Saturday, September 30, 2006

Talking crap

hub : Imagine you're visitor from M'sia, do you have the interest to any place in Shen Zhen?
me : No, i would prefer to HK.
hub : Why HK again.
me : Because i've promised Jo to bring him to Ocean park and he wants to feed the dolphin too.
hub : It's very congested.
hub : We can take bus or train to Hokkien (福建).

me : Not suitable for carrying Jo along, can you make sure he sits still within the 20+ hours?
hub : Oh, ya, not suitable.
hub : But no point to go those famous places that crowded like sardine.
hub : We can go Australia.
me : Too far from here to there, if i choose Australia, i prefer taking flight from Sabah.
me : How about we go to Seoul, we can look for your ex-colleagues since i miss them too.
hub : You been there before, please choose somewhere new.
me : Japan..

hub : What for? You want to make baby there? But, now not a nice season, we better go during winter.
me : What baby? Now not an ovulation period! Then, how about Shanghai?
hub : Oh, you must tell me earlier as i can ask Ah.Lau to arrange accommodation for us.
me : You can call him now.
hub : (think a while)...but my holiday just till Wednesday, it's too hurry to go to Shanghai!
me : (started to feel irritating) We don't go anywhere, we use the money to buy one digital camera.
hub : But, i prefer video camera.
me : (Sigh).. We just stay at home la...

That's the conversation between hubby and me just now, we're discussing how to spend our long National holiday here but the end is still nothing out! See, we're like talking for fun only!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bye bye Mamypoko

He didn't wet his diaper at night since August, however i still let him to wear it as i really don't hope our bed getting drenched in his urine accidentally. Finally i decided to stop him on 23 September 06, so far it runs perfectly and he'd remember to call me up if he has urged to pee at midnight. But, normally he pees only in morning. So, he is wean off the diaper successfully now. Clap hands to my little Jo!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sick again

I'm not joking here, Jo falls sick again!! Ever since he started to school, he sick twice already. What a terrible experience for a little one, and this time is more serious than the previous one. He down to fever on last Friday, and the flu and cough attacked him simultaneously as well. But the most serious one is he has ulcer in his lip, tongue and even throat, so he just keeps drooling despite himself. I know he feels hungry, but he can't swallow anything include soft rice, porridge and even water. This situation keeps 3 days already, i wondering is it fine for a little boy doesn't take any solid and water? He keeps asking his milk, so i dilute his milk with 8oz of water but only with 3 scoops of powder.

The Saturday night was a toughest night for us, he cried and screamed at every 20mins/30mins intervals, i kept asking him where he feel painful but he was like never heard what i was trying to say to him, he just screamed with his eyes shut. Both of my hubby and me were worried when seeing his agony cry and scream.

At Sunday morning, we headed to HK for a consultation. Luckily we found a private clinic in Shatin, the doctor said it's a viral infection and no antibiotik is required. My hubby took the Twinrix Hep A + B combination jab at there as well, the total bill charged us HKD975 (jab 700, Jo's medication 225, consultation 50), wow, so expensive. If in Malaysia, the Twinrix jab is RM150, but it's double in HK.

He is super cranky now, he didn't speak a word the whole day but just keep crying and screaming there. I feel so terrible, i would like to help him, but i totally run out of idea. How to cure the ulcer? Today is the third day he doesn't take any solid, even plain water also difficult to feed him. He only willing to take his milk, Yakult and his "sweet" medicines prescribed by the HK doctor, others just no-no!

Is it he is too young to school? Sigh, i think i should stop sending him to school from now onwards.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Did the newspaper in Malaysia publish the problem of using SK II? Since the SK II counters here are currently accepting the products return, so i wondering whether i should bring mine back to counter for reimbursement? BTW, i bought from Malaysia. If no problem in Malaysia, then i will be continue using it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Excessively ?

These are the daily supplements to Jo.

Scott's Emulsion - 5ml per day
GNC Chewable C - 1 tablet per day
21st Century Calcium tablet - 1 tablet per day
Yakult - 1 bottle per day
Horizon Baby Yogurt - Depends, minimum twice a week
Nutrifresh - Half pack per day

Does excessive supplements will stop the body to produce its own immune system? But all the supplements seem like MUST to Jo as he doesn't like veges and fruits, so that he is quite easily to catch flu and cough.

I'm a weak woman so i really don't want my son like me, as my mind is "the more he takes, the harder he falls". But, my hubby said it's excessively for a little boy, is it? What to do?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Day

He cries like usual as he doesn't want to go to school, i forced to tell him a white lie that i have to go to work now otherwise mommy will get scolded if mommy late to office and if mommy doesn't work then mommy not able to buy you toys and etc..He was eventually prevailed upon to accept what i said.

Then suddenly he threw his shoes inside the dustbin, i felt so weird and i asked him,
"为什么你丢你的鞋子去垃圾桶?" (Why you throw your shoes inside the dustbin)

I definitely couldn't hold my laughed when i heard his replied,
"shoes 不乖,Jojo 丢 shoes". (Shoes not behaved good, that's why Jojo throw it away)

Oh, GOSH, i always used to say this to him "如果你不乖,mommy就丢你进垃圾桶!"
(mommy will throw you inside the dustbin if you are not behave yourself well)

See, what he catches the daily sentences are all uttered out from my mouth, so i think i have be cautious a bit when i speak to him next time.

After a while he told me he is happy and shown his happy grimace to me, ok, mommy feel happy too if you're happy!

(Can you see his pistol that underneath his shirt? He purposely embeded there! It's a light blue color.)

Today is a Kung Fu (武术)day in Jo's school, all the students have to line up in the field and do their Kung Fu exercise. I was standing beside the fence and staring at Jo, what a boring exercise for him as maybe due to his age so he doesn't pay much attention to learn the step by step kicking. Whereas, he just kept flashing his pistol (he brings his toy pistol to school as he feels more safety with his pistol) to his class teacher. Maybe i was standing there, so his class teacher was willing to entertain him, i can't imagine what does the teacher will do for him if i was not standing there. What a mother spy beside the fence!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Summer clearance

These are what i bought from HK yesterday, it's absolutely cheap as the shops are doing their Summer clearance now. That's why i always love HK. I took 4 yrs old size, wondering when Jo can really fit them.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Stranger in my house

Suddenly i heard the kitchen's door opening sound while i was busying to prepare my lunch in the kitchen, i was initially thought that my little Jo wanted to disturb me again. BUT, i heard a lady's voice from my back before i managed to turn my head backwards . I was so shocked and my heart pounding wildly when i saw a lady standing behind me.

She is from gas company and came to record the gas meter. I know i can't blame her why she came into my house without my knowledge as Jo was the one who opened the door for her. But how could i manage to stand calm when suddenly i saw there is a stranger in my house? What if she is not from gas company? What if there is a guy try to disguise a staff but actually is a thief?

After a while, I asked Jo,
"为什么你开门给陌生人进来?"(why you simply open the door for stranger?)
"姐姐不是坏人." (Jie-jie not a bad girl)
"你又知姐姐不是坏人?" (How do you know jie-jie not a bad girl?)
"姐姐是来打蟑螂." (Jie-jie come here to kill the cockroach)

Oh, few weeks before there was a lady came to my house and did some spraying for killing the cockroaches, that time i told Jo "this jie-jie helps us to kill the cockroach, so next time no cockroach in our house". That's why he opened the door for the lady as he thought this time also the same.

We don't have the external gate, and Jo is very smart to open the front door even the door has 3 locks on it. It's very dangerous without the gate, there was once Jo opened the door and ran out to the lift without my knowledge. How to keep eyes on him when i need to cook in kitchen, i can't hear anything when the exhaust-fan is on, unless the cement walls all turn into glass. :)

We actually talked to our landlord before, but he insisted not to install the grill. OK, this time sure no excuses.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Come on, my friends, try this Pixart.
Finally i finished uploading those pictures to Pixart, it only charged RM49 (after 20% discount) for 24 pages. Thanks
Sarah for the recommendation.

I wonder when can i receive my photo book, but actually the date is not so important to me as i put my mother's place as my mailing address. It means i only able to see the photo book when i'm back to Sabah.

I almost crazy

This morning..
"You want bread?"
"Want", but he threw the bread onto the floor after he tasted it.
Fine, he is sick of course he is moody.

I asked him again,"You want noodle?"
OK, i cooked noodle as breakfast for him, but he refused to eat again after taking few spoons.Nevermind, as he coughed while he swallowing the noodle.

During lunch time..
I steamed white pomfret for him, i tasted it and it was very delicious, so he should like it. But, he ate 2 spoons only. OK, nevermind, i made 8oz of milk for him.

At night..
"You want sausage"
So, i steamed 4 short sausages for him, he ate the first half and told me he doesn't like the taste.

I cooked noodle for myself and rice for him.He saw my noodle and insisted he wanted noodle as well. OK, rice just put aside and i cooked noodle for him again after i finished my noodle.

While i was cooking his noodle..
I heard "bang...."
I quickly ran out to living room, and i saw this :

Almost pengsan...
I just poured 2 refill packs of Enfagrow into the Tupperware, but now 2/3 was on the floor.
I smacked him as i couldn't control anymore.
He cried and said he doesn't like me.
He definitely driving me to nuts, help me!
He misses his papa (papa outstation till this Saturday), but it doesn't mean that he can bully his mommy.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Goodbye Summer

That's the last summer shopping items that i bought for Jo, those pieces are totally from different brands, but i noticed every single shirt and pants does print the coconut tree on it. Why? Any relevancy between summer and coconut tree?

I didn't aware the weather has been changed recently, i was initially thought that the breezy and temperature drops are due to raining, i only managed to know it after reading the news this morning, YEAH, the autumn is at the threshold unconsciously, no wonder Jo is still having runny nose and cough.

I received a call from Jo's class teacher just now (around 8:10pm), she is very kind to show her concern and told me about 4 kids were absenced today due to sickness. Emm...was Jo got infected from school? Maybe too...

Jo was fine on the first 4 days (28/8 - 31/8) to school. The fifth day was the actual day of school term begins, both hubby and i were sending Jo to school, but Jo cried out and yelled for me unexpectedly when i leaving his classroom. For the rest days, i found out he has intermittent schooling problem as he used to cry on and off. He started to cry while he saw me put some spare shirts and pants into his school bag, he even begged me for not sending him to school. But he would back to normal and mingle with his peers once i leave.

I asked him why he doesn't like to school, his answers almost melted my heart "Jojo miss mommy when Jojo can't see mommy, Jojo want to sleep with mommy, Jojo want to eat what mommy cook." Oh, my dear, i almost dragged him out from class when i got his replied, i really no heart to see him crying loud there, so sorry my dear...

Friday, September 08, 2006

Upset but thankful

Today Jo is at home with me as he is not feeling well. I feel so upset as tomorrow i have to bring him down to HK for injection, how to have the jab if fever? Jo's blood test result shown that he doesn't have any antibody of Hepatitis B even he had finished his 3 jabs and the result shown him has mild anaemia that i highly suspected he has Thalassaemia which inherited from my hubby. Ok, still early to say this, let's have another test first.

I'm thankful that his school requested the body checkup and blood test reports, if not, sure we won't know Jo is vulnerabled to Hepatitis B. BTW, i wonder why it doesn't trigger any antibody even the jabs were done. I'm lucky that i know, but how about other parents? Perhaps they might think their kids are under protected, but who knows the truth without carrying the blood test?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Not happy

What are you going to do if you're not happy?
I would like to take a nap if i'm not happy!