Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mexican Auto Insurance

Auto insurance has always had it benefits to driver even to the passenger. If any accident happens, auto insurance always can exert its benefits to the insured person. Just imagine how havoc of it if you don't hold any auto insurance but you are driving everyday. Some country has different insurance policy, like Mexico as US auto insurance is not recognized within Mexico area. This is due to Mexico has Napoleonic law, so the accident happened in Mexico is considered as felony. Thus, you are needed to buy a
mexican auto insurance in order to give yourself a full protection if you are currently thinking to drive your car to enter the boundary of Mexico.

If you don't insure the auto insurance, then you have to ensure your pocket or wallet has enough money to pay off the full payment for damages or for the injured party. Bear in mind, you are responsible to PAY in full manner in order to avoid the holding by authorities in Mexico. So, do you prefer to bring a big sum of money with you or do you prefer to buy an auto insurance that eventually make you hassle free? Give yourself a protection and make your travel to Mexico is troublesome free, now, you can simply log on to Mecixan Insurance Store and get you quote, buy and print out the recognized policy instantly. Your policy can be daily, weekly, 6 month or annually. With the policy you have purchased, they even offer a legal liability and Emergency Medical for you.

A wealth of projectors rental

Thinking to rent an affordable price of projector? Do consider renting from is an ideal and pioneer online supplier for
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100% Free Personals at

Friend, we all need friends to share our happiness and sadness, the life will look dull and boring without friends hanging along especially for those singles. Just imagine that you have to embed your head under a pillow or sit in front of TV during Saturday night as you don’t have friends to call you out for disco, pub and clubbing. That’s a miserable life without friends.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Miami Dolphins Tickets

I had bad experience that i missed my chance to my favourite concert before. Actually, i acted very fast to call the agent to book for my concert ticket, but very unlucky that the agent told me all the good view tickets were being sold out.

Recently, i am eagerly to watch the Miami Dolphins vs Kansas City Chiefs, i told my hubby that this time we really can't miss out the chance. With the largest and constantly updated inventory of
Miami Dolphins Tickets, we finally got our tickets successfully from Premium Seats USA. All of the tickets are shipped via FedEx, so that the tickets we ordered are secure. What a waste that it's too late for me to know this Premium Seats USA, if i could know them earlier, sure i won't miss out my favourite concert last time. Now with Premium Seats USA, i can get whatever type of tickets i wanted.

If you're interested on Miami Dolphins Tickets, simply call their toll free at 1-866-312-9295 and speak to their quality customer service.

I need more time...

24 hours a day just not enough for me.....

I have few pending posts in my account, in order not to act irresponsible, i have to finish them by these 2 days. I don't know when is the exact day of getting "baby call", i just hope i can finish all the pending posts before i admitting to hospital. Keep my finger crossed, emm....really wish that i can have more time to finish this and that within a short period of time.

Finally i got my connection

Today i finally got my streamyx connection. Yapee...

I had spent quite a big sum of money for paying the cyber cafe fees over the pass month, so now definitely is a right time to install the streamyx since i am going to stay in KK for few months till November. I taken the RM77 (with modem) one, so from now onwards i can indulge myself to internet again. However, i think my online time will be getting lesser as well after baby coming out.

But the connection here very terrible, always like no signal received and it made me missed the USD18.50 post!! Alamak....

Any similarities?

This photo taken on 30 August 2005 while we're celebrating our wedding anniversary in Sunway Lagoon Hotel, almost 2 years back...that time Jo was around 17 months old, see, he's just so adorable. That time i looked quite fat, was around 68kg (the most heaviest time) ....i like this photo so much as i feel like the smiling of both of us looked quite alike. I miss those days with Jo, he's so lovely and cute, and is my all-time mommy's baby, time really flies as he seems so independence now...suddenly, i miss my life in KL so much...

Vacation to Kauai

My uncle and aunt are going to celebrate their 25 years wedding anniversary to Kauai. Isn't it sound cool and thrill to have the romantic celebration on the beach and viewing the wonderful sunrise and sunset in holding hands. Woo..just thinking here i already can feel how the romantic of it. No wander my aunt looks so pretty these days, i guess she might think like this way as well.

Now, they are looking for the
Kauai vacation rentals, they have been thinking to rent a spacious and airy custom-built home. And finally, they have booked the "Hale Pukana La Princeville" from Hawaiian Beach Rentals. In this "Hale Pukana La Princeville", it is nearby the ocean and mountain, so that they can have ocean and mountain views easily from the accommodation room. Since they are going to travel with their kids, so this custom-built home is definitely appropriate for their family. Other attractions include nearby restaurant, breathtaking waterfalls, Waimea Canyon (known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific) and more.

I believe they can unearth all the stunning views and spots, hope they are enjoying their trip.

Maytag Refrigerators

My neighbour is looking a good refrigerator now, as the old one is broken down due to the hard running of the compressor. Since it is a Summer in China, the compressor of the refrigerator have to work much harder to keep the food cold, that's why it broken down easily during Summer time and some more the refrigerator he owns actually has more than 15 years old.

My neighbour is quite well doing online searching, he has came across to this
Maytag Refrigerators, with the available and unique "Krillion Localization Engine", he could find his desired refrigerator from there without hunting the appliances depots one by one to just look for one refrigerator. What the concept provided by Krillion is to deliver search results category-by-category. Thus, the readers can do their research and comparison prior they drive their cars to the store and get the items they wanted.

He has introduced the site to me as well, i think i need to change my old type fridge soon since my hubby always complaints the fridge is not cold enough to keep his beers.

Streamyx connection - HAVE to WAIT again!

The streamyx installer came to my house about 4pm yesterday, i was initially thought that he could install it on time so that i no longer needed to pay a visit to cyber cafe. But very funny that the TELEKOM guy had wrong setting my registered phone number in their system. could this happen? I got my receipt stated i registered under this number X, but what he shown me the number was another number Y that i don't know whose number is it!! Damn angry as he told me to wait for another 2 days. Sigh, just a simple task also have to wait for few days to be finished. What the actuall meaning of "Malaysia Boleh"? Anyone can answer me?? I really need the streamyx, don't you know that??

Happy 4th Anniversary

Happy 4th Anniversary

Yesterday was my 4th wedding anniversary, of course, i don't have special and grand celebration as hubby still in China. This year is the second year we didn't celebrate together, nevermind, as 28/6 just our registration date. We can celebrate again on 30/8 as we had our church wedding ceremony on that day 4 years back. But, i guess most probably this year we can't celebrate again as i will stay in Sabah till November. Well, as long as we still have "heart" then should be OK for not celebrating it. :)

The latest events in TOWN

I am a stay-at-home-mother (SAHM), but to be honest, i am a hip and trendy woman among my friends (some are mummies as well) even some of them are working and have their good social life. Who said being a SAHM will totally lag behind the most current happens and bandwagon effects in town? Just imagine with the existence of Internet, i can get most of my information online now without going out. :) is my favourite hotspot place, in here, i can find the latest social lifestyle about everything in dining places, entertainment, spa, salon, retail store openings and more. That's why i said i am always have best informative about the upcoming events and activities in my town. My friends do like to ask information from me as they knew i am the hippest lady!

Recently, there is a new opening
store in town, what a great news for me to have my shopping there!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stop your abusive behavior

My friend who is the trouble person for his family. Sometimes i really feel how pitiful of his parents. They only have one son, but this guy definitely doesn't know how to appreciate his life as he is the drug addict. He hurts his parents especially his mother. The most terribly is sometimes he will do some abusive hitting to his mother. We feel sad as well, sometimes we even could hear the loud fighting in his house as he wanted to snatch his mother money to get himself the drug. See, how abusive life and danger of
Prescription Drug Addiction that eventually impacted the addict's family as well. Currently, his parents and relatives thinking to send him into the drug rehab center and hope that he can have his new life again after getting the treatment from the rehab center. He is just about 23 years old, his future is still bright and still be there for him. We all wish that he can stop this abusive behavior after going through the treatments provided by Cliffside Malibu.

Mashup your site

Want to gain more traffic to your site? I bet some of the business sites do hope to have more traffic hence to promote their business and products. In order to make your site easily spotted by customers, then what are you going to do? Try to consider this
Assist Network, in here, you can find other businesses from their widely range of database as well.

Come and join them today, you can simply add their community Mashup to you site or blog and other social networking pages. Plus, don't forget to add your link to their Mashup for FREE today and start getting your traffic right after you have added your link.

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Fast and easy projector rental

With the excellence delivery service of FedEx, has been choosing FedEx to deliver and pickup projector rental anywhere in the US cities including Austin, Houston and San Antonio. So, for the people who keen to have
Austin projector rental, they can simply put their schedule and order online their projector from People will be shocked to get the quick service that they are deserved to. Purchase a projector for a short period used is definitely not worthwhile of money, therefore, you can choose your desired projector such as portable LCD with 2000 or 3000 lumen specs from So, why you still want to buy it for yourself? Other than Austin area, you can have
Houston projector rental or San Antonio projector rental. You will have great satisfaction with their quick delivery service and competitive rates.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moving Company -

Moving, either moving your house or your working premises does bring a lot of troublesome for you. Just imagine you have to pack all your stuffs, moving all the heavy furnitures and you might probably lost your valuable stuffs while doing your packing or moving. Well, with the expertise help of the moving companies, i guess your troublesome feel will become to a joyous or thrill experience. At, they provide comprehensive informative resources or moving guide to their customers. So, with this useful resources, your small or big move will definitely become to a smooth one after getting their assistant.

Some occur in vehicle move, if you are currently thinking to ship your vehicle, then you should read through this
auto transport site that provides from the very basic pieces of information prior for you to do your shipping. The procedures of handling the shipping documents is stressful sometimes, so you must at least have some significant information to prepare your documents. Leave out one document will drive you to nuts as well. If you're not sure about the government policies, then absolutely can help you out.

Like my case, since we're an expatriate, so we need
international shipping to help us to move our furnitures and boxes from Malaysia to China. Since my company doesn't provide this help for us and we know our limitations, so i totally believe the services provided by, i even got my free quote from licensed international moving companies from my area, and despite which company i finally chosen will just bring hassle free for me.

Enjoy the Beauty of Kihei Homes

I love to have vacation, just imagine how relax of your days during your vacation. I can put down all my burdens, house chores, work and more hence totally immerse myself in my joyous holidays. I have few places thinking to visit, but since i love beach and sunshine, so going to Hawaii is the most suitable for me and my family. I guess my Jo will love to build up the sand castles and my hubby will love to read his favourite book under a coconut trees. For me, of course i can wear my bikini swimsuit that i never dared to wear in my own country. Haha..nobody knows me over there, then i believe i can take as many photos as i can.

Have been thinking to visit to Kihei. Do you know where is the Kihei? Kihei is located on the island of Maui in the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands. That's so cool as we can do our snorkelling and i guess my Jo will love and thrill to see those colourful fishes too. I have surfed through the internet and finally found the
Hawaiian Beach Rentals, they have numerous of Kihei homes available for us to choose, some more, the price of the Kihei Homes is not as expensive as i thought before and it is definitely within my travel budget. Other than this, does provide up-to-date informative and news to travelers. That's really bring advantages for me as i can just plan out my holidays with the assistant of

Addiction Treatment by Sunset Malibu

How is your feel if your loved one currently having the abusive problem like drug addict and alcoholism? I know that's a sad feel you will have. Maybe you have tried your best to help your loved one but keep on failing, don't fret, you can think about the
Addiction Treatment provided by Sunset Malibu. The treatment is absolutely essential recovery for addicts thus finding a good drug rehab centre is definitely necessary. Sunset Malibu is a fully equipped residential drug rehab and treatment center which is bringing hope and future for addicts. With their expertise assistants and array of activities, it will eventually help addict to go back to their normal life. Apart from it, the facilities and amenities they provided are trying to bring the most comfort feel to the addicts. So, don't think your day is ended, with the help of Sunset Malibu, you definitely can have a normal and bright future again.

Long Distance Moving Companies

I hate of moving house, just don't think to give help moving the sturdy and heavy furnitures, just even packing the trivial items have already made me crazy. As some of you know, i have moved 5 times of house over the pass 4 years. That's terrible experience for both of my hubby and me, even my son. We need to move again this time, but this time we're smart enough to get assistant from some expert movers. We found our movers from Service Network, in Service Network, they have breadth of network of
Long Distance Moving Companies and all of their movers in their network have been licensed and insured. So, what i can get from them is actually a good help movers and release my moving troublesome. In addition to get fast connected with reputable movers in their network, i can get my pre-negotiated up to 65% discounts from them as well.

Are you MESSY

You Are Not Messy

You're so clean, people have accused you of being a clean freak!
You like things tidy, organized, and smelling fresh.
Messes drive you crazy, especially when you didn't make them.
It's hard for you to live with a slob - or someone who leaves their dishes in the sink.
I am a clean freak lady, yeah, definitely, if you have been my house before then most probably you will agree on my saying. Especially my toilet, i can clean it everyday even i am heavily pregnant. Don't know why, i just can't stand to have wet toilet floor and wet toilet bowl. I always complaint that my maid can't clean the toilet within my expectation, nevermind, i can clean myself.


I am currently looking for an air-conditioner, i have sorted out LG and Panasonic after my hunting. Actually i like Panasonic most as their trusty name and ageless years in making air-conditioner. But, the functions of Panasonic is more in the shade of LG. So, i think most probably i will chose LG (model: CK18LCR) since :
- Neo Plasma Plus air purifying system with K-AVF
- Allergen extration
- Deodorizing Function
- Desired temperature display
- Sleep mode
- Jet Cool
- Neuro-fuzzy artificial intelligence
- Auto clean
- Antibacterial filter
- Wireless LCD remote controller
- Healthy dehumidification
- 24 hour on/off setting timer
- Four way auto swing.

San Diego sex therapist

A good relationship sometimes build on an intimacy sex life, this is a truth that we can't deny. Sad to say, some couples are haxing problems in their relationship and eventually brings negative impact to their sex life. If you have this problem and without thread where and who you should direct to, then come and consider the
San Diego sex therapist, Lily Kotila. She is an expert as in breadth of areas in giving sex and relationship couselling services. With her therapy assistant, many couples have rejuvenated their sex life thereby restoring the couples' relationship successfully. Other than offering counseling service for different sex couples, Lily Kotila also concerns about the problems occured among the same sex couples, in her therapy center, there is a therapeutic services for gay or lesbian relationship as well. If you're thinking to have ideal relationship, do consider a good counsellor like Lily Kotila.


As a pregnant woman always entitled to get special privileges. Like yesterday afternoon while i was applying my Streamyx account in TMPoint, Tanjung Aru, the lady staff appointed me to sit down and processing my application without me to wait for my number turn. Wooo...i was so shock and felt a bit honoured, to be honest, as a pregnant ladies in Malaysia, we definitely deprived of some extra respectation and benefits from government and even some private sectors. Anyway, i have diverted my mind a bit and feel thanks to the staffs in TMPoint, Tanjung Aru, i am appreciated their service provided. Another Malaysia BOLEH!!

Notebook Cooler Pad

Bought the "Notebook Cooler Pad" yesterday at RM40, don't know is it really can cool down my notebook heat or not. Since it is cheap, so worth to try it. The features and benefits are:

  • Slim and smart design of the cooling pad system with large, high performance and extra quiet 2 fans built-in which absolutely helps to dissipate the heat-air away from underneath the notebook computer for cooling down the overall temperature of your system
  • Extremely heavy duty construction of the cooling pad to afford any weight or pressure put on
  • Power source supported easily by the plug-and play USB connection as a self power mode
  • Convenient, reliable and comfortable to carry
  • No need for any installation
  • Compatible with any notebook computer.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Personalized baby gifts

Oh, gosh, i can't stop myself from buying all the baby stuffs from The Nest Baby Shop. In this site, they have widely range of cute and creative
personalized baby gifts for babies and moms. I am eyeing the "Digital Picture Key Chain" now, how cool is it to put my newborn baby photo inside the key chain?! I have the 10% off coupon, so that the key chain is actually very worth to buy. I need to introduce this site to my friends as well, some of them are like me who are going to deliver their baby soon. I think they will thrill by seeing those cutiest baby stuffs in The Nest Baby Shop, i have to deliver a baby keepsakes to Ivy as well since she is going to celebrate her baby shower this coming Sunday. So, if you are also thinking to buy your baby stuffs recently, don't forget to drop by to The Nest Baby Shop.

Ngam ngam cham cham again

Today is the second time i cashed out my money from Paypal, hubby asked me how am i going to use the money, i told him i will pay the mosquito net by using all my hard work money. I don't know whay i willing to spend this money to his house since it is quite expensive to install the mosquito net. Some more, i won't stay over there for long, i think most probably i will move back to my parents' house after my confinement. As what i said before, staying there is not convenience and i don't feel like going there as well...

Crazy again..

Took the guy to do the mosquito net measurement in my hubby's house yesterday. It charged RM976 for the bedroom's windows, the man just willing to give me RM20 discount after bargaining.
Woo..the house is so dirty especially the floor, i really don't know when i can start cleaning the house since a lot of things haven't fixed yet especially the air-cond and water heater. No one can help me out, i have to do all the things by myself though i am heavily pregnant now. Sometimes i do have my complaints as i really can't feel like that one is my home. I just hate to hear it whenever my hubby said "that is your house, you should stay over there"....but, does he really understand how is my feel? Hey, i am going to deliver the baby soon, but until now, i never received any concerns from my in-laws, if they are really wanted to see me to have my confinement there, then why nobody takes initiative to help me to clean the house, and get everything ready? There is no drinking water as i have to bring my hot and cold drinking water to Inanam house, so that all of us can SURVIVE there.

PacketShaper - monitor your network traffic

As a IT person in company always receiving complaints from the staffs that they have suffered from the low business application. Sometimes it is very difficult to track down the dropped packets and delayed if without the assistant of useful tool. After discussing with our IT manager, we are decided to buy the efficiency packetshaper which is a patented technologies like TCP Rate Control for improving our low bandwidth application in our company. Other than this, we can track, monitor and analyze network traffic easily now, and the most important that we can check out who is the one who slowing down the network traffic like downloading movie/video during their office hour. With the PacketShaper, we can allocate the bandwidth to certain applications thereby can monitoring well of our company network traffic. Now, our company can try a PacketShaper risk free for 30 days.

Chicken & Roasted Garlic Risotto

I have subscribed to Campbell in order to receive their free recipe, this is what i have received yesterday "Chicken & Roasted Garlic Risotto". Share with all the readers here..

  • 4 boneless chicken breast halves
  • 1 tbsp. butter OR margarine
  • 1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Campbell's® Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup OR 98% Fat Free Cream of Chicken Soup
  • 1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Campbell's® Condensed Cream of Mushroom with Roasted Garlic Soup
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups uncooked instant white rice
  • 1 cup frozen peas and carrots


  • SEASON chicken as desired.
  • HEAT butter in skillet over medium-high heat.
  • Cook chicken 10 min or until browned.
  • Set chicken aside.
  • ADD soups and water. Heat to a boil. Stir in rice and peas and carrots. Return chicken to skillet.
  • Cover and cook over low heat 5 min or until done.
  • Remove from heat. Let stand 5 min.

Keen to try it out? Yeah....i am keen...

Exceed the limit..

So fast i have already taken the 10 posts for the month...July, July, fast fast come so that i can earn another USD50 for July. But...maybe not July since i will have my confinement on July. Well, i can wait till August...August, August, fast fast come.....

Trip Insurance

Summer holiday is almost here, we have almost packed our luggage to board the flight to Hawaii soon. We thought everything is well prepared till my uncle asked us whether we have bought the travel insurance that can cover everything for us. Oh, gosh, we have never thought of it as we were initially thought that the travel agent has already given us the comprehensive insurance coverage. Checked out from them then only knew that we are actually put ourself at risk. Fortunately my uncle who is an insurance agent has introduced this Trip Insurance for us. This insurance policy has given the wide coverage and protection for the travelers such as :
- industry-first “Cancel For Any Reason” cash back benefit

- hurricane warnings or other inclement weather
- worldwide 24-hour medical protection
- emergency medical evacuation
- coverage for pre-existing medical conditions
- terrorism
- trip cancellation/interruption

That's good to cover our Hawaii trip through TravelSafe Insurance which their coverages are unbeatable and they has been running their business over the 35 years. If you're keen to have yours, you can get their quote from or call (800) 523-8020 anytime.


I have lot of unhappiness and complaints want to vent out, but here definitely not a right place for me to do so. I want to say this person A, that person B and can i vent out my angry "shiok shiok" in order not to elicit any conflicts? Maybe can blog it in my own domain and let password protected it. Some people like to take everything for granted, they hope they can gain but never thought for giving...feel so disgusting when seeing those surrounding people. Anyway, lesson learnt, don't simply believe people as they might hurt you in one day. Just believe yourself is enough...Am i sound very negative? No..just because i experienced this before...that's why...

His money is not my money..

I hate people said this to me :"Why you need to work hard since your hubby can give you money?" Friends, how are you going to answer when you heard this sentence? And, i hate to listen this as well:"You're so lucky as you don' t need to work, everyday just goyang kaki (shake legs)"Hey, don't you see i have put a lot of effort blogging for money? The money not fell down from sky automatically, i worked hard before i got my what's wrong??So, please shut your mouth and don't stare green with envy to me! If you want to earn or have a life like me, you can just go ahead, no need to sit down there and talk sarcastically!I just can't understand why people like to say like above, is it due to jealousy or just a joke?

Directory of online education

There are numerous of universities, colleges, high and trade schools around us, but find the good and reputable that eventually suited you most sometimes is quite daunting. We can get the relevant resources from internet but in fact some are not systematic and not informative for you. Came across to this, it is the portal site for you if you are currently looking for an
online education program. They representing more than 9230 online degress and professional cerificate programs in over 1355 schools. Plus, they have comprehensive national directory of high schools as well. With the assistant of their in-house verification process, they ensure all their partner schools are reputable hence to provide the good and innovative education for their students. Apart of this, graduated students are going to have job placement as well.

Aussino Kids

Went to Aussino again on Sunday morning, bought another new set of queen bedsheet for Jo, it's so cheap as only RM29.90 after the discounted. I love their quality very much at least their color can last long and won't be faded out after hundred times of washing. I didn't exaggerate the sentence, it is true enough as i have few sets of Aussino bedsheet still in bright color even 2 out of them are more older than Jo. Some more, the price is acceptable and reasonable for their quality, can consider worthwhile to buy the bedroom's set from Aussino.

Are You Addicted to the Internet?

You Are 71% Addicted to the Internet

In your opinion, life without the internet is hardly worth living.
Could be, but you probably need a bit more fresh air and sunshine to think clearly.

See, i am just 71% addicted to the internet, not bad, at first i thought i would score at least above 90%. Be frankly, i am addicted but i still know my limitations. I can't sit in front of computer the whole day as i have a family who needs my attention as well. Some more, the baby is almost here soon, so i can foresee the time of sitting in front of computer will be getting lesser though i like to do blog hopping even the most trendy talking nowadays ~ blogging for money.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hawaii beach accomodations

My aunty asked me to search the Hawaii beach accomodations for her as her family is going to have their summer vacation to Hawaii. Finally i came across to this, in this site, they offer thousands of Hawaii accommodations for travelers which are including vacation homes, villas, condos, hotels, resorts, cottages and apartments. Other than accommodation, they have an array of activities planning available for travelers. Travelers can simple call them to find out the most up-to-date information and running activities, this is great to help travelers to plan for their Hawaii trip with hassle free. My aunty was satisfied about the Hawaiian vacation news that i found for her, as she can read through their articles and get the significant understanding and recommendations prior her family boarding the plane.

California Plastic Surgery

Have you ever heard the famous
plastic surgery in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, California? It is a Rodeo Drive plastic surgery who offers a wide range of plastic surgery like breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, breast reduction and more. Their goal is to provide the most comfortability environment and safely procedure to their customers. The Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Krieger is the founder for Rodeo Drive, he has done extensive research on how to effective the plastic surgery procedures and how to improve the customer friendly to their patients. Other than Dr. Lloyd, their plastic surgeons were graduated from fine university and ready to give their assistance to their patients and ensure their safety while undergoing the plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. Do think of Beverly Hills plastic surgery if you're keen to give yourself a new look, their advance technology and staffs sure bring great gratification for you.

Statistical Literacy online at Capella University

Are you interested in taking the Statistical Literacy online course at
Capella University? Statistical Literacy helps stimulated people to think critically and hypothetically about statistics. With the help of Capella, students are able to develop the statistical literacy and critical thinking skills thereby to achieve excellent result in mathematics and logical reasoning. They have newly released the latest Inside Online Education podcast which is featured the conversation about the Carla Chladek who is the Capella PhD student and work as Program Manager for the Joint Staff Training Program at the Pentagon. People who is interested for the podcast can subsribe this 15 minutes podcast RSS feed at Capella University is an accredited online university which has more than 19,000 student, it has widely range of programs for students to choose for. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552).

I'll make you more beautiful...

Received this sms from hubby this early morning : "Friend said if i love you more, you will be more beautiful. I will make you more beautiful." So, if next time you manage to see me and i am beautiful enough for you to praise then means my hubby has been fulfilling his job very well. If you see me very ugly, just tell me straight and i will go back and chop down my hubby! :)

Nasi Lemak & Teh-C-Bing

Nasi Lemak and Teh-C-Bing always are my favourite breakfast, went to this Fu Yuan kopitiam which is located in Asia City yesterday morning to enjoy my favourite breakfast. The price is reasonable though the shop designed is more splendid than its former shop in Damai, actually the price is almost the same. But Damai is quite difficult to get parking and it's hot there, whereas Asia City is a new opened shopping mall thereby it is easy to get parking. The most famous food in Fu Yuan is not the Nasi Lemak, in fact it's a "roti panggang kahwin" (toast with kaya and butter). It just charges RM1.20 for one set, very worth to try the toast every morning.

Innovative Online Educational - Capella University

The most famous online university nowadays should be the Capella University, which is a subsidiary of Capella Education Company. It is an accredited university that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business and information technology. They currently have more than 17,900 students from all 50 states and 56 countries, and one of their master's degree student Tammy Alexander has been awarded the 2006 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award. If you're looking a good reputation university, you definitely must consider this
capella university which is excellence in providing innovative education environment and quality academic to students.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blog Status Update -

How to increase my Page Rank to 5? I am not sure, maybe the first needed to do is try to improve my English so that i can write more quality post for advertiser.

Latest update :
PR – 4
Alexa – 542856

From the picture above, you can see how infamous of my blog in Google and Yahoo search engine. Sigh...check yours as well today by clicking

Wikipedia Founder Featured in Capella University

Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales gave Capella master's and PhD students the latest “Inside Online Education” Podcast in Orlando on February 17, 2007. This Podcast is about 15 minutes long and featured about the experience of online education shared by Capella students, faculty and staffs. You can subscribe the RSS feed via their website or from your iTunes. Apart from this featured, one of the master's degree student Tammy Alexander from
Capella University has been awarded the 2006 FBI Director's Community Leadership Award. This is a proudly award for individual or organization who is willing involved into the community crime prevention, and this award was established in 1990 by the director of the FBI. Capella is an accredited online university with more than 17900 students from all around the world and offering graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business and information technology. For more information, you can drop by to Capella's site or call 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552).


Just now i have chance to grab 4 opportunities from Blogitive, not bad as there are worth USD20 in total. Since recently is very difficult to grab any opp from PPP, so i have to divert my attention to other advertisers in order not to decrease my income. Sometimes i feel very upset as i only can see GREY color in those high payout opportunities in PPP, what i can grab only those USD5, and some even required to write more than 300 words. For the PayU2Blog, sigh, this week i totally don't receive any assignment from them. I hope they won't forget me and send me assignments again next week...

Today is 38 weeks pregnant!

Today is my officially 38 weeks of pregnant, time really flies as only 14 days to go. Or, the baby will come out earlier? No one knows the exact day except GOD. I do hope he can come out on 7/7 since 7/7 is the super good day of the year 2007. I even knew that some mummies are booking their operation with their doctors on 7/7 at 7am or 7pm. Isn't it sound cool? Just imagine you can see the baby's birthday – 07.07.07, time of birth – 7:00am/pm in his/her birth certificate. Woo...that's cool...i hope mine can have this too....but of course i won't pre-book anytime and i prefer the baby choose his own time to come out...natural always seems beauty, don't you agree?

America's Best Colleges - Capella University

Do you know which university has been awarded to be the America's Best Colleges 2007? It is an accredited online
capella university which has been running their academic since year 1993. The recent web release shown that one of their master's degree student, Tammy Alexander has been awarded the 2006 FBI Director's Community Leadership Award. The award which was established by the director of the FBI in 1990 to give recognize to the individual or organization who is actively involved in community crime prevention. How proud of Capella University has a famous student like Tammy Alexander who has been received this award. If you're currently planning to pursue your study, you definitely can think about Capella that offers graduate and bachelor’s degree programs in various academic subjects.


Finally, my post "Own you car number plate" has been selected by CREAmaid. Not bad as sometimes i heard others said it has “trick” to submit post to Creamaid in order to be successfully selected by them. I love Creamaid so much though so far i just written 4 posts for them and only 2 are being selected. At least I can receive their money once they selected my post.

Games with no rake by BackgammonMasters

We are familiar the Backgammon game since young, but due to the restriction and limitation of the technology that time, we couldn't access the joyous game like current life as we can now immerse ourself in online playing. Backgammon is your starting place now, with this existence, you can find more than thousand of Backgammon game lovers from all over the world. If you want to be the Backgammon winner, the most important thing is to get more understanding of the Backgammon information which is including the backgammon rules, terms and the strategies that eventually lead you to be a winner.

Recently, the great online gaming software provider, has added Poker for real money to its All-In-One Lobby. This is a splendid celebration for launching real money, so that, there have games with no rake (house commission) for a limited time only. Now, pokers can login and play up to 3 game tables simultaneously thereby improving the overall playing experience and the game activities. For the novice player, does provide No Charge fun mode game for them to learn and practice their game skills first in order not to lose their money in first take.

There are many more games in the pipeline for gamers, recently the high payout competitions even increased the popularity of The new animated series which is the tiger, Jean-Claude even gain more attention from the game lovers due to his funny and animated features look.

If you're keen to try out the Backgammon game, do log on to, you can meet friends with same interesting as you or even can communicate each other via their real-time chat template.

Bowtrol - Colon Cleansing

This post brought to you by publichealthforums.
Colon cleansing believes can clean our colon hence to restore the balance of good and bad bacteria. There have several ways of carrying out of colon cleansing, you can opt for the doctor who will carry out this cleansing for you, or you can choose the most efficient and quick way by taking a natural health product
Bowtrol which is only cost you $159 for 6 months. Bowtrol has been proven to be a best product for colon cleansing. So, why wait to give yourself a healthy body?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hottest sunglassess from China

My uncle is thinking to run his own business after retiring. He has been thinking to open a sunglasses shop in the new built shopping mall in my area. Nowadays, we knew that most of the products are made in China, since the labor cost there is cheap hence we can get cheap products from there as well. My uncle had came across to this
Wholesale Sunglasses site and managed to know that CTS Wholesale is dedicated to providing the help getting a cheapest and hottest sunglassess stocks from China. That's a great news for my uncle, as he can totally believe the service provided by CTS. Plus, CTS can arrange a tour visit to the sunglasses making factory, this is a must since my uncle also wanted to check out the quality by himself as well. Selling sunglasses in my area always is a good business as we have a bright and shiny sun everyday. Who doesn't want to protect his/her eyes?

Criminal Justice Degree

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

How do you rate your own sensitivity to current social criminal cases? Are you an extremely sensitive people to violence or you're the silent one? In fact, sometimes we should be as sensitive as we can in order to observe well of our surrounding. Have you ever heard about criminal justice? Now, you can have your
criminal justice degree from Capella University. Criminal study will lead you to be more sensitive to the distress of victims, enrich your knowledge about the roots of crime hence to build your skills in criminal justice. Do you hate your troubled environment? If so, it means you are lacking of knowledge about the roots of trouble. Pamper yourself in criminal justice education, turn out your troubled lives and restore your social life again!

I am hot!

You Are Smokin' Hot

You're a terrible flirt, a sharp dresser, and a party animal.
Of course, you're totally sizzling too. And for you, being hot just comes naturally.

Saw this funny Quiz from Jesslyn, of course as a "3-8-lady", i will quickly take the test to know my result. Actually, the result already told you about my personality! If you're interested, do check out yours! See, who is the hottest??!!

How to be happy?

Received this from my friend through Email, if you recently deprived of happiness, then you should remember the FIVE simple rules below in order to keep yourself happy.

1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

I want to be happy, but i am not sure how many RULES above that i can completely achieve. How about you?

Gold investment

Gold is never failed to keep its value, agree? Just look at Chinese society, as Chinese always like to present gold to bride and groom as they always believe gold is more decent to be a keepsake for their marriage. So, do you like gold? Now, you can invest to
gold through Monex Deposit Company (MDC). MDC has been a leader in gold investment sector over the 30 years. Gold, not merely a bullion cast, you also can invest the gold in coin or ingot form, once you have purchased from MDC, you can ask for immediately delivery or you can arrange for safe storage until the mature time. If you're interested in gold or other metals investment, you definitely should contact MDC. Act today to invest gold hence to preserve your purchasing power and protect your wealth.

Part 2 : Don't reject me, Pleaseeee...

After thinking, ya, finally i decided not to submit my video post. I have gone through some of the videos in youtube, alamak, so shameful to post my video video isn't as creative as them, then where got face to submit and let people comment it? Though it is worth USD20, emm....nevermind la...better don't stress myself again.

Part 1 : Don't reject me, Pleaseeee...

First time i took an opp for doing video, i don't know my post will be approved or not since nobody can see my face during the movie session. Not because i don't want to show my face but just because nobody can hold the camera for me. Please, don't reject my virgin video post, some more, it is worth USD20. It has been a while i didn't have chance to grab high payout from PPP, please, don't be so cruel for me....i will submit the video now...hopefully SAYA AKAN MENANG!

Aussino bedsheet & pillow

Shopped to Aussino yesterday evening, bought 2 sets of bedsheets and one pillow for Jo. They are currently having great promotion, so have to hurry to sweep what i needed for my No.2. Have to be fair for Jo too, so i bought him the Zebra pillow and he loves it very much.

Social network for business owners

Be a business owner who is always needed to have more knowledge about the current trend of the marketplace, what are you going to do if you don't want to lag behind your competitors? How are you going to promote your business and make your business be visible to everyone hence to grow and blossom your business. Well, you can broaden your business's horizons through
Merchant Circle and you can communicate to other business owners in order to share informations, views, products review, suggestions via the forum available.

Speaking to the upturn topic from Merchant Circle's forum,
INNOVATIVE WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS, this is the excellent information sharing for a business owner as i believe you are eagerly to visible your business site to everyone hence to increase your business sales. Read out the useful resources provided, and start promoting your business today.

Own your car number plate

Attention to car owner, do you want your car number plate to be unique and let other people stare green with envy to your car number plate? If yes, do consider to personalize your car number plate in Northumbria Numbers. This is a great website that allows you to search for ageless car registration numbers and styling your number plates.

With their advance server which is running the powerful Microsoft SOL database, you are able to interrogate the database hence to find out the most styling number that suite your personality well. Apart from the advance system, Northumbria Numbers gives you the hassle free of documents handling, it means you don't have to do any, just search the special number you are wanted and wait for Northumbria does the rest for you.

Isn't it sound wonderful? Act now to log on to Northumbria Numbers and start choosing yours, i am sure your uniqueness of car number plate indeed brings you a different look for your car.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

CRE - a place more than just computers

If your company currently is looking for short-term
plasma rentals, you can introduce CRE for your company. CRE has wide range of plasma in different brands available for users to opt for it. Since plasma can produce very clear and sharp image, it is definitely suitable to be used in a bright room or a tradeshow environment. If plasma not your favorite, you can have 5000 lumen projector rental as well. The quality produced by 5000 Lumen Projector is superb highest, and it believes will leave great and lasting impression at executive briefings or sales presentations. In fact, some of the church organizer likes to rent Lumen Projector when organizing the church events. Apart from the top 2 selections, you can select touchscreen LCD monitor rental for your company/organization next event as well. I think most people like to have touchscreen LCD since it's easily to use with picture displayed especially we can always see the touchscreen LCD in airport or even informative kiosk. So, which one you prefer the most, do request your rental quote online, email CRE or call them directly. CRE is the place provides all the advance technology equipments for you, it is simply a place just more than the computer rentals.

Why Green??

Log on to my PPP, saw an opp with green color, it pays US16, woo...i was initially thought that i was lucky enough to grab high payout at the early morning once i log on to PPP. But, once i click, it said all the available posts for that opportunity have already been taken. Crazy, then why shown me in green color, just show me gray color instead and don't waste my time to try the luck out ma....sigh!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I want the USD50, can???

After doing some blog hopping, i managed to know that there are few mummies have taken this opp “Burn Notice's Gadgets” from PPP, it is a high paying opp, it pays USD50 for your creative movie. How i wish i have chance to take this opp, but i wonder can i as creative as other mommies or not. Wah...USD50 per post, enticing of this price!! I feel like wanted to try, but...but...i just can't grab it today....this opp is available to me the whole yesterday, it just gone finished when i wished to grab it!

Cherries are in Season

I want to eat fresh cherries, but very unfortunately i am not staying in 4 seasons country, that's why i am really deprived of seeing those fresh, juicy and big cherries in my country. Though i can buy cherries from local supermarket, dear, the size and the shape due to over storing in fridge just make me feel like don't want to buy. How i wish i can spot some fresh cherries in basket here. Haha...very luckily i came across to this “The Fruit Company”, it has been running their orchard fresh gift to customers since year 1942, and currently they have the pre-order service for Cherries which are in Season. I can order the Cherries Gift Basket which available in 2 lb, 3lb and 5lb boxes from them now, and it just needs 2-day of shipping that is FOC as well. Some more, they guaranteed the cherries will be arrived in fresh and cool condition so that i no need to worry it will be gone stale. The most attractive part to order from them is because i can choose both delicious Bing and Rainer cherries as they will keep them inside their deep mahogany color of dark colossals. Friends, if you want to try out this delicious cherries, you better order from them now, as the cherries will not ship until July.

Web hosting

I know recently there are few blogger mummies thinking to have their own domain, so am i too. I would like to host my website in reliable manner, as i saw some of my friends keep suffering unstable web hosting and the worst is some of their websites are keep loading for ages but nothing be shown to readers. And, some even having problem for leaving comments. Then, what for to host your website to those unstable web hosting server?

Have you ever heard
Host Arcadia? Host Arcadia offers affordable hosting price and is a reliable web hosting among all those web hosting companies. Their hosting plans just as low as $3/month when you opt to pay yearly. Do put their affiliate code in your web hence to bring you extra money. Well, i am going to buy own domain soon...of course must buy from Host Arcadia.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moving to my own domain

Hello, everyone, i am going to move all my personal, family and kids posts to : -

feed :

Do update your feed and the link URL. So, this blogspot will remain to be a money blog. :)

Information Technology in Capella

Thinking to pursue my study again after giving birth to No.2. I love studying since i was young and i believe knowledge is no ending point, i will learn as much as possible provided i am able to manage my time well. Have been thinking to take my degree in Information Technology as i believe nowadays this subject is very famous to everyone. Friend of mine has introduced me the
capella university, it is an accredited online university that offers the challenge to people who keen to pursue their quality study. Enrich yourself with knowledge always is a good point for your life, as we are always shown our respect to knowledgeable people rather than other non-educated people. And, i believe i can be more confident in my workplace after taking the program provided by Capella.

Brush off the Crocs Logo

Washed Jo's Crocs on Sunday, gosh, never thought that the Crocs logo can be brushed off so easily. Look at the picture above, the Crocs logo no longer in full viewing manner. Be frankly, the brushed off even seems ugly. time i have to be more gentle when washing Jo's Crocs. :)

Money keep increasing in Adverlets

If you're remembered this
Earning money from Adverlets, then you might know what i am going to talk now..

I was suprised to see the money is keep increasing, today i saw the total is RM13.05, i am so happy to see the money keep accumulating though i can't cash out the money now (have to wait till RM100). I am just wondering who is so kind to click on the advertisement banner in my blog and bring me the extra money.

Thanks for my silent readers (if you were the one) who clicked religiously for me..Thank You so much!!

An accredited online university

Do you know who is Dr.Carla Thomas? She is a family physician in Anniston, Alabama, who is pursuing a PhD in healthcare administration at capella university, her ambition is to be a U.S surgeon general in future. Now you can view her interview inside online education podcast that released by Capealla. You can submit the RSS feed at I believe people can find the features why people like to choose Capella for pursuing their study. Since Capella is a fastest growing online university and has been running their academic successfully to the students from worldwide since year 1993, so do choose Capella whenever you want to pursue your study. For more information, you can logon to their website. Capella is your best choice if you're thinking to take part time course as well. I believe you can juggle your career and your study very well at the same time.

Milk sample from Anmum

Received this sample milk powder (For Breastfeeding mothers) from Anmum yesterday. It's always good to join Anmum and Mead Johnson's clubs as i have been entitled so many of benefits from them. I didn't send any scoop to Anmum to accumulate my member points, but for the MeadJohnson, i have few thousand of points now as i cut the barcode out from the Enfagrow's box religiously. Thinking to redeem some baby stuffs for my newborn baby, emm..i think have to login to MJ website later in order to check out the lastest suffs available.

Swollen feet..

I am suffering very terrible swollen feet now especially my right foot, my foot feel nothing when i am walking, i feel a bit pain due to the swollen as well. This time is the most terrible one though i have been suffered few times of swollen before. And now, i totally outgrew my Crocs and my watch getting very tight too. I think not because of weight gaining, but maybe is water retention...

Ultra Hal Assistant

Nowadays, chatterbox becomes very popular in our daily life, the advance technology even has made the chatterbox becomes more powerful now. The chatterbox software provided by
Zabaware will give your computer a stunning personality using their artificial intelligence.

If you are boring, you can chat with this chatterbox right over the internet or download a copy. It can chat with you in whatever topic that you like, isn't it amazing to be your companion while you are lonely?

Other than this, the Ultra Hal can read your documents for you hence to make you to spot the mistake easily. Well, next time if you're lazy to read some of the website, just direct this chatterbox to read for you. Haha..that's great to have it. Try to
download a copy and enjoy the fun.

Switch your old DVDs, CDs, Games and Books

Did some stuffs cleaning last weekend, oh dear, all of a sudden i found out the boxes had lot of stuffs inside like DVDs, CDs, computer games and books. Gosh, i have almost forgotten when did i buy these sort of stuffs that fully occupied my stored boxes under my bed. If you ask me to throw them away in order not to gather more dust, to be honest, i am sure i won't as some of them are my favourite collections since my collegue time. Some of the CDs even are limited edition.

Fortunatly i came accross to this, with, i can register myself as a member and update my trading lists and preferences hence to swtich with other members with their old DVDs, CDs, games and books. That a very good idea, as i can switch my items with others for free and getting to have other people collection. I even registered myself so that i can communicate with other members via their forums. Apart from switching my stuffs, i think i even can make friends through their forum.

Well, i have to sort out all of my DVDs, CDs and books as soon as possible, so that i can start my switching with other members.

Happy Dumpling Festival

Today is dumpling festival, Happy Dumpling Festival to everyone who reads this post. We bought a lot of dumplings from Foh Sang on Sunday as my father took back RM80 of dumpling voucher for us, gosh, that's my first time to buy so many of dumplings in my life, we even paid extra RM24 for buying those dumplings. I like to eat dumplings, but now i feel like vomitting when i saw those dumplings on the dining table. Yakkkkss...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers....
My Jo doesn't want to greet his papa even he told me he misses his papa so much...

Blues Festival

I never board on cruise but i know sailing at sea is a wonderful experience to have at least once in a lifetime. I read Ann's blog before, she had wonderful holidays during her cruising to Mexico. Now, i think i should give myself a best treat after 9 months of pregnant. I think my hubby should be no opinions at all when comes to this cruising.

To be honest, i am not really understand what are the funs we can have during our sailing on a cruiseliner, will it be boring since we need to be confined in the cruiseliner for few days? My friend keeps reliefing me that will be lot of funs during the
blues festival organised by Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise. Their events even are the world's fully chartered blues cruise and they are a floating music festival at sea on a cruiseliner. I can totally immerse myself to those musics and dancing, other than that, i can have sun bathing on an upper deck while enjoying the bands playing.

Now they have a big event again, the cruise sails from San Diego to the Mexican Riviera will be on Oct 13 till 20, 2007. That's great as i can bring along my baby to join the blues festival fun as well. I totally believed we are going to have joyous fun soon as joining their event since Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise has been successfully selling out their events annually in the Caribbean for over 5 years. Friends, do you want to join this fun? Let me know as soon as possible, so that i can book the date together.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Public Safety program - Capella University

How luckily we are now, just try to compare your current life with your parents' life then you can find out we are more luckier than them especially comes to education. I believe most of us are highly educated and having a decent job. In Chinese, we have a famous sentence "we can poor in everything but we can't poor in education", yeah, knowledge is wireless, we need to learn everything when we are able to learn. Came across to this
capella university, it is an accredited online university based in Minneapolis and recently has introduced a new Bachelor of Science in Public Safety program. My cousin in Canada is keen to take this program, he has submitted his required information to Capella and he will get those detailed program information within one-two weeks time.


It's always good to have money in Paypal, now, i can use my Paypal money to buy Skype's credit and other scrapbooking elements. So have to work hard in order to accumulate more money in Paypal. * Jia you Jia you*

New Enfagrow coming soon....

Today i read the newspaper and found that the Servay Supermaket is offering the low price in Enfagrow at RM21.29, that's very cheap price and the price is even cheaper than the price in KL. Anyway, i am not keen to buy it as i know MeadJohnson has promoted out a new packaging with additional ingredient added in Enfagrow, fortunately i read Chin Nee's blog, if not, sure i will rush to Servay and keep stock again! Anyhow, i still have 2 packs at home, ok la, at least not like last time as i had 2 dozens at home when the Choline was new added into Enfagrow. So whenever you see any promotion of milk powder, don't simply buy as they might just want to clear the old stocks and start selling the new package.

Reduce my weight

I am very concerned how to reduce my weight after giving birth of my second baby. Exercise..please, don't ask me to do exercise as i really can't find an extra time to pamper myself in yoga practicing. Diet also no no for me as i am the food lover. Fortunately came across to this ionamin from one of my friend. She has successfully reduced 5kg after taking the Ionamin. It is a diet pill used as an appetite suppressant, simply take one capsule before breakfast and another capsule at mid-afternoon. See, reducing weight is just so easy now, with this Ionamin, starving no longer is a ideal plan for reducing weight.

The reply from ReviewMe

Received this from ReviewMe :
Even though you accepted the review, it will cancel automatically if you do not submit any review and let the due date run through. Only completed reviews count in the 10 per month.

Glad to hear it as it means i still have 3 chances to aim for the high payout. My income is getting lesser after coming back to Sabah, no internet access at home really restricted me to earn more. :<

Friday, June 15, 2007

39 months old

Time really flies, today Jo is 39 months old.
  • He has recovered from his runny nose, but still cough a bit, and this morning he threw on the bed after finished his 8oz of milk.
  • He is OK with the school life now, no more crying and no more giving funny excuses that he doesn't want to go to school.
  • He has no sign of weaning off his milk after we back to Sabah. Maybe the Enfagrow selling here tastes better than the Enfagrow selling in Hong Kong. He drinks 3 times a day with 8oz per time.
  • He is very talkative, talks like adult with vague pronunciations sometimes.
  • Likes to speak Hakka and Cantonese sometimes. But still with limited sentence.
  • Doesn't seem like missing his papa.
  • He would cry immediately if i talk more louder than my usual tone. He prefers me with sweet tone. So my voice can be the invisible cane for him. He would do anything if he heard my loud voice.
  • Less clinging to me now, prefer to stay at my parents' house whenever i go out.
  • Likes to drink coconut water.
  • Likes to eat cake and "ham jin beng".
  • Likes to eat claypot noodle, he can finish the whole by himself without sharing with other.
  • Drinks water from cup now, no longer prefer his bottle.
  • He likes to bite his bottle teat lately and leave a big hole there.

What else...?? Do wait for the 40 months old update next month!

Health Insurance Quotes

I believe people are easily to get sick due to the stress life and polluted environment nowadays. To be honest, people are too depriving of exercise and even a good meal. Most of the time, we just stuff our stomach with outside food that is really not so healthy for us. We fall sick easily, and some more, the medical bill nowadays is not as cheap as we thought as well.

Have you really counted how much you have been spent in your medical bill over the pass year? Personally, i have spent more than thousand for myself as last year i took an operation to remove my tonsils. That's bad to dig a hole to my wallet as that time i don't buy any health insurance than could give me any insurance protection.

After being persuaded by my friend, i finally signed up a health insurance for myself. Since my age is catching up as well, so i really can't find a reason for not signing up. Before it, i have read through
Health Insurance Quotes provided by, it really brings more significant understanding for me to compare insurance rates in order to save my money on my insurance policy. If anyone is keen, you can completing their online form, so that you can compare all the insurance rates prior you consult with your insurance agents. provides free health insurance quotes to consumers nationwide. Do compare your insurance rates via them that absolutely can save your time and money spending.

*This post brought to you by 2Insure4less.*

Puppy Classifieds

Recently my Chihuahua just gave birth for 5 little Chihuahua. They are so cute but my house just can't fit for so many dogs again. I have been thinking to sell of my Chihuahua, and have been thinking to advertise in local newspaper.

Friend of mine has introduced me a great website that i can sell my Chihuahua over there. In this site, it has very systematic
Puppy Classifieds that allows puppy sellers to list their dog for only 6 bucks, and sellers can upload as plenty of photos as they wanted. With this listing, it is actually brought advantages for puppy lovers to search for the one they are most desired one.

I know there are many sites providing this kind of puppy classifying, but look for a manageable and systematic classifieds always seems difficult. So i believe i can absolutely sell out all my Chihuahua through this good puppy classifieds site worked by Other than selling my Chihuahua there, i can search for another cute puppy and simply contact the puppy owner to discuss the puppy selling. I am looking for a Shih Tzu for my best friend, Alice.

Capella - Online University

You want to have a good career, but your education background has been restricted you to move further, you feel green with envy to those who could climb more higher level than you... Do you have this sort of feelings? Don't panic, as now you can take an online studying that provided by
capella university. Capella University is an accredited online university that offers graduate and bachelor's degree programs in widely range of subject such as business, information technology, education, human service and more. Student who graduated from Capella University always has bright future and found a good career. Do think of this online university that can save your time and program fees, and at the same time providing you a better future.