitute as malpractice hence to strike the reputation of the law firm. With the court reporting software it can help to calculate the data entry, future or past date distances correctly in a flash thereby minimize the burdens of legal staff, in the meantime bring more satisfaction to their clients. Todd Olivas & Associates, Inc is a court reporting agency who provides this free calculator to law firms throughout the United States. If you'd like to know more about this, please don't feel hesitate to contact them at 888-566-0253.

I am a multitasker

I am a multi-tasker, you know why i said like that? My hands can "ti-ti-tak-tak" on the keyboard, my brain can process what i wanted to type, my mouth can talk to Jo and my eyes can look after Elijah. So, can i consider a potential multi-tasker? Truthfully, right?

I slept at 3am, did my pending posts and took care of Elijah, this little fella woke up at 10pm and only dozed off again around 2:45am, he was just so energetic to stare at his mobile, crying for milk, cooing and smiling. I was entertained and i was stress at the same time. I was entertained when he smiled at me but i was stress when he kept crying for no reason.

Being a mother really a taxing job! Now my brain, body and soul have been refreshed as i slept till 9:30am, i think i could sleep even more if Jo not disturbed me. Anyway, 6+ hour is enough for me.

I can't trust F-E-E-D anymore

I am too relying on feed, but feed actually sometimes fail to update me with the new opp popping, that's why recently i rarely write for the adv.R! I can accept LIMA PULUH campaign offers per month (previously was SEPULUH), but i only took EMPAT for the month of August. I don't trust the feed anymore, i manage to take the SEPULUH RINGGIT just now when i manually searched for the campaign offer, i saw the offer inside my account, but the feed at my toolbar show nothing. So, how to trust its efficiency?

Should i go for Bariatric Surgery?

I still have 8kg to shed off in order to go back to my ideal weight, but it's quite difficult to shed off since i hate all of the diet plans and i simply don't have time to exercise. Diet definitely not a good choice as starving will lead me to more depression and it is not good for health as well. Besides that, i am breastfeeding my baby, then how can i opt for dieting? As for the exercise, in fact i like yoga very much, however 24 hour a day just not enough for me to juggle family, kids and work together, then how can i have extra time pampering myself in yoga practicing? I have a paranoid recently, should i opt for bariatric surgery that can provide me the safest and least invasive weight-loss surgery? I think i should find out more information about this surgery, and the most important is it expensive to have bariatric surgery?

It's midnight now....

It's midnight now, baby still alert and playing there. I only sleep after baby dozed off, this is my habit and i won't sleep before him. I have to make sure he is with his blanket and asleep then only i can relieve myself and relax myself. Have to make some adjustment to baby's sleeping schedule as he can sleep at the whole morning and playing at the whole night. But how to adjust his time, the only way is let him to outgrow this habit, right? Really keep my finger crossed...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Miss him so much

Suddenly feel like hubby is so far away, ya, he is absolutely far away. Sometimes i feel like i don't have hubby (sorry to say that) especially this year we are separated far apart more than 8 months. Actually this kind of marriage life sounds very unhealthy, both of us just can't share the happiness and sadness together. I feel down at times, i need someone to cheer me up, but hubby just so difficult to cheer me up. I feel nothing to say when comes to phone chatting, some more, recently we seldom call each other. By the time i am free to call him is about midnight already then how to call him? I just don't want to disturb his sleeping time. Suddenly feel like very missing him... :(

Pediasure for Jo

Recently Jo doesn't show any interest in taking his milk, all the while he liked his milk so much but just don't know why suddenly he seems like wanted to wean off. Basically, i don't agree kid stop taking milk at such a young age as milk is full of essential nutrients that's good for their growth. I have introduced him with other brands of formula but he doesn't like them too. My paed suggested me can try to feed him Pediasure since this formula is great for undernourished children especially those fussy eater. Jo definitely needs this formula as he is a fussy eater. I found this Pediasure that has 6 different flavor options at medical supplies site, though i can buy Pediasure from my local retailer, none of the retailer can provide another flavor other than chocolate flavor. That's why i have to order my Pediasure from as Jo doesn't like the chocolate flavor. I hope Jo will drink the Pediasure willingly, if not, it's really wasting my money!

I am a sensitive kisser

You Are a Sensitive Kisser

For you, kissing is a way to connect

And you need lot of care, attention, and privacy

It may take you a while to kiss someone...

But when you do, it's total fireworks

I like this test very much as it is totally reveal myself in very true manner. Ya, kissing is a way to connect, that's why i only accept the kiss from my hubby. :) But, hubby just too far away to give me a wet smooch!

An automated toilet in Bukit Bintang

Received a forwarded mail from my friend, the mail is regarding the new automated toilet at the busiest area Bukit Bintang, KL. I was amazed when i read this "door will open automatically after i minute of buzzer warning"...wah, door open automatically?? Cool or not? Imagine you are having diarrhea and 15 minute is just not enough for you, what will happen? Hehe...i can imagine here! :)

A comprehensive baby store

Last Sunday when i was shopping at Kids Avenue, Karamunsing, there was an expected mother picking few glass milk bottles from the rack, i felt weird since nowadays people seldom opt for glass milk bottle. I asked her why doesn't she choose Avent since Avent is a famous product for baby? But she said she won't believe the reliability of using plastic bottle as plastic bottle will release some chemical smell while sterilizing it. In fact, i have already heard this issue several times from different mommies, but i never taken it as consideration. I feel worrying now since i have a newborn baby who is using Avent. I think i should get some expert advices rather than self-worrying here, baby store is my prior thinking site as i can ask my question whether the polycarbonate plastic is harmful to my baby or not. I believe i can get my answer from them very soon. At, i can find other interesting reviews that can help me to improve my motherhood skills as well. Do drop by to their site if you have problem in handling everything about baby.

New feature has been added in Blogspot

Have you noticed there is something new added feature in your posting area?
Blogspot just over their Eighth birthday, and today they have included the "Add Video" icon at the toolbar which is just right beside the "Add Image" icon. Ever since i started blogging, i never upload video to my blog, just feel like putting video on my page will lead to slow loading, that's why i prefer uploading pictures more than video. I haven't tried the new feature, if you have tried it just share me about your experience. :)

I only can eat fish

Cough is always a sickness that difficult to cure, that's why i hate to get coughed, like recently, i have been trying few medicines including Chinese and Western medicines, but none of them can cure my cough. I still cough heavily especially comes to night. I just hate cough so much, i can't eat most of the things when coughing, like this afternoon...

While i was trying to pick the Taufu, my mom said "No, you can't take Taufu, it will make you cough seriously again"

While i was trying to pick the Pumpkin, my mom said "No, you can't eat Pumpkin, you will cough seriously if you taken it"

While i was trying to pick the Yam, my mom said "No, you can't eat Yam, you have to wait 100 days otherwise you will suffer itchiness"

Then i asked her "so what i can eat?", she answered me "you can eat fish and fish can help you to produce more milk"

So, my lunch was only white rice with fish! Look miserable?? Definitely yes!

Do you own blog?

Blog, short for weblog is not a new word for most of the web users and blogging is as important as having your meal, do you agree? You can have chronological publication of your daily life, story, feeling, photo, video and other form of expressions boldly in your blog hence to share with your friends and relatives. On top of it, you even can broaden your horizons and know more friends through blogging. Plus, blog can easily represent your personality to everyone who reads your blog.

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In addition, allow you to upload and organize your photos and videos, rate other member's posts, join their discussion forum and stay ahead with the latest news from around the world. At, it definitely provides an effective communications tool for you to keep in touch with everyone and they are continually to add unique, friendly features and customization possibilities to your personal blog within their community. Thus, are you ready to sign up for yourself?

Property in Orlando

Orlando is always my dream place since it has lot of attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Studio, SeaWorld Orlando and more, in fact, Orlando is not only my dream place as i believe is many a kid's dream place too. With a full slate of action-packed activities, exotic cultural, a host of shopping centers and more are the reasons to attract more people travelling to Orlando or even choosing Orlando as their final home. If you want to invest the Orlando real estate or buying a property for your own, you can look for an agent from prestigious company like
save our homes

Debra L Wabnik can solve it

All the while i know Simmons, Jannace & Stagg, LLP is a best litigation firm in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey as i have one relative who staying in New York ever asked the consultation from them and finally won the court case before. One of their famous attorney Debra L Wabnik has handled numerous appellate matters and her practice focuses on commercial, general, banking and employment litigation, that's why recently my relative has introduced one of his friend to Debra in order to get more professional advices to solve his employment discrimination problem at his workplace. I hope this guy can win his court case at last.

From 35 to 9

That's first time i saw TIGA PULUH LIMA opps in my qualified opportunity, of course the payout just LIMA RINGGIT but better than none, right? At first i thought i could at least take DUA since it has a host of opportunities there, but it only has SEMBILAN left after i submitting my post. Ya, the advertiser has set the benchmarking, posties are not allowed to take another opp from same advertiser. Woo...that's bad...the worst is i saw the DUA PULUH LIMA RINGGIT but it is GRAY! Siao...

I can't open FD account

Went to bank just now, thinking to open FD, i was told that i couldn't open after half an hour waiting there. The reason is the address in my IC is not Sabah address, i have to bring along the current utility bill as a confirmation that i am staying in Sabah. But, the utility bill is not under my name, then how? The AmBank's staff told me that i can open the joint account, hey, i want to open under one name and not joint account, ok? Just don't understand why the procedure is so troublesome now, i am saving money and not withdrawing money, ok??!!

Finally i know the culprit

It is heavily raining now, but i don't suffer the joint aches...:)
Finally i know what has caused me to have terrible joint aches recently, the culprit is because the Elken's Vitamin C, i took 2 tablets everyday before as i needed more vitamin C to cure my flu, that's why i have the aches everyday despite it's raining day or sunny day. Now, i have stop taking it, and my joint aches just subsided without taking any medicine.

A broken fridge

Oh no, there is a malfunction of my fridge, in fact now is a right time to change my old fridge which is quite energy consuming. As my father said, new technology fridge can save my electric bill, ya, that's right! Normally, i would search my targeted big ticket item online first prior to buying, through searching, i was able to know what is the latest model, what is the best deal and what is the features, basically just a plain searching as i would opt for buying my big ticket item from offline local retailer shop. This is because i am not believing the reliability of my local home appliance websites. If i can find a local website like, i definitely will buy my refrigerator through them. I like the Frigidaire so much and they have a host of Frigidaire Ranges of refrigerators for choice. That's why i like so much as they can deliver pinpointing results to customers by browsing their website.

I am not a greedy fox

This whole week i didn't see any opp from my FAV.S, but just now when i refreshed the page, i saw 3 opps at 12.6, 6, 30 respectively. Of course with my very fast action i took the 30, but the page linked me out and wanted me to sign in again. However, i still able to see 12,6 and 30 after login. So weird, why the high payouts still there, it should be only left the 6 since everyone wants to grab high payout. Well, i took the 30 again, alamak, this post with hard requirements, so i removed the 30 and took the 12.6, though the price is lesser at least easy to write lo...i still have few from my another FAV.B and it almost due, so better don't be too greedy. And till now i am still not sure whether i can finish them or not?!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Damn lousy line

Line is so lousy here, is it only my area problem or is it just a common problem for all of us who using Streamxy? Terrible, my browsing pages take ages to load, that's why recently i totally can't grab any peluang from tigaP. I want a good connection, is it possible? I hate everytime my line dropped, the dropping line like has been scheduled well, you know why i said like this, because the dropping is happened routinely everyday, i just can't have stable like from 8am till 9am, from 12noon till 3pm, from 6pm till 8pm as well as midnight! Tell me how can i pay willingly every month without getting smooth connection?

I spent extra..

I had my grocery shopping this afternoon, bought a tin of Enfagrow A+ for Jo at RM71.69 from Giant. I wanted to buy Enfalac A+ for Elijah as well but couldn't find the small tin (400g), i don't want to buy the 900g since most of the time Elijah is having breastmilk so the formula will be very wasteful if can't be finished within 1 month. Since i couldn't find the small tin in Giant, so i went to another hypermarket "Servay", ok, managed to get 2 tins, but what a shocked when i saw the Enfagrow A+ only sells at RM68.19, some more customer can get another RM2 discount if purchase the refill pack together with 1 tin of formula. Such a good bargain there, right? Next time i must drop by to Servay when think of buying formula....

Being rich VS Being poor

Being rich is so good, like my youngest uncle can always goes to vacation. If you asked me when was my last vacation, be frankly i feel so shameful to tell you when was the date. Of course, my family is not as wealthy as my uncle, my hubby is only the breadwinner at home, but my uncle is a businessman who operates a big company, so how to compare our status? Definitely can't compare, right? Like recently, my uncle have chosen the Florida Villa as relaxation holiday for his family, see, he can plan for vacation when he has urged to do it. How i wish my family can do the same, but go directly after planning is never happened in my family! I have to take out my calculator and do a lot of calculations prior to think of family vacation!

I made error again :(

I made error again during my bidding, i didn't read properly the requirements before i placed my bid, sigh, now i just hope the advertiser decline my bid, so that i won't kena penalty!

*From SR*
It is important that you read opportunity requirements prior to bidding. Some advertisers require a certain homepage Pagerank or that your blog be in a specific category. We are going to start watching this closely and will start penalizing bloggers who are bidding on opportunities even if they clearly do not meet the requirements.

Thank you for helping us to keep our advertisers happy.

Slurp slurp MAMEE

I had this MAMEE this afternoon after taking my lunch. Ya, i got good appetite this afternoon as i didn't take my breakfast, so lunch just not enough to stuff my stomach. But is it good to take this?

During pregnancy time -
I confined myself not taking this kind of unhealthy food...
During breastfeeding time -
I am craving it but afraid the MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is not good to baby since i am breastfeeding him

So ended up -
I shared 1/3 with my niece, another 1/3 with my nephew and i finished the another 1/3. HEHEHE......feel less guilty! LOL

Actually i know moderate taking should be no problem at all! But just so kia-si!!

Fixed Asset Accounting

I hate doing account though i got my Diploma in LCCI in year 1998. Actually, i didn't have lots experience in doing account, i think i'll go crazy if you want me to handle full set of account. I recall those days when i was working in accounting firm, oh boy, those account spreadsheets were so difficult to manage well and it was so many human errors! I think i would continue pursuing my accounting study if those times the company has the fixed asset accounting software, but why the good software only presence now? If those times i could find this good software, maybe i am an Accountant now!

Honeymoon in Hawaii

My cousin, Louis will surprise his girlfriend with Hawaii Travel air tickets. My cousin is a romantic guy, he has planned to buy a bouquet of flower and put the air tickets inside the bouquet hence to give her a surprise. And, my cousin is going to propose to his girlfriend during their vacation in Hawaii. That's so wonderful and how lucky of a girl to have such a romantic boyfriend. Hawaii is a romantic place, i believe they can have their best time and memories after the vacation. My cousin asked me to book an accommodation for them since he seldom online. I was told that the Hawaii home rentals are suitable for couples as it is close to town, so other than relaxing themself on beach, they can do their shopping as well. His girlfriend is a shopping queen and i guess she will love this arrangement. I have introduced Louis about the Hawaii travel blog too, so that he can get more information during their travelling to Hawaii. And the most important is hope his girlfriend will agree the proposing. That's definitely a nice pre-honeymoon in Hawaii. :)

Do plan your wedding by expert's advice

Bernice (my cousin), sometimes i just don't understand you why you like to keep complaining about your wedding plans, if you really not satisfied about those plans, then you definitely can drop by to Wedding Website to get your comprehensive wedding planning advices from expert. Marriage happens once in a lifetime, if i were you, i won't sit down there and complaint this and blame that! Act fast, do get your upscale wedding plans from them, besides, you can find your wedding photographers, florists, bands and more from their website. It is really an one stop wedding site for you to plan for your big day. Pass your burdens and worries to them thereby you can relax yourself to be a pretty bride.

I am so depressed :(

I am so depressed, alamak, what a siao lady of me! I feel sad when i got no opp to grab, i feel sad again once i have banyak to do as i am so takut i can't habis everything on time. I need wang, definitely mahu...Don't blame me "Your blog is low quality", please, my blog description has already mentioned most of my posts are related to my personal life including my family and kids, so please don't put high expectation on my blog! :)

OK, i have to cheer myself up, his smile just brighten my day...not believe?? Just scroll down and take a look by yourself.......

You know, both of them are motivating me to work hard, as a mother, i want to give the best to them, of course money is essential when thinking to give the best!

Hilux and the truck rack

My FIL is thinking to trade in his old Toyota Hilux and get the new Hilux. In fact, i am not quite agreed on this purchase since my hubby is the one who is going to pay the monthly installment, we are not as wealthy as they thought, we have our own financial problem, but what to do since hubby is a fealty son so he definitely won't refuse to pay. And now, FIL said he wants to install the truck rack on his new Hilux, oh boy, what for to have the truck rack since the Hilux just for family used?

I lost 2kg

Shock shock shock, i have lost 2 kg over the week, the latest is 66kg, woo...another 8kg waiting for me to shed off! I didn't carry any diet plan nor exercise, however i have been breastfeeding diligently to Elijah, that's why it burns off my extra fat. I didn't notice that i have already lost this 2kg till i stepped on the scale yesterday. I didn't think of scaling (due to too busy) too till my hubby asked me what is my current weight. See, he is more concerned about my weight more than me. :)

Call monitoring hence to save your phone bill

Kenny, your company definitely needs this VoIP phone systems since you always complaint that you can't control the phone usage by your staffs. That's common in most of the workplaces, staffs would overly use the phone to make personal phone call more than business-related call once they found their boss is not around. Try to install this phone system to your office, it is an user friendly phone system for a small business so it is suitable for your office use. It features call recording, call monitoring, call transfer, conference, hold and complete access to the voicemail system. I believe you got no more worries after install this advance technology phone system in your office.

Lack Confidence??

You Lack Confidence

You're not so sure of yourself - and it shows more than you think
Your lack of confidence affects your friendships, career, and romantic life
People know that they can take advantage of you, because you won't stand up to them
Start realizing that you're great the way you are, and almost everything in your life will improve
It is so true to reveal my personality though i am not really believed the accuracy of test occasionally. Ya, i know i have very low self-esteem, i don't know why, maybe just a natural instinct to think myself is very lousy! My hubby has been complained about my character, he asked me try to believe my own self and try not to look down on myself. Emm.....maybe i should attend some motivation class in order to raise my self-confidence.

Dead sea salt can relieve my joint aches

I found a good remedy to cure my joint aches and the scar left by allergy, all the while i only managed to know dead sea salt is used to scrub out the rough skin, but i never know that it actually has lotsa benefits like soothing and softening skin, relaxing muscles hence to relieve muscle aches, lower pack pain and joint aches. Wow, sounds good to me as well as my mother, she is currently having the arthritis too. Hope this dead sea salt can help both of us.

I owe Jo a Disneyland trip

I owe Jo a Disneyland trip, he has been begging me to bring him to Disneyland, but now is not an appropriate time for me to bring him to Disneyland. You all know that i am quite busying lately, some more my health is another problem since i am suffering the arthritis too. I wish i can bring Jo to Disneyland in Orlando as well since my sister's family is going there for holiday, but i just can't make it. I have read through their Cheap Disney World Vacation Packages, yeah, can't be denied that the packages are so attractive to me, i wish to go with them, but like what i have mentioned before, i just can't make it! So sorry, mommy promises you will repay you soon, ok?

Busy busy

Today will be another busy day for me, i mean other than doing bayar post, i still have other errands to do:
- Go to saloon, wash hair and have the massage
- Go to bank
- Buy medicine for Jo
- Do grocery shopping
- Fetch my mum

These 5 things will take up my whole morning...i just hope i still have time to finish my almost-due bayar posts later! 24-hour just not enough for me since i still need to take care the little baby!

I am not that open minded

You Are 48% Open Minded

You aren't exactly open minded, but you have been known to occasionally change your mind.
You're tolerant enough to get along with others who are very different...
But you may be quietly judgmental of things or people you think are wrong.
You take your own values pretty seriously, and it would take a lot to change them.
How Open Minded Are You?
In fact, this kind of test sometimes can't be an accurated judgement, from the test, it said i am not exactly open minded, however, i think i am quite an open minded person. :) You will agree me if you know me well..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I love money

I bet 9 out of 10 blogger mommies are already joining the blog advertising company in order to earn more extra money! You want money, i want money and everyone wants money, that's why we have been burning our night oil to write more posts to feed our sponsors! I just hope i can get more assignments from this blog advertising company, i like them so much, so i hope they like me in return!

Stunning and Impressed office desks

The first impression i stepped into my sister's company is "", the office desks in her office are just so stunning and impressed, even the reception desk is the best i have ever seen, it is round and in boldly designed. No wonder my sister has been working to them more than 10 years, of course, i also won't resign if i can work in this kind of good environment!

I like bar stools in red color

I always like red color, that's why the recent bar stools chosen also in red color. Don't misunderstand, i am not planning to open a pub, i just bought the bar stools for the bar counter in my house. Wines collection is one of my hubby's hobby, did i mention is "collection"? Ya, collection means simply for collecting and not for drinking. So i wonder will the bar stools also simply putting there and not allow for sitting?? LOL....

I just want a luxury trip

Dear hubby, you owe me these:
1. Diamond ring - that you promised to buy for me if i can give you 2 sons, now you have them!
2. Joey Yung's concert - i always mention i want to see Joey Yung, but you never buy the concert ticket for me!
3. Hermes Birkin bag - i know you're affordable though it is expensive!
4. A house in Sabah - you know i want our own house in Sabah!
OK, now i can give you some "bargain" in order to "waive" the above "debts", you just spend me a luxury trip to Tunisia and book the Pigeon Forge cabin rental for me, then we are DEAL! How? OK for you?

Hubby likes boating, i like shopping

Do you like outdoor activity like boating? I don't like as i am afraid the hot sun will spoil my fair skin, don't tell me i can apply sun block, be frankly, all the while i don't believe sun block can fully block the sun rays! My brother like boating very much, but he is a guy of course he doesn't concern his outlook more than a girl does. Not even my brother, my hubby loves boating too...sometimes just don't understand them why they can addict to boating, what my hubby said, sometimes he doesn't understand why i like shopping so much. Maybe "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus", this can explain why.

I want to see Gwen Stefani

I missed Gwen Stefani's concert, alamak, she was in HK last week, but i was in Malaysia...see, i just missed the chance to feel the atmosphere of her live concert!!
Haha...there is always a way out as i managed to find the Gwen Stefani's concert tickets online at But, the another problem arises, is my hubby willing to sponsor the air ticket for me?

Become a successful real estate investor

Do you want to become Real Estate Investor? All the while i know being real estate investor can generate more income than other jobs, of course, i am here to talk about professional and well trained real estate investor, so, how can you equip yourself to be a successful real estate investor? PEI University can help you to make your dream come true!

PEI University has been running their high-quality adult learning program for more than 25 years, and in the last year, their students have bought and sold over $242 million in real estate. Now, they are rewriting the book and offer the online real estate education program for those who are eagerly to become real estate investor for FOC. In their real time online course, you are able to equip yourself with all the important criteria to get started in real estate investing hence to bring lasting wealth for yourself.

Do register yourself, bear in mind, the comprehensive real estate course is available FREE for you! Simply access on your own schedule and at your own pace. Well, are you ready to fully equip yourself, if yes...start right now!

I can't sleep

I hope i can have peaceful sleep, but it seems so difficult as my cough is getting serious, i cough non-stop tonight and the worst is my left hand is so painful. It's rumbling outside, i just hope the rain can come faster so that i can relieve the ache. Maybe like Shireen said, my body is kena masuk angin, that's why i feel the pain and cough. Elijah's awakened by my coughing sound, he jerk whenever i cough. What a pitiful night...i'm quite sleepy indeed but just can't lie down..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Posts migration to "The Lai Family"

My blogspot has 700+ posts, in fact not every post regarding my personal, kids and family. I am thinking to migrate some personal posts to my own domain lately, but i just can't find extra time to do this, as you know, most of my time has already contributed to my kids and writing paid post, some more the lousy connection here make me difficult to blog hop and get connected sometimes, so i am afraid the lousy connection will affect my posts migration, what if the connection drop in the midst of migration? I don't want to take risk since i don't do any backup! If i really want to transfer my posts, i think i better do it in cyber cafe or do it once i back to China. :)

Finding job in Canada

This post is exclusively dedicated to people who are thinking to work in Canada. Despite you're fresh graduated or workplace veteran, you're always welcome to drop by to Now Hiring Canada to search for your perfect job, the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate, so that you're able to find your choice in a flash and you can simply apply your desired job online.

Register yourself for free and submit your resume today hence to get freely access to their job database and increase your chance of getting a high payout job. Employers will search through their database of resumes to find qualified candidates, they will contact you if you’re the qualified candidates, however, you still have right to decline their offer if you found that the job is not suitable for you.

On top of the systematic database, they allow you to modify your data to reflect changes in your career goals and profile. You can receive several offers a day based on your profile and your targeted job sector. Basically, the database is simply designed to tailor your job needs.

If you don’t have resume, never mind, their registration form has everything hence to help you to create your resume. Or, if you have one, just upload your resume to their system. So, submit your resume today for a chance to win Apple 80GB iPod!

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Market Researchers - Most Curious People in town

Thinking to operate a business, but just don't know what is the latest bandwagon in town, never mind, pass your doubts to market research company, their market researchers will help you to have better understanding of people and markets. Have you ever met a person who holding a pen and paper and try to stop your walking, yeah, he/she is a market researcher who wants you to complete the questionnaires. Those stated questions in fact help designers and manufacturers to know more about what people want hence to manufacture the product.

Don't jealous of my bathroom faucet

Most of you know i have a very freak habit that i like to wash bathroom, don't ask me why, i simply like to keep my bathroom clean. If you manage to visit my bathroom, then you will know how i love my bathroom more than my bedroom. OK, don't stare me green with envy, i know other than super clean bathroom, i have pretty contemporary bathroom faucets, no choice, since i love my bathroom very much, then of course i have to install a good looking faucet in order to best match my bathroom!

Orlando vacation home rental

No, no, no, don't misunderstand, i am not trying to tell you i'll go to Orlando, just want to share with you some information i got from my best friend who is staying in Orlando. Well, i never travel to Orlando, but i got my jitters while listening my friend introducing the place of Orlando. Exciting Disney theme parks, exotic cultural, glorious white sandy beaches and benign climate, oh dear, i was drooling when i heard about those places! I do love the place so much, do you love it? Don't drool and dream, book your Orlando vacation home rental today and ready yourself to board the plane. :)

A good travel blog

Travelling is the utmost enjoyment in our life, every time we travel, we broaden our horizons. There is one famous phrase "enrich your knowledge by travelling surpass you get your knowledge from book", ya, i am quite agreed on this phrase, so one of my dream is i am able to travelling around the world with my loved hubby. Recently we are planning to have vacation to Ireland, incidentally, my hubby thinking to visit his schoolmate who is staying in Dublin.

We feel extra jittery for this travelling since we never travel to Europe country, hubby suggested we can buy the travel introduction book like "Lonely Planet" in order to know more about the Ireland, but in my mind, the introduction and recommendation of place of interest as well as restaurants from travel book are indeed not reliable at all, as a matter of fact, i prefer to read the real stories and experiences from the travellers.

Like the resourceful information provided by travel blog is ready for my digestion, in the blog, the editors will pick the most attractive travel stories, photos and recommendations from the RealTravel community hence to provide fascinating insights into different travelling destinations. Plus, travel blog gives us other must-know information like getting idea of places to go, the latest deal, compare prices as well as forum community.

Do you know, i was thrilled whenever i read the Malaysia Highlights from the travel blog, truth be told, i have very little knowledge about my country even i'm a Malaysian. That's a good highlighted for me to know more about my country! :)

Comprehensive management for stock options

Other than working in rat-race workplace, we do have other income from investment. No choice, raising a family needs a lot of money, you shall understand the situation if you have family. :) Our other source of income is from stock investment, of course we are not fully relied on what was given by broker as sometimes we do need to keep eyes by ourself. Sometimes we need to call the broker to get known about the latest stock tends, or reading the new index from newspaper as well as watching from TV. In U.S, stock investors can get the PowerOptions for 14-day free trial, this PowerOptions provides the essential data for stock investors who invest with stock options . With their comprehensive program, stock investors can do the sort, filter and analyze all the 2900+ optionable stocks and 190000+ options online hence to find the best leading stock which ultimately brings profit to investors. Why we don't have this sort of program available in our local market? I believe the investors in our country do need this indeed!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Optimize your business

Pris is running online business that selling education stuffs, her business has been running since this January. However, her website traffic is very low due to she doesn't has much knowledge how does the actual technology work and how internet marketing company can help her. The successful of the business depends on how many traffic you could receive everyday, if your website with very low traffic like Pris's case, then truth be told that your business won't last long to grow to another peak. Luckily, Pris knows this theory very well, so that recently she is busying to look for an affordable SEO for her business. She has discussed this issue with me, though i was graduated from IT field, i also don't have much understanding what is the best method for optimizing her business and how to increase her website traffic. Stumbled across this website optimization firm today, what they have mentioned inside their page like giving me a crash course to have better understanding of the important of website optimization. Pris needs this indeed, some professional web design look and ranking in major search engines are must to stimulate growth of her business. Like the internet services provided by website optimization firm has been proven success the business as the preeminent business within the market space. I hope Pris's business can be achieved to another peak after implementing the services provided by the prestigious website optimization company,

Light Fixtures at

For those who just bought a new house definitely necessary to drop by to in order to buy your lighting products for your empty house. In my country, the new built houses/apartments are emptied with no lightings and grills at all, so basically, house owners need to shop for their light fixtures for their house decoration.
In this online lighting site, they have wide range of lighting products for indoor and outdoor light fixtures for your choice. You can search your lighting from huge range of style, brand, type and price from dozens of top manufacturers in their site. For the indoor lighting, there are permanently wired and the lights can provide overall illumination for your home lighting which including chandeliers, pendant lights, flush ceiling, picture frame, semi-flush ceiling, spotlight, track mounted and wall mounted lights for your home or office. If you want to decorate your bathroom other than your bedroom or living hall, you can choose their nice bathroom light fixtures from contemporary, energy saving, traditional or transitional style. Either of their design will definitely suit your bathroom look.

As for the outdoor lighting, there are permanently wired to a structure hence to provide safety and security which including ceiling mounted, post mounted or wall mounted. Their outdoor lights feature to be UL listed for wet and damp location, depending on the fixture. You can choose from their wide diversity of outdoor lighting for brighten your porch, garden or backyard.

Do drop by to if you are currently looking for light fixtures, just browse your favorite lighting and lamps by category as well as brand, you absolutely can find your desired choice for your house decoration.