Thursday, March 07, 2013

Subscribe to another VPN service!

All the while i have been quite satisfied with the vpn service provided by strongvpn, but this morning, i could not connect to the vpn at all, for both my laptop and iPhone. I was pretty in rush to have vpn to connect to some blocked website, so without much choices, i went to get myself another vpn. I found it from taobao and paid only RMB17/month which is rather cheaper than what i have from strongvpn. Perhaps i should stop using strongvpn which its monthly fees is too expensive and it seems rather unstable recently!

Smoking cigar

I went to pub with my hubby when i was in kk for CNY holidays. On that day, i even met one of my old classmate at the pub whom i have not seen for more than 10 years. So we sat, dance and cheers together. He even passed my hubby a cigar to smoke. I actually didn't mind if my hubby took cigarette but i was not fine with him taking cigar. But since we were at the pub and we were with my friend, i just could not show my face to stop him from smoking cigar!

Maytag Washing Machine

I have been thinking to get a bigger washing machine for my family. What we have now is actually can load 5kg of laundry which is definitely not enough for a family of five. My neighbor has suggested me to get Maytag which is pretty famous brand in most household. She even told me that they have simple request on maytag washer repair if the washing machine breaks down. Perhaps i should really consider getting a bigger Maytag washing machine for my family before the raining season really comes.