Saturday, November 29, 2008

So unwell

I feel very unwell now, it's like there is something swirling my stomach and makes me wanna vomit. This actually happens everyday although i am now in my second trimester. I don't know what's wrong, i simply feel unwell either i'm full or hungry. Also, i have been getting very moody lately, keeps thinking negative and making everyone unhappy. I even told hubby last night "if i was given a chance again, i would like to be a single", sigh, i think i really need a rest, a good rest without someone disturbing me. Perhaps i just feel tiring to be cooped up at home everyday. :(

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birthday Macaroni

Simple Macaroni with mixed veges and sliced bacon, served well with pasta sauce. But if you do not have pasta sauce, then have fined cook sauce from full cream milk, unsalted butter and cheese will give you the same taste as instant pasta sauce too.

This supposed a birthday breakfast for my hubby on his big day. But that day i was too tired and couldn't get my body up from the bed, so i only made this Macaroni yesterday. A day after his birthday. However, i know he won't bother it as long as i have prepared him something to eat. Actually, he can always has his breakfast at his office canteen since all the food served is FOC, but he still prefers to eat my home-cooked food as those canteen foods are too oily and salty to be eaten.

Soccer Net as X'mas present

My elder boy has been attending his soccer lesson for 3 months, time just flies. I still clearly remember his words after he came back from his first soccer class, he said "i don't want to go to the soccer class anymore, the class doesn't nice at all and i felt very tired", but today, it has been 3 months and he loves his soccer class in every bit.

Recently i have been browsing a lot of online malls to hunt for my boys' Christmas presents and found something pretty suitable for my boys. That's a soccer net. I have my love on the Soccer Nets and wished to buy it right away after i saw the picture. But i didn't buy it impulsively then because i would like to discuss with my hubby first.

Hubby prefers to buy Gundam Arios for my boy, but i know my boy will love the soccer net too if i show him later on he comes back from school. Boys being boys, soccer is always their best sport. Last Monday, i had even bought him a jacket which the jacket has few stunning words printed ~ I AM SOCCER CHAMPION, yeah, the jacket is indeed perfect for my little boy, who is not even turned 5.

So blurred

I was so blurred this morning, i had thought that today would have no current, but later on i only managed to know today is just 27/11, then means that the current will be cut off tomorrow not today. So, everything still, YouTube movie, telly...hahaha...Age is catching up with me, thus, i have been getting very forgetful these days.

No current

Will be no current later, from 9am to 4pm. No current means no online, no YouTube movie, no hot water and no telly.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

AirAsia, new route - Kuala Lumpur to London

AirAsia has finally launched the new route - Kuala Lumpur to London, i was searching the whole morning, but i just couldn't find the cheapest fare, which is RM499. I only could find the fare for one way but not for return way, although the price is still cheaper than taking MAS, well, since we will be a family of 5, of course i would like to get the most cheapest fare, emm...i wonder when will AirAsia has the free ticket promotion again! I missed the last round of crazy promotion, so i really don't hope i will miss the next again.

Jo's class matter

I was pretty shocked when i saw Jo's homework, this was actually his first time to bring back his English homework, also after i told the teacher to do so.

For the past few months, Jo was with the school bus, that's why he left the school quite earlier than his classmates. Even the days without taking school bus, he still needs to leave his class for art at 4:30pm which his class normal ends at 5pm. During the parent opened day last Wednesday, i saw some of his classmates were passing up their English homework, then only at that moment i knew my Jo has never brought back his English homework. Coincidentally i met her English teacher at the corridor, after greeting i asked her why did Jo never bring back his English homework, her answer really shocked me as she said "oh, because he always leaves the class earlier", hello, this is not his mistake to leave the class earlier, that's your school problem. The school bus schedule was arranged by your school, so did the art class, then now you told me was because he left the class earlier so that you were not able to put his homework in his bag. That's ridiculous.

The reason was unacceptable, i then told the English teacher "ok, then you just make sure you can put his homework into his bag before he is leaving the class". Day after day, only 6 days after i was able to see Jo brought the English homework back. The moment i opened up his bag and saw his BRAND NEW English book, the burning flame was all around my body and i was so frustrating and wanted to scold the teacher immediately. I then walked up and down to look for his teacher, but i could not find her and was told she actually had left the school for training.

Now it is about December, his school has started since September, but Jo has not even written the alphabet A, but Jo was requested to write Alphabet I, so means that Jo has missed the practice skill of writing A to H, which those alphabets his classmates have written. I was really angry, what did the teacher do all this while, did not she know Jo has missed out the homework, did she check every student's homework properly, what and how did she feel if she saw Jo's homework is at BRAND NEW condition, did not she suspect Jo had never done his homework?? OMG, all these sort of questions kept popping out from my mind, and i was not able to cool down my angrier.

The school, supposed to make sure every student has same learning pace, then how could my Jo be neglected and nobody found it? If not i attended the opened day, then when was the truth be revealed? Gosh, how i can trust the school again?

This morning, i went to school again and i really wanted to have a good talk with his English teacher, but again was told that she has gone to training. I then told another Chinese teacher who can at least communicate with Jo's English teacher (which is Filipino) , i said i would like to hear some proper explanation from his English teacher, and i hope the teacher can get back to me asap. Otherwise, i will just make my complaint to the principal.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Negative minds..

I heard some bad news from my friend yesterday night, the news actually shocked me a lot, i knew the economic is quite bad but i have never known that "the bad " could be so serious. And be frankly, i got no mood the whole night after my friend left. I would like to share my worries with my hubby, but i knew he has been worrying too, so what i can do now is just pretend nothing because i really don't want to stress him more. I sincerely hope the economic crisis can be over soon, sigh, just too many uncertainties and that's why i am so worried.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Simple yet wholesome breakfast

My breakfast this early morning, a slice of almond wholemeal bread stuffed with lettuce, tomato, tuna mayonnaise and cheese. A cup of low fat fresh milk and 3 little cherries. With the issue of current contaminated taint in milk, i dare not to buy the local milk anymore, so the fresh milk i had just now was actually bought from OLE at Holiday Plaza, which was imported from Australia.

Ready for Christmas?

Christmas is coming soon and it is always a joyous moment for our family, the Christmas tree, the Christmas presents, the caroling and the dinner with yummy turkey are never failed to bring a felicity smile on kids' face. I guessed that is why every kids love the arrival of Christmas. For adults, Christmas is not only a celebration but also a reunion with our precious family members too.

This year, like previous year, other than attending the Christmas service at church, we will organize a small party at home too. Since Christmas here is not as merrier as other western countries and that day also is not a public holiday, but i still plan to invite my son's classmates come over our house. Most of the kids here are never known the true meaning of Christmas, let alone the Christmas party. So i hope the little party can bring more hilarious memory for those little kids so does some of my friends who stay nearby.

Most probably we will order cater food, or simply fast food like KFC or McD. Since the attendants are majority kids, so i think they will love either KFC or McD instead of others foods which prone to more adult liking. Then comes to game, yeah, the party won't be like party if we left the party away, but both of my hubby and me are not those buffoonery typed, so planning those interesting games seem a tough job for us. Perhaps i should just get the christmas party games ideas from internet so that we won't fail to bring happy Christmas celebration for everyone.

Restaurants in Denver

My taste buds have changed tremendously ever since i got pregnant. Some Chinese old folks say, if the pregnant lady tends to love spicy taste then most probably she will get a baby girl, if she loves sour taste then most probably she will get a baby boy. This round, i love spicy taste very much, so a bottle of chili sauce can always be found in my fridge. Basically, i am sort like cannot survive without the chili sauce. Even my hubby teased me perhaps i couldn't be survived if i followed him to Denver next month since those western countries tend to sprinkle black pepper as seasoning rather than using chili sauce. Actually, this does not bother me as i believe i still can survive with the taste of black pepper, and i can gather more information of Denver Restaurants before i boarding my plane to Denver. Looking the palatable foods sound easier with the advance growing of internet and GPS tracking, so, what else i should worry at?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Taking diet pills is the best method

I think someday in future, most probably after giving birth to No.3, i will need to take diet pills so that i can get back my pre-pregnancy weight. I don't like exercise as i hate the feel of sweating, so exercise is big NO to me. As for having diet plan, well, i even hate it tremendously. So nothing beats to have the fast, effective and no side effects method, which is taking diet pills. Don't you agree?

Lunch at Cafe De Coral

My yesterday lunch, yummy yummy yummy!

I went to Holiday Plaza right after Jo's class open day, well, i went there alone. I love the foods at Cafe De Coral (大家乐), actually, i hardly have my food at Cafe De Coral every time i travel down to HK, as HK has other good foods than Cafe De Coral. But in China, especially Shen Zhen, i think Cafe De Coral is a restaurant which can provide a good food to people among other restaurants. Most importantly, the foods suit my taste so much.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

16 weeks pregnant

Today marks my 16 weeks pregnant, time flies and it secretly glided away before i knew it. I always feel like this time i do not have a big tummy, but actually it does look big and visible for others, just like last Friday when i was taking bus to Holiday Plaza, i was even given a seat by one of the passenger., i guessed i definitely looked like a pregnant woman. :-)

Have been dreaming a lot ever since i pregnant, bad one, good one, funny one, horrible one, actually you name it, i was probably had the dream before. Morning sickness, well, was already a history, now what i have is called "evening sickness" as i would feel extremely nausea when the evening comes. Although i can work with my wok again, i still feel the gag every time i look at those meat. But being a tough woman, i prefer to cook for my family instead of having the awesome meals that cooked by my maid.

I am almost due my routine pregnancy check up, in fact, have not made appointment with my gynae, be honestly, i am pretty lazy to go to HK for the checking, ironic, i know i still have to make the trip real.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beauty Course in Minnesota

My friend told me those who work in beauty line have always had great benefits, the benefits including medical claim, petrol claim, dental claim, travel sponsor, free cosmetic products, free perfume and etc. I was drooling when i heard those attractive benefits. But unluckily i am not from beauty line. If i was granted a study chance again, i would definitely take a beauty course in any beauty schools in minnesota. What's a waste that i was from technology line and now become a full time stay at home mother. So i highly encouraged my cousin could take a beauty course since she didn't know what was the best course for her.

Need more money!

We have canceled our Christmas trip due to the current economic crisis, however, Christmas present is still a must for me. Since i do not have enough money to buy myself a LV bag, then a sexy lingerie still seems appealing to me, so does my hubby i guess. :) Money, money, i really need more money, what's more baby No.3 is almost here soon. Even more expenses need to be spent after giving birth the baby. Don't you agree?

Weak cell phone signal

Have you ever complained your cell phone could not get signal when you stay inside a building? I have such a problem all the while after moving to current apartment, if i want to have a clear signal, then i have to use my cell phone outside my house in balcony. So that's pretty ridiculous, and i certainly suspect there is no cell phone amplifiers at my staying apartment. Be honestly, my cell phone really seems useless every time when i am at home, just imagine what if i need to make an emergency call? Sure panic one...

Foley Catheter

My aunty who owns a private pharmacy is currently looking for foley catheter as this catheter is recently out of stock in our area. I remember that my friend ever told me there was an online medical site which is quite reliable has most of the medical products for sale at very reasonable price. So off i told my aunty, just hope that the shipping is not expensive so that she can order others medical products as well as baby products at one go. I am quite lauded the latest technology, recall 10 years back, our life was definitely not as easier as now, with the internet connected, everything can be simply done with just few clicks of mouse at our own convenient. Sometimes i really wonder how does our life be in the another 10 years ahead.

Diet Pill - Phentermine

My friend who is an obese told me that she has been using a lot of diet methods but still couldn't get her ideal weight. Perhaps she can try Phentermine which is widely used to suppress one's appetite without any side effects. There are numbers of diet pills available in market, so the key factors when looking for diet pill are its safety, price and effectiveness, therefore, a proper checking of the ingredients of the pills before buying is essential.

No more Christmas trip

Hubby's company has just announced it would be no BONUS this year, i was quite sad when i first heard it as we had planned for our Christmas vacation as early as October, but the sudden news was like hammer that given us a big hit. I had even got my Zero Halliburton luggage, unfortunately we have to cancel our trip. Sigh, i am so disappointed as i was initially planned to shop to Louis Vuitton shop to get my clutch as i was told the price of Louis Vuitton is more cheaper in Japan. Now everything ruins.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Present on the go..

As being a lady, nothing is important than having a Diamond Jewellery. Be frankly, i'm not even have one, so you can imagine the jealousy i have, especially to those ladies who have few different designs of diamonds. Recently, i was told that Gladstone Jewellery has just launched two new collections which are "Grace" and "Black and White", actually i have never been there but my aunty, who is a rich woman is a faithful friend to Gladstone, i even knew that she has never failed to visit to the London Boutique everytime she has her business trip to London. Hence, the current launching has been a great news for her and she has even booked her own private date for viewing the collections. I wish i had a financial status like her, and even wish i had those exquisite diamonds, sapphires and rubies like what she has. Hopefully, i can have one diamond as a Christmas present from hubby.

My rare sandwich

I have been preparing breakfast for my hubby every morning, such as tuna sandwich, blueberry jam sandwich and the picture shown was the one i prepared yesterday morning. Guess what is that??

Hehe..i bought one kg of Bah Kwa (肉干) and dried pork mince from Bee Cheng Hiang (美珍香), so i just prepared such a rare sandwich for my hubby. At night, i asked him how was the sandwich taste, he then said "Aiya, you put too much of Bah Kwa, i was full till i didn't eat my lunch". :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time flies

Wow, time really flies, i almost hit 4 months of pregnancy soon. Wow, the first three months have passed before i knew it. Sigh, this time i am really a slacker, and sometimes i even forget i am actually a pregnant woman. I think age is catching up with me, i am no longer as healthy as what i used to be and sometimes i feel guilty as i do not pray for my unborn baby, just unlike my previous two pregnancies.

Weather is getting colder, so it's a time for me to get ready my Winter maternity wear. The downstair neighbor was kind to lend me her maternity wears, but i didn't accept her lending. Better buy myself hence minimize the worry of dirtying people clothes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

House Renovation?

My FIL is a great person, he built a spacious house for his sons without his sons spending any single cents. That's why hubby has a big house in KK, however the house now is empty as nobody stays at there. Sometimes i worry the house will get spoilt itself without anyone staying there, just imagine or touch wood to say when it has fire happened, then it can burn down the house to ashes. Other than fire, it still has a lot of unexpected happens, so recently we have been discussing what is the best method to prevent the house from further damage.

Hubby ever suggested both kids and me staying at there whereas he still working at here. Be frankly he more prefers the education there rather than here. But as for me, i always want a completed and healthy family which means hubby, wife and kids are all staying together without any apart. Of course, we still have to think what is the most important at this moment, perhaps hubby's suggestion was right as my deep inside also believe my sons are able to get more quality education there. So i jokingly said to hubby that i only willing to go back to our hometown unless the house is fully renovated. Since the house is spacious, so why don't just give a house a complete facelift? You know, even the toilet is bigger than our living room here, for a enjoyment sake, Bathroom Furniture is definitely essential, if possible and affordable, i really don't mind to have a jacuzzi. As a lady, i simply like to have a luxury jacuzzi at my personal toilet.

How to make FREE TRIALS last FOREVER?

Do you know how to make your software last forever after it has expired from its 30 days of free trial period? Last Friday, i was very happened to know the answer and i had tried it too, glad to say that, the method is terrific and my expired software was LIVE again. It's simply amazing, that's why i would like to share with you all.

Just type RUNASDATE at any search engine, then click on the searched result and follow the instructions shown at the page, very soon that your expired software can be worked fine again. But, of course, this RUNASDATE is not functional on every software, but it works fine for majority and famous software light Adobe Photoshop as well as Adobe Lightroom.

Not believe? Then why don't you just give yourself a try?

Camcorder as a birthday present

It has been a while since i last bought birthday present for my hubby, so this year, maybe i should buy him a birthday present as well as Christmas present. I had been asking him to buy a lot of expensive and good things for me, so as repaying, i planned to buy a camcorder for him, it would be useful for him as he has been traveling a lot, a light-weighted camcorder is versatile and good for capturing the best moments during his business trip then shared with us.

A Monday..

I woke up at 6am, put the laundry to washing machine before i planned to do my pending posts. Right after i gave my butt a good sit, Eli started to cry, and his cried was getting louder after 2 minutes of ignoring him. I quickly made him a bottle of milk and then lying on the bed pretending to sleep. However, he was completely awake after his bottle of milk and started to climb up to my bed and disturbing Jo. He pulled Jo's hair, patted his shoulder and back but Jo was still in his sweet dream, that's my elder boy, hardly get disturbed when he is sleeping. Eli, the opposite, is indeed a light sleeper, just like me. So, because of Eli, it goes my morning plan. And only until now i have chance to sit down and continue doing my posts. Sigh, 24 hours seem very little to me, i had been busying the whole morning to clean the boys' toys by organizing and packing them nicely, and i also kept Eli's baby toys nicely in a cleaned plastic bag and stored in the wardrobe, since he no longer fancy over those baby toys, so i better keep them nicely and pass down to the No.3. As for the Winter clothes, i think i will start unpacking them very soon in this few days as the weather is getting colder, for today morning, it's the coldest morning ever since the autumn started. It was about 15 degree then. Weather is extremely dry and the wind is strong too, that's a good weather for outing, but sadly that i still have to stay back home. I have a lot of things to do, but just so little time.

Year End Holidays

I am planning to have a trip before baby 3 pops. Trip to Korea is most affordable than going to Japan, and it is less troublesome for Malaysians as we do not need VISA for traveling to Korea. As for Japan, always my dream place, but due to VISA issue, maybe i have to let go the plan. Of course, i would choose Orlando vacations if hubby had a same mind as me, however, he prefers a short travel rather than going to Orlando as he wants to save his annual leave for going back to our home country during Chinese New Year. As for this moments, i am okay with any place, as long as i can go traveling, then i won't complaint anymore.

Relax yourself

According to experts, worldwide economic downturn will be aggravated next year, if you read this, how are you responding to this? As for me, i am just a normal and powerless lady, so what i can do is pray that the recession can be over soon, and better the predictions of the experts are wrong. It is always panicked as seeing the crisis accelerated, having said so, if you are the unlucky one who was affected, then how about stop complaining the crisis wave but give yourself a relax gateaway? Yeah, it's a time to give yourself a good vacation, just like Outer Banks, which always provide affordable vacation for everyone. Do check it out.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Equip yourself more

“This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit”

About the news that i read yesterday, there are getting more companies will be retrenching their staffs in near future in order to fight with or survive on current economic downtime. And, according to many economic predictors, economic will be getting even more weaker next year. Be honestly, i scare every time i read such a news as i don't know will this crisis affect me on day or not. Of course, i sincerely hope it won't and the crisis can be over asap. The news also said, there are getting more students choose to equip themselves through online degree which is much more affordable for them, this is wise as studying online can always be done at own convenience. By doing a simple calculation, it is easy to know in fact studying online is more cost saving than studying abroad yet both give you a same quality of success. So, at such an economic downtime, that's really no point to waste moolah and even no point to think of quitting your study as this is the best time to equip yourself for further tilt.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Always want to eat, even during sleep

I have been dreaming a lot at night ever since i got pregnant, some dreams were terrible and shocked me awake, and some dreams were pretty funny that were related to foods. If i didn't get full stomach before i go to bed, then that particular night i would keep dreaming about "i am eating food", those foods mostly were Malaysia Hawker foods like Nasi Lemak, Claypot Chicken Rice, Wanton Mee, Hokkien Mee and whatnot. Emm...i guessed maybe my baby next time would be a baby who likes food very much, just like Eli. :)

Home Cook pasta

I have been eating this "not-so-good-looking" yet palatable pasta for 3 days, i added the instant pasta sauce and tuna (in water formed), the time taken for preparing and cooking were less than 15 minutes, so this plate of pasta is my recent favor. I can't stand the smell of either fresh or cooked onion as well as the smell of green and red pepper ever since i got pregnant, so i simply made myself a simple pasta without much add-on. And i felt absolutely satisfied by taking a cup of MILO after the pasta.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Worked with my wok again

Today, i was finally worked with my wok again after 3 months of withdrawing myself from cooking. The past 3 months (during my 1st trimester) were a nightmare for me, although i didn't suffer any serious or heavy morning sickness, the unwell stomach, tasteless mouth and tired body were really exhausted me a lot. Even though i am in my 2nd trimester now, actually i still suffer a minor morning sickness, just the suffering time is being shortened and usually it only happens around evening time. I keep my fingers crossed, and wonder when will i get back my normal self again. Hubby actually had been complaining a lot towards the foods cooked by the maid, imagine, the whole family had been eating the unsavory meals for 3 months, haha...maybe i am thankful that we are still survive. :-)

Car Allowance

During last trip back to MY, i have helped my hubby renewed his driving license, so with the valid driving license, he can finally get his license be translated into Chinese before he can drive a car in CN. Actually i am unclear about the rule and regulation about driving in CN, but was told that the driver must get his/her driving license be translated if he/she is not from CN. Our family needs an own car, though having own car will have other troubles too like increasing our daily expenses, as i knew that we won't be stayed at home anymore during weekend, we definitely will go out for more travel fun.

I ever discussed with hubby if he really had the car, he still can follow his company car without driving his own car to office as this way can save a little bit of petrol fee. He was quite against my will, for him, if he had a car, he would definitely drive to office as the time is more flexible by then and he's no longer need to rush for the time that set by the company car. Of course he can drive his car to office if he have Car allowance like what my friend's company pays for her, otherwise, why want to waste own money to pay the petrol and even the toll fees?

AirAsia, bad service!

Yesterday, during my way back to SZ, Eli was fell asleep right after the plane took off. He was sleeping silently there and that's why i went to the toilet after taking my lunch. I saw Eli was carried by a Chinese Stewardess while i just stepped out from the toilet, i then said "oh, he is awake" as i walked closer to the stewardess, but the expression of the stewardess was quite unfriendly and said i should not leave a baby alone without supervised by any adult. I knew that's my fault but i have never expected be told by a stewardess in such a bad and unfriendly manner. You know, the way she talked to me was very unprofessional as a stewardess, a service provider for flight passengers. As a passenger, i would like to hear something in more nicer way or at least something in friendly way rather than like i was being reprimanded. I was quite disappointed the way how the stewardess handled such a situation. The moment she said the sentence, it was like she is my boss, hey, i paid the money for the flight, then why should i bear such a lousy treat? Although AirAsia can provide cheap airfare, i also paid a thousand Ringgit (RMB2387) to take the flight, that's why i don't think i was deserved such a bad and lousy service. She actually could advice me in another way and i would obey her sentence without much noises. I really wonder should i write in any complaint letter to AirAsia, i actually was quite upset when flying with AirAsia, although i had bought the "Express Boarding", the AirAsia staffs can simply let those passengers without "Express Boarding" stepped out the gate while the passengers with "Express Boarding" were still on their way to aboard the flight. Those passengers without "Express Boarding" could run for their life just because they wanted to get a good seat. Try to imagine a lady who carrying a baby also with "Express Boarding", how could she run in such a way, so the "Express Boarding" simply means meaningless. Or maybe i can say, the "Express Boarding" is just a way that AirAsia vultures people money. And, i pretty curious why this only happened in Sabah?

Blogspot cannot be accessed in CHINA

After 3 months of accessing BLOGSPOT freely in China, today, finally i can't access BLOGSPOT freely anymore. Other than BLOGSPOT, those websites which hosted under Globedomain, GoDaddy and Netfirms are also with the same fate. I feel very annoying about the blocking, i really can't find a proper reason why the government wanted to block the websites, why they can't simply let their people have the freedom of choosing the information that they want? Sigh, suddenly just feel like staying in China is such an unhappy and unwise choice. What's more everything also be rated "it is poisonous", even the eggs!