Saturday, July 31, 2010

I want everything of A P P L E

Apple iPhone 4 has just launched in HK yesterday, tell you, i really have the urge to upgrade my current iPhone 3Gs to iPhone 4, but sadly to say, i do not have the budget to get my iPhone a change. I like every gadgets of Apple, including their iPad and iphone accessories too. Was actually told iPad is quite heavy in size, but so what, it is bulky then of course it will be heavier. I don't mind its weight, as long as i can read my favorite e-books on big screen then it is suffice.

Good rack card printing

Are you currently thinking to get rack card printing, if yes, then it is wise to get the quality printing so that your printing can always stand out above your competitions. Good quality with vibrant colors printing can always last your things longer too. Be honestly, if there is one offers me a cheap printing, i will definitely be skeptical about their quality given, i won't mind to pay more as long as the quality given is in top-notch standard.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gold is the best

I am not really a 100% shopaholic, but at times i still wish i can spend crazily. I have been confining at home for quite awhile, gosh, the shopping bugs are all biting around me and i even can hear a little voice whispering into my ear "browse the online boutique and start expending till you drop"! No, i have to fend off my spending desire, that's really no point to spend on luxury or something extra, right? I have to save for future, or maybe just expand the current amount i have. How about buying gold coins? I have been told "keep gold is better than other form of metals alloy" since i was young, that's why i asked for gold wedding ring from my fiance (hubby now) instead of following the platinum trend blindly.

Church in BaoAn

We finally found a church after staying here for more than 4 years. In short, we didn't attend any worship service at church for the past 4 years, glad that we finally can go to church every Sunday from now onwards.

As i took a short walk around their compound, i was actually quite impressed with the different designs of the Sunday School classes where they have 3 classes that serve different range of age groups. I bet that my boys will like to join Sunday School, maybe it would be better if they had church service in English. I always hope my kids can learn more English, but sadly to say, Mandarin is our mother tongue, thus, it seems hard for me to teach them to speak proper English.

Maid problem is always here

My maid has just gone out. She told me she has something urgent to do so she needed to go to find her husband who has been not picked up her phone for 3 days. Actually i don't know how true of it since i found that she always likes to go out especially on Wednesday. Perhaps today just likes any other day that she wanna meet her husband and simply give lame excuse. Having a maid at home does help me a lot but sometimes it is way too uncomfortable especially i can't confront her even i realize the truth of her lie.

I wish i could keep gold

My friend has just showed me her gold coins collection and she even says sarcastically that i should keep some either gold coins or gold bars as my own collection. Hey, did not she know i am not as rich as her and did not she know i am just a stay at home mother who does not possess any income, then how could i have extra money to keep GOLD as collection? For sure i will invest my money provided i have money and i will definitely invest through USGoldBureau, but now i can just stare green with envy on her collection! How i wish i knew how to print MONEY. LOL

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I still prefer to be SAHM

It was a lady approaching me when i was having my lunch at the restaurant just now. At first, she talked to my friend's baby, and kept praising how cute the baby was. After a while, she handed over her name card to us, then we only managed to know she was trying to promote her products for us. She is an agent of Amway. I didn't mind to listen to her products but i was annoyed with the way she pestering us to register as a member under her team.

She even said i should give myself a chance to see how wonderful of being in corporate world! Gosh, perhaps she thought that i had never been in rat race world.

Actually i am not interested in direct selling. If i really want to work again, i will choose to be insurance agent. Insurance is selling like hotcakes nowadays especially the life ins.

Having said that, i am satisfied with my current life although being a mother is always a tedious job. So for the moment, i still prefer to be SAHM!

"San Mou" claypot porridge

Hubby and me went out trying our first ever street stall food last Sunday. To my surprise, their foods are excellent and well cooked! We ordered a claypot prawn porridge, a plate of fried osyter omelet and a plate of pickled cucumber with shredded red chilies, all just at RMB65! It's super cheap and they serve huge portions too! It was a great dinner because we didn't bring the kids along!

Yesterday, we went to there again, but i was not really enjoyed my dinner because my little boy was tagging us along! Such a regret to bring him out! Simply spoiled our dinner!

I hate school holidays

I have been terribly busy ever since the Summer holidays started! With 3 kids at home, i seriously found that 24 hours a day is not enough for me! I feel tired and hate the continuous noise created by them! They never stop fighting for toys, even a small thing can cause up a riot. Think by the end of the holidays, for sure my face will have more wrinkles and more grey hair too! Gosh, if you know any good wrinkle creams available in the market, do share with me the details! I really don't mind to spend my money in buying them!

What's a mother's life here! Busying with the kids and have to take care of her own appearance somemore! Even have to please the man at home!!!!

Hate starving myself

Be slim is definitely not an easy job for me. Other than controlling my diet habit, i have to exercise a lot too. Of course, i don't mind to take liporexall if i do not need to breastfeed my baby now. I know how wonderful of this Liporexall, actually few friends of mine have been taking it for months and their comments are always good. According to them, it helps maintaining their ideal weight, and the most importantly is their weight never rebounce too. How i wish i could take it now because i hate starving myself. Sometimes the more you starve the more you eat later....

Is Evening Primrose safe for lactating mother?

I hardly had acne problem when i breastfeeding my baby exclusively. But now, acne can be found around my face ever since my baby started drinking her formula milk. Is it because the changing of hormone? I ain't sure the real reason. One friend of mine has introduced Evening Primrose pills for me, according to her, the pills help regulating the hormone back to normal and it helps lessening lots of feminine problems too. But, does it have side effects and is it safe for a lactating mother? I have read its reviews, some say it is fine for lactating mother but some say better not to take while a mother still breastfeeding her kid. I am in dilemma, perhaps i should just try other best acne treatment, think that's better than taking the pills.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Being a mother is a hardest job in world

Girls being girls. My little girl likes beauty and fashion, yes, at such a young age. I can see her passion over beauty and fashion, so i think i wouldn't be surprised if she wants to get her study at Jacksonville Cosmetology School when she grows up. As for my little boy, sometimes he even play with his sister's outfit too. He likes to be dressed up like princess that's why I have ever worried that my little boy had girlish tendency.

See, being a mother is not an easy task. You feel worry when your girl has boyish tendency and you feel worry again when your boy has girlish tendency!

Caught the flu

The 2 boys have caught the cold and flu bugs. Whereas the little girl is down with fever. Everytime my kids sick, there is no exception for me too! I finally down with sore throat and runny nose after they are on their way to getting better.

Had bought few flu pills from the shop just now. Coltalin is always the best flu and cough medicine for me, hopefully Coltalin won't fail to cure me this time!

Thursday, July 08, 2010


The world cup fever is here, yes, i wake up at the midnight to catch the match. Luckily i still manage to wake up again at 7am sharp to get my kid ready to school. And i am lucky enough because i have under eye cream for dark circles to conceal my horrible looking dark circles. I can't wait to see the final now! Go go go Orange, i love you! Hopefully you won't disappoint me!