Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not finish my packing

Time is running fast, we are leaving here to a scorching hot weather country tomorrow for 2 weeks family vacation. Our luggage has not been packed completely yet, without a maid at home i actually found that it is difficult to get my things packed. The kids are simply as busy as me and kept disturbing me with their screams and cries! Oh gosh, please leave me peacefully and get my things done! Hubby will be home today earlier because he still needs to go out to get cigars for his friend whom we will be visiting his family when we visit his country. Sigh, think i only can get my luggage packed nicely and completely once hubby brings the kids out together with him.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Struggling to lose weight

I am struggling to lose weight. I won't be struggling if only i know how to eat smartly and healthily. I love high calories foods such as fried chicken, fried rice, roasted peanut, cakes, breads and what not. And, i hardly do exercise. I have gained few pounds in 2 weeks especially during the festive Christmas and New Year time. Therefore, i want some diets that work perfectly for me and better gives excellent result within a short time. Do you have ones can recommend to me??

Is age catching up with him??

I think my hubs needs to attend one of those ab workouts organised by the club if he continue drinking the beers in unconstrained manner. He has gained few pounds in a short 2 weeks, gosh, where is my fit and handsome looking man gone? What i can see now is a giant man who has a flabby tummy as well as flabby muscles. Is the weight gained due to excessive drinking or is age catching up with him?

Diet pills

I can forget my strict diet and start taking the best diet pills very soon. The effective and medical proven pill is introduced by my friend who has been taking them for a couple of years, and, she has not experienced any weight bouncing back even she stopped taking them for few months. Wow, i am actually feeling eagerly to give them a try. If i can wean off breastfeeding my little girl by next week, then most probably i can start taking those pills from the same day onwards. Wow, losing weight by taking diet pills is definitely easier than practicing strict diet.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

CNY shopping

We have been quite busy lately for our CNY shopping. Everyone loves CNY shopping especially my little boy, he can sing and sing non stop throughout our shopping journey. His singing definitely cheers everyone up. We will be going out for another round of CNY shopping later, hubs wanna get samsung gravity for my FIL, hopefully we can get it by today otherwise we will have less time to decorate our house with laterns and flowers!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Coogi bag

I love to collect bags, from branded to non-branded. Recently i have been eyeing one of the coogi bag but i am afraid of hearing the nagging noise from my hubby. He doesn't like seeing me spending my money in getting more bags. Sigh, i should have mentioned this Coogi bag for him before Christmas so that i could receive it as my Christmas present. Now have to wait until the next Christmas comes.

Baptize our kids

We will be going back to M'sia very soon, just can't wait to see the big bright sun and can't wait to meet our friends and relatives there. Other than spending our Chinese New Year holidays there, we actually have been planning to baptize our kids in the local church where we had our church wedding. If the time permits, i probably will get my kids some baptism gifts too, as a keepsake which can be remembered for number of years.