Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mouse Pads for boys

My elder boy has started to show his interest in playing computer game lately, actually, is this a good sign? It is YES occasionally if i need the computer game babysits my kids but it is NO when i need them to be more concentrating in their study.

I have just drafted a timetable for them, they have to comply otherwise they cannot play any computer games. I even promised them i will get them custom mouse pads which they can choose their favorite cartoon characters printed onto the mouse pads if they behave themselves and never make mommy angry. :-)

Wish they are good boys and score well in their academy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lovely couple

I met a lovely couple few times at one of the restaurant where i patron to there everyday. Actually i thought the man was the father to the pretty lady during the first time i met them, then only i got to know both of them are actually a married couple and they have a little baby who will turn 1 soon. I was pretty shocked when was told they are a married couple, gosh, i guessed the man is about 60 whereas the lady is about at her early 20. Being dirty mind, i wondered how they maintain a good husband and wife life, perhaps the old guy needs maxoderm in order to fulfill his husband duty.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I had fried wantons as my afternoon tea snack yesterday, i knew fried wantons were fattening food but i still could not stop myself from eating them. You know, they simply too delicious!

Actually i have stopped confining myself from eating, i just eat whenever i feel hungry, totally unlike last time when i just took one spoon of rice during my lunch and dinner. I simply have lost my willpower to stay fit and slim.

Never mind, i will try out weight loss pill if i really gain weight one day. How about Quicktrim? I read quicktrim reviews before and it is highly rated by people too. So, why i still need to worry about my weight if there is a good weight loss pill available?

Don't think too much

My friend just asked is anything in this world could stop her from eating KFC, hahaha...i definitely understand how she feels. I have such a thought before too during my diet controlling days. However, i have stopped myself from thinking to eat or not to eat ever since i was introduced a good diet pill by one of my friend. Life is just too short for you to think whether to eat or not to eat, so if you have ever had such a silly thought before, then stop it and start enjoying your food again NOW. Well, try to read those weight loss stories if you need some piece of information to convince yourself.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can Vivo help?

I have got this Biothetm Vivo since October last year, finally today I could unwrap all and give them a try. Been using Biotherm for 5 years, i am satisfied with them but I think this is the last round i am using them because i feel like changing to another brand of skincare product after I finish all these Vivo. Since been using them for quite a long time, my face is too immune from using them and i hardly see any improvement even though i still using their different types of color every morning and night. Anyhow, i will finish these Vivo before turning to another brand.

Having said so, i will keep using Biotherm if these Vivo can really make me look younger. :-)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lunch dating with Eli

冰震咖啡 coffee surrounded by ice

Chicken chop rice

I left the maid at home, at first wanted to bring the maid out for lunch but the baby was taking her nap when I about to go out, so the maid had to take the leftover food which was homemade fish cake that I made last week.

As usual, Eli and me dined at a HK styled restaurant in ShangHe, I like to go there and been going there for 3 years. Simply like the foods there!

Ordered chicken chop rice with onion sauce for Eli, he likes the poultry served by that restaurant and he managed to finish half portion of rice there, the condition is totally unlike when we were at home, it is simply hard to coax him to take his meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. So, i have to bring him out for lunch everyday in order there is something to stuff his little tummy.

The lunch charged me RMB30 and another RMB22 for taxi, so this is pretty expensive, definitely wasting money for long run!

Location:Commercial Pedestrian Street of District 25,Shenzhen,China

Friday, March 12, 2010

Headache everyday

I wake up with headache everyday, i ain't sure the reason but according to my neighbor, the headache is caused by the tightness close of window which leads to poor ventilation. Actually i prefer to have window wide open during our rest time, however, the air outside is bad and even harmful to my kids' respiratory system.

I will get myself a dehumidifier if i still have persistent headache, and actually it is great to provide a clean and fresh air for my kids too!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Own trip

I have been checking the AA site diligently and hope to get a cheap airfare for myself. Yes, only for myself because i am so longing to have a quiet and relax vacation.

But, i wonder will i have heavy-hearted if i really leave my kids back home and i myself go traveling. Gosh, being a mother is definitely not a simple JOB.

Well, one day i will definitely bring my kids to have one affordable family vacation to outer banks, perhaps during next Summer or next next Summer. I am not sure as i only can confirm if i can get cheap yet good Outer Banks beach rentals.

Better think of having my own trip first rather than planning a vacation for my family! ME time Me time, i want it seriously!

Being bag agent

My friend asked me to be a Coach agent in CN, be honestly, i am quite tempted to start doing my Coach business here.

Why Coach? Well, actually anything has caught my interest, be it a fashion, bento stuffs as well as bag. But since my friend can help getting more Coaches for me, so why don't i be a Coach agent for the beginning and add in more other stuffs later on.

Anyhow, i need to build my own website in order to get my stuffs sold, of course the most importantly is submitting my website to free web directories hence to get more traffic as well as making my website popular.

Business, yeah, running own business no longer far from achieving!

Join the organic bandwagon

Today is quite cold and dry, my usual face cream doesn't help moisturized my face as i still can see the peeled skin everywhere. I think i can throw the current face cream into dustbin and get myself the organic face cream which it is highly recommended by my cousin. Everyone is talking organic stuffs lately, perhaps i should join into the organic bandwagon too!

Why organic?

Well, i won't give you a long story here, but if you want your appearance look like a baby again then better investing your money in buying organic skincare products today.

Damn boring

I have been eating a lot lately, simply can't control myself. I use to give myself ton of reasons to eat, actually is a bit not in my normal self. Perhaps the stress makes me lost my willpower.

I hate being at home, i hate to see the maid although i admit that i can't live without her. I hate the noise around me, i hate to cook when the time comes and i hate to take care of my kids, you know, i simply feel languor and i am so longing to have my own quiet time now.

I have put on some weights lately due to eating uncontrollably, i need to lose the increased pounds pretty soon in order to attend my friend's wedding next month, anyone knows any good diet pills around? It's okay if you don't know as i can check out by reading the diet pills reviewed myself.

Damn boring to be coped at home everyday! Sigh...if i can change the time back to previous then i definitely will choose staying single!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Looking for a part time job

I am so fed up with some head hunters as till now i have not got any response from them. Oh, you didn't read it wrong because i have been looking for a part time job since last December. I can't wait anymore, so better submit my resumes again to one of the site which is just recommended by my friend. I hope my resume can be seen easily and the most importantly that i can get my job in no time. Yeah, i need more money!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Gold as birthday present

Jo's birthday is coming soon, then comes to Jem's turn. Be frankly i have lost my passion to plan and organize a birthday party for them. Perhaps my age is catching up and my mood is no longer as young as i used to. Sometimes i even feel that it is pretty wasting money to organize a birthday party, what's more everything is so expensive these days. I would rather use the money to buy gold coins for my kids. Don't you think that buying gold is definitely better than buying toys? Value of gold is escalating everyday, but toys, gosh, my house is actually ran out of space to keep my kids' toys!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Twitter-ing everyday!

I updated my Twitter status yesterday evening in such words,
"Thermos Foogo makes my trip easier! I can bring Jem's porridge to everywhere i go!"

And be shocked to receive,

Yes, the message is from THERMOS!!! But, how did they know i posted such a status??

I can't survive without internet

Thinking to get yourself an insurance but no idea where to get a cheap insurance rate? Don't fret as you definitely can check out this free insurance quotes from the comfort of your own computer at either your workplace or home! Technology does simplify our life, everything can be done easily and immediately as long as you have internet connection. Sometimes i really wonder how can we survive again if one day the "technology" disappears from our eyes?! Be frankly, i found my life is pretty humdrum after switched off my laptop for only few hours, so i don't think i can survive if there is no "internet" around me. How about you? As serious as me?