Sunday, October 25, 2009

No more aunty look

It's once an aunt said this sentence to me,
"HS, you do not look like a mother of 3..."

Yes, i do not look like a lady who had given birth before, not to mention how many kids i have. The current look i have is actually a result of having 3 kids, sounds pretty ironically. Been having tired life everyday and also been reducing carbohydrate intake at the same time, that's why i can get back to my secondary school life weight, which is 56kg. I was at 68kg right after my confinement, but after putting my effort into controlling my weight, i have finally reduced 12kg in less than 5 months time. And today, i finally can get myself a slim jeans at size 26. :-)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Forgo my business chance

My friend is planning to start her own business next year. I was asked whether wanna be her partner or not. Of course i wish i could but with 3 kids along i think i better forgo this business chance first since taking care of kids is still my current priority.

I wish she can run her business successfully even without me, i trust her ability and what's more she has her business plan consultants as her supporter.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Air Filter for my heater

There are so much variety of air filters in town, i wonder which brand can work best for my home. Having a little baby at home, it is wise to purify the air especially H1N1 influenza is still spreading wildly now. Winter is near, so i better change the air filter of my heater as soon as possible. Sigh, so much to do but so little time! No, i do not wish to have 48 hours a day, the more hours you have the more you need to do.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Silver anklet for baby

My friend has just given birth to a baby boy last Tuesday. Congrats Yen! This is actually her second boy, i know she actually wants a baby girl badly, but having a baby boy doesn't mean a shortchange in one happy family, right?

Nothing better than buying a silver anklet for a baby boy because most Chinese believes silver is great to be used as one's body informer and it has been largely used on babies. According to old folks, silver can tell baby's body condition, if the silver shows red in color then means it has wind in baby's body, whereas if the silver shows black in color, then means the baby is too heaty. Actually i'm truly believed such indications as it is quite true happened for my little baby too. Do you believe silver can perform such useful indications? Do try it for your baby, it is not harm for wearing silver indeed.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Breasts milk, the best

My milk stocks...but it has been a history because my mum had thawed them as she claimed "them" were not fresh enough for my baby girl and "they" had occupied her freezer till she could not store her stuffs.

I had been pumping my breasts milk diligently each days ever since my confinement started, look at "them", some were pretty "thicker and creamy-liked" as they were colostrum milk aka early milk. But what a wasted because i seldom let my baby girl takes the frozen milk as i still have lots for her to suck.

The Sims on FB

I have just joined The Sims on FB, but i didn't do as asked like inviting at least 50 friends and share the group. SO i wonder i still can play this application or not. I wish to play this because i am the super loyal friend of The Sims. Having said so, i doubt i would have time to play or not since most of my time has been occupied by my little baby, like now, my hands are typing out this but my leg is rocking the baby's rocker.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Have time to study?

I have always wanted to study again, but attending the class physically sounds impossible for me because i am still breastfeeding my baby girl. How i wish she could take her milk by using bottle so that i could be more flexible to run for my personal errands. Actually hubby has been asking me to stop breastfeeding because he knows i want to pursue my study. I have yet to decide, but most probably i will not stop because my intention is to breastfeed my baby till she is 1 year old. With the advance technology nowadays, i think it is not difficult to find a school mba which can provide a suite of distance learning courses. Looking for an accredited school is as easy as pie, so i have never worried about the school. But the problem is, i am worrying i do not have much time to do my study since i have 3 little young kids!

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No time

Had downloaded and installed Topaz Remask in my notebook but i have no time to play with this amazing software so far. Sigh, all my time has been fully occupied by the kids, like now, i only have less than 30mins to finish my posts and later i still have to feed the kids and bathe them. I wonder when can i have time for myself again? Perhaps after all of them are asleep? But, most of the time i will accidental fall asleep with them too..


I have been searching high and low to look for my DSLR memory card, but my effort has been wasted as nothing found, other than that, my flash drive is lost too, gosh, i am so heartache because it is a Logo flash drive that given by my best friend as a birthday present.

No matter how, if i still cannot find it by tomorrow then i have to buy another one as replacement, and i have to send my DSLR to the buyer as soon as possible, that's what i have promised the buyer that i will send the DSLR not later by tomorrow evening.

Well, FYI, I am going to upgrade my DSLR, and Canon EOS 50D is my top choice. Just can't wait to play with it now.

Wedding Photography

Been planning to take wedding photos again. That's what hubby has promised me. He once said we could take wedding photos again once i slim down. Yeah, it is a right time now because i have shed down 22 pounds as a result of not taking any carbohydrate foods after my confinement.

This time must really find a good bridal shop which better can provide more different destination weddings photos for choosing. Actually, i would like to have some beach wedding photos since taking customary studio photos are no longer is my cup of tea. With the breathtaking blue sea around, who can resist not to take any photos? Much less wedding photos, right?

Well, i better start hunting for more information about wedding photography now. Better before i gain weight again.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

USD3 everyday for getting my VPN

I am back in SZ, but damn it, most of the foreigner websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are being blocked in CN. So if you want to access the mentioned websites, then you have to use proxy. But bear in mind, none of the proxy can work well, if it allows you to logon to FB, it maybe not allows you to do anything in FB because most of the proxies are not supporting Java applications.

A lot of people have recommended to use, of course i did use it but i could only read the status and see the photos but i couldn't comment them. In this circumstance, then why do we login to FB? It doesn't sound fun at all, right?

You want fun? Well, as long as you are willing to pay then you can get your fun. I want fun, so i have to pay USD3 daily for surfing freely in CN. It doesn't sound expensive if you count it daily, but it sounds expensive if you count it in monthly (USD3x30=USD90). But don't worry, i still can get discount if i extend my plan monthly or even bi-monthly or tri-monthly. Haha, no way to stop me from accessing those websites.

We need a car

We need a car here, definitely need it. I am not a superwoman, i can't handle 3 kids all by myself without an own transport.

Hubby has been thinking to get a car here, but until now he still can't decide which car he wants. He has always wanted to buy a 4-W-D here, however, the price of 4-W-D is not cheap here and what's more people here are seldom paying their vehicle by installment but in full payment at one go. So we hardly to get 4-W-D unless we strike lottery here. However, it so sounds impossible.

We need an extended service plan too if we really have our own car here. Insurance, yes, we need insurance since the drivers here are always driving crazily.

Drooling over a Canon EOS50D

I have been so drooling over a EOS50D, had played it a while yesterday when i was at the camera shop. I wanted to buy but definitely is not now. At least have to sale off my current EOS450D first then only i can start considering other upgrade.

The Canon EOS50D at HKD10590 which including the lens EFS17-85mm and at HKD11890 with the zoom lens, can't remember the exact specs, just something like till 200mm. Drooling, so drooling, but it is way expensive. I wonder can i get it cheaper at since it's always a best buy place that fulls of surprising discounts, just like how i was told "one can always find a best buy at".