Friday, November 30, 2007

Sport Picks

Majority of men love sport, they talk about sport all the time despite they are eating, working, drinking, walking or driving. In short, sport has been playing an important role in their daily life. And i bet majority of the ladies would complain their spouses were too addicted to sports event and competitions from time to time. That's why it is not strange that the percentage of divorce has always been shooting high when comes to certain sport competition especially during World Cup period.

If you are one of the sport enthusiast, then is definitely a right place for you to post, share, buy and sell sports picks for NFL,NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, and NCAAF. It is a legit site to let their members earn their revenue by setting price for the pick. Besides, members of can use their powerful handicapping tools on the 6 major sports and can interact and share sports information at the community.

Thinking how to win big money or monthly prize? You do can get the expert advice from them and all picks are guaranteed to win as what they calculate the percentages of their handicappers to give their members more of an edge. Are you keen to join their free membership today? Do check it out.

Another Christmas Spending

For me, Christmas has always been an important celebration than Chinese New Year, this year no exception as i will order several Christmas gift baskets for my parents, sister, brother as well as my in-laws. You thought i will go out order the gift baskets for them? No, i definitely not able to go out recently with the little baby in tow. Don't you know that i can have all the gift baskets packed and wrapped in nice looking and safety deliver to their doorstep? How amazed of it as the advent of technology. If you want to order gift basket, you can search for your ideal basket through GourmetGiftBaskets dot com, there have various type of gift baskets for different occasions and have various of gift selections too. What i like this site most is, i can shop for the gift basket by price. Actually, the price of each gift basket is reasonable stated. I better hurry now since the Christmas is just around the corner.

IT Outsourcing

Do you know what is the ideal way to publicize your business? Other than local advertisement, maybe you can think of setting up a website, the more traffic the more famous of your website, the more famous of your website then the most successful of your business. Of course, you don't need to set up an IT department if you just own a small business or just a mid-size business. It really wasting your resources especially your money if you purposely set up an IT department for running all the technology related things for you.

Actually, you can concentrate on your business solely if you get helped from IT consulting company. Outsourcing IT help can save your cost as you don't have to hire in-house IT staff to do the IT management for you, they even can solve your technology doubts and perform the services that highly meet your needs, and the most importantly is, they can drive your business to be more profitable, productive as well as competitive.

There are a lot of IT outsourcing companies out there, finding one has always been daunting for businessman especially those completely don't have IT knowledge, this sort of people always easily influenced by those so-called IT experts and easily get trapped into signing their services. So, it is wise for you to look for the reliable one that can help you in long run, that's why Boston IT Consulting has been in their pride to provide IT consulting and network support services to people who want to succeed their business.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas mood is here

I just love Christmas, for me, Christmas is always a big celebration than Chinese New Year. Now, it's an ideal time to shop for Christmas..

As a chic and trendy person, the most embarrassing moment is wearing the same clothes with others, especially stranger. That's why when i shop for fashionable clothes, i would prefer to shop online rather than shopping to mall. Of course, i do like to go to the mall once in a blue moon so that i can splurge my new bought clothes to public. :)

Last year during this time, i didn't bought any winter clothes, but this year, i have been buying the winter clothes crazily. Please, don't ask me why, i just want to spend, especially want to spend my hubby's money.
See this Collar Plaid Coat, kawaii or not? Last time i used to buy a lot of black and gray color clothes, but now, i think i just need more bright colors to expose my natural beauty. Like what hubby said, i am still young, so better not opt for black and gray, these 2 colors would only make me look more older. Quite correct indeed..

And, how about this Zigzag Rainbow Stripe Sweater?
I am tall, so i guess i will best match it. :)Actually, there are quite a lot of Korean and Japanese Dodostyle fashion at YesStyle dot com. You can check the site out if you want to look adorable and cuteness as those Korean and Japanese pretty dolls. Other than dodostyle clothing, you also can find jewelry, shoes, bags, accessories, innerwear and gift at their site.

My cousin looking for an used car

My cousin is looking for a Honda used car, he doesn't want to buy the new car as he is not going to stay permanently in Victoria, perhaps the Used Cars Victoria is the right place for him to look for his ideal used car. Before he confirms his purchase, he even can shop for his used car via online instead of visiting to the used car dealers one by one. That's really save his time as well as saving his gas money. Some more, he can get special internet pricing if he buys the car via online. And, QualityVictoria would provide finance on each purchase despite what is your credit background. Hope my cousin can finally find his car there.

My boy loves to spoil pen

My boy still can't grasp the pen properly, what a shame that as he is almost 4 years old. Is it most of the boys are like this since boys tend to more active than girls, and that's why they just don't have long span attention in learning? I remember clearly that i could hold pen properly since i was 2, maybe my boy just doesn't has my genes. LOL

Recently, he has developed a very bad habit as he likes to spoil pen, you know, he have been spoilt quite a lot of advertising pens that brought back by my hubby. Gosh, doesn't know how to grasp pen is already been a big issue, now some more likes to spoil the pen. What a boy i have?!

Highest quality of digital printing

If you need high quality of custom labels or stickers, do look for the FrontierLabel. FrontierLabel can provide the best digital printing for your labels and stickers, their tenets for customers are:
- faster, you can make your order today and have it tomorrow.
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- better customer service, you can have live chat with their customer support and you can call them as well.
- huge choices, you can opt your choices out from 568 sizes in their stock.

They understand most of the customers like to have free sample before their actual order, that's why they are unlike other competitors as they can provide free sample pack for their valuable customers in order to let them to test the quality and the adhesion of the stickers. You can just order through online once you get your satisfaction, and there is no hidden cost at all, so that you can always build a total confidence by ordering your Stickers from FrontierLabel.

Printing quality plays an important role as well, they are understood this well, so the printing machines chosen by them are the most famous and highest printing quality HP Indigo printers and AB Graphics machinery, so from printing till laminating, die cutting and slitting, they are putting effort to ensure to meet the customer's satisfaction, and what customers just need to pay in economical costs then they can have vibrant full color high quality labels and stickers. Apart from that, customers can combine multiple stickers or labels (as long as they are the same size) on one order.

Regardless is your company need this printing service or you are the one who need it, do hop to Frontier Label and discover how powerful of digital printing can advantage you.

We need a new TV

Yeah, our Xbox is finally back in action, but the Xbox actually not in very good condition after sent it to repair. Hubby was quite angry with that technician, but what to do, this in fact is as what we had predicted, so, it's not weird to see the dirty marks and scratches on the casing box. Since the Xbox is finally fixed, hubby is thinking to buy samsung 56 inch LCD too, so that he can has clear pictures displayed while playing his Xbox games. Be frankly, 56 inch is too big for our small apartment, as for me, i would prefer to take the 46 inch, like the one show in Krillion dot com. Actually there are huge selections of televisions at Krillion, hubby really can hop to the website and search for the ideal TV for our house. Some more, the Krillion Localization Engine can help people to sort out the aiming product and tell where to buy it. I really prefer to get all the information ready from online before heading to the shop.

All about "wan sek"

I bet you just can't see it clear, it stated "There are currently no available opportunities.". I always kena this after my page-P-R dropped, really "wan-sek-kan-nan".

And, i received this too:
What the siao system there, like i was purposely deleted my posts, but i have checked them, the posts still there, then is not my fault but is their system fault. Do you know how i miss those days i worked for this company, sigh, after getting big fat zero for my page-P-R, my day just like "yak-jiu" more than writing post. *another crap post*

Though this is a crap post again, i believe my loyalty reader LB still will leave comment here...haha...thanks to LB first. Sooner or later i have to treat your a yummy lor-mai-kai liao..

Fruitful and cold night

Tonight this tigaaaPeeesss quite a bit late to pour the offers out, normally i start to fish about 10+ pm, but i went to bed quite earlier as i was extremely tired. I was about to forgo the chance to take offer from tigaaaPeeesss, but luckily i managed to take few just now after fed my baby. They only pouring the offers about 1+ am. Very luckily i didn't do my empty fishing yesterday night, some more i grabbed another lima belas offer from RM. Wuahahahaha....What a fruitful night!! *another crap post*

My maid

My maid is came from northern part, that's why what she cooks is pretty different than those southern people. So far what she cooked still edible, but yesterday when i asked her to boil "sai-yong-coi soup", she ended up boiling "sai-yong-coi leong cha", she dumped more than 10 biji of sweet-dates to boil the soup, gosh, normally, it just needs 3 or 4 biji, maybe she didn't know how to boil this soup since northern people seldom drink soup. And, she never cut the vege, she would just fry the vege like what its as, so everytime i have to eat the vege by opening my mouth in big big "o" shape. Luckily i cin-cai la, if my MIL is in here, sure she will lecture her.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SOoooo Lazyyyy

Don't feel like doing my bayar posts, just so lazy. Really prefer to blog hop and read people story. Read a lot of updates from my feed reader, some mommies really keng, could write a lot within an hour, really salute their mind. I am so slacking, maybe due to month end so have excuse to slow down, only be hardworking again at the beginning of month. I have lower my target earning ever since back to China, no point to work so hard as there is no money burden in China. The life in China is totally different than the life in Malaysia. In Malaysia, i need a lot of money to sustain my parents' family, here, no, i just don't know where i can spend my money. Though i don't have smooth relationship with my hubby, as for the money, he is generous to give me money and i could see there is always money inside my drawer. So what i have been earned from my bayar posts can be totally saved in bank. What i plan to do now is, go YOGA! Yeah, i just want my health back!!

What a tenant i have

This tenant is really terrible, owe me 2 months of rental, finally i received the rental just now, but he only paid 1 month instead of 2 month. Actually i am very kind to him, i never call him and chase him as i totally give him 100% of freedom to pay the rental. Be frankly, i even don't have his phone number as last time i just passed everything to real estate agent. Then i have a good friend would as a landlord to him. Hubby has always been wanting to rise the rental as RM850 is so little in that good location, but, what if he doesn't want to rent after we increase the rental, much to my annoyance, i just hate to call up the agent again and do the follow up.

Addiction to drug

I have popped a lot of medicine lately, especially the Zyrtec. I know that's not good to take that much of medicine and some more i am still breastfeeding my baby. But, what to do? I have terribly itchy over my body, and the itchiness just make me couldn't have peaceful sleep at night. If i don't take the Zyrtec, then i will look like zombie the next morning due to deprive of sleep. Even my hubby has made noise about i am overly taking the Zyrtec. Aside from Zyrtec, i take pain killer as well, as i just can't stand my arthritis pain.

I need more physical and mentally help, first, i want to cure my body allergy, so that i can keep away from medicine. I definitely need a healthy body to make myself sane and take care of my family especially my kids. That's explain why i said i need a help. Friend of mine very kind to me, and i knew that she really put her effort to look for this suboxone detox for me. Suboxone detox is a combination of two drugs that used for treating opiate addiction, in short, it is used to break the dependency upon opiates and narcotic drug use.

I am quite keen to join their treatment, but what a waste i am not staying there, anyway, i will try to look for similar treatment here. Just wish me good luck. :)

No good health for insurance?

Life insurance is important for us as well as our family. If you want to protect your life with certain period, then you can consider to take term life insurance. There are a lot of insurance companies offering term life insurance no medical exam, this kind of insurance is normally sounded as music to people who don't have good health record. Some more, it is quite easy to apply no medical life insurance, what to do is just answering some simple questions then everything can be done in flash. So, if you are currently looking for no medical term life Insurance, you can shop online too, that's convenience for you to compare different rates online as well as easier for you to get your term life insurance quotes.

Prestigious Drug Rehab - Sunset Malibu

There are a lot of drug treatment centers around us, but looking a good one always daunting. If you are currently looking for drug treatment center, you definitely can consider to pay a visit to Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu. It is a fully equipped residential alcohol and drug rehab center that you can trust on. And, the specializing in helping people who are addicted to alcohol, drug, pain killers, eating disorder and a lot more of detox treatments. Check this out if you need proper help from them.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Eyeing a new share

Hubby is very interested in the recent stock market, aside from the hot share "Alibaba", he now eyeing on "Cathay Pac Air". Actually i am quite opposed to invest money in aggressive stock market although their returns have always been attracting to me. If i were him, i would prefer to invest my money in mutual fund and bond instead of share, at least these 2 are lesser risks than share.

Share threats people indeed, a lot of people faced Bankruptcy due to overly buying shares, and the worst is some bankruptcy cases would lead to broken family too. Although you can generate high profits from stock market, it's always another way round if you don't know how to control youself in buying shares. I have an uncle who is declared a bankrupt was due to crazily addict to shares last time. And, that's explain, why the toll of bankruptcies is rising everyday.

Bankruptcy is not a fun practise, so try to avoid yourself fall into this trap, do look for Debt Advice when you found yourself have financial difficulties as it has never been too late to seek help from financial expert.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday night

Saturday should be a happy day, but i just couldn't find my happy. Aside from fever, headache, cough and runny nose, the man preferred to add more salt to my wound. :(

We went out to park at late evening, a short walk before we headed to our dinner. When Jo was happily playing there, the man said "big eyes, messy hair, what's the look here", fine, just try not to bother what he said since i didn't want to spoil my mood. Then came to dinner, he gave me another irritating look when i asking him what he preferred to eat, he looked extremely impatient and said "this you can't eat, that you can't eat, i don't know what you want to eat, you just order la..", well, i know my allergy really brings me a lot of inconvenience, but what to do. When comes to night, i was the one who suffered. So, i just ordered some simple dishes and the whole dinner we didn't talk much. No quarrel, just have the feeling like "i am quite a tow-sui-ga, make him no face", you know, when last time i was about the same time going down with him, he would keep a distance from me and trying not to let his colleagues saw me, or, he would go down earlier or later, in short, he just trying not to go down with me at the same time. So, after few incidents, i just trying not to go out with him at the same time, if he felt like i would "tow-sui" him, then no matter what i do also would like "tow-sui" him.

At night, we had quarrel, as he wanted to go out at midnight, ya, it's almost midnight, i asked him don't go out but he said i was very inconsiderate, he said man should go out more often in order to benefit his work, gosh, going to pub, disco, karaoke and pool can benefit his work?? Why don't he simplify the word and tell me he prefers outside lady more than me?? Then i cried...cried until i felt like there was one hitting my head, just felt my head was very very pain, and i didn't know what time i stop crying and dozed off...That's a Saturday night, cried, sick, and nobody wanted to care with me.

And, today is his birthday, no celebration, no cake and we even not talking. If he talks to me, i think i will forgive him, but he just doesn't care my feeling as he is enjoying his movie now. A wife for him only he would want me when he needs me, when he doesn't need me, i am as cheap as rubbish.

Debts has ruined him

What a waste for a father couldn't board the plane to Australia and be a witness on the memorable moment about his daughter getting her graduation certificate. Both father and daughter were sad, daughter hoped her father could attend her graduation ceremony but her father just couldn't get his passport due to the debts of income tax. That's actually quite common in our society, and i have been seeing there are quite a lot of people escape their responsibility to pay the tax. That's really not a good practice.

Actually i was talking about my uncle, he was actually had quite a wealthy family based before he was accused by bankruptcy, but he just didn't know how to make use of his money as he was addicted to gambling. In one Chinese famous phrase, you would loss 9 times out of 10 times of gambling, that's why this uncle had gradually lost his money on poker table. Gambling was not the only one, as he had a lot of outstanding credit cards payment too. Undoubtedly, bankruptcy was the last resort. Fortunately, her daughter still able to study aboard in Australia as she got the scholarship from one private company.

Perhaps, the bankruptcy won't be happened if he knew how to get Debt Advice and Debt Help from expert. But, he has chosen his own way, what to do? So, please don't gamble, as it will ruin your family as well as taken all of your money.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

We need IT

I am quite concerned my own health recently, what to do, as a mother, i should stay fit and keep healthy in order to provide the best for my kids. Nobody can predict what will happen tomorrow, so we must appreciate what we have now. Health care insurance is important, no matter what is your age as it is a must for people from young till old. Actually we have a lot of financial burdens, having more insurance policies will burden us more, but we just can't leave this important insurance out of our life, so we have to think how to Save Money on Healthcare Insurance. That's not difficult to be achieved, and it all depend upon our individual situation, of course, we are not an expert in this field to analysis how we can save our insurance premium, that's why we have to look for expert to sort this out for us.

Perhaps, we can think of Family Insurance Policies instead of buying insurance for each person, with this, i believe we can save more insurance premium. Plus, this can save money on a tax free basis with the medical savings account, and any money that do not spend on medical expenses can then be applied toward retirement. Must jot this down and discuss this plan with my hubby later

Due to the advance of internet, we can obtain the Medical Insurance Quotes for Healthcare Coverage easily from internet without visiting each insurance companies. Therefore, obtaining an online quote can just be simple done in our convenient.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Let's MOVE

You never know how horrible when comes to moving home. Just don't think the strength you have to sacrifice, as moving home could be very time consuming as well as it is the most exhausted job to be done. In year 2006, gosh, that's a terrible year for us as we had moved 5 times of house, and there was one time that we had to spend few thousands to ship our furnitures and car back to KK. Fortunately, i didn't have to follow up all the necessary procedures because i knew how to pass this burden to good removal company.

Actually, there are a lot of removal companies in town, but do you know which company can give you the most professional and good
removal services? Perhaps, you might not know any or perhaps what you ever had the service was actually word of mouth from others, regardless how much you know about removal company, looking for a good one would be bringing huge advantages for you, therefore, you can consider to drop by to MoveMe for more information and checking their list of affiliated removal companies.

Through MoveMe, you could get the
removal quote from each removal company too, that's simplify the price comparison and hence to make you choose the right removal company that within your budget.

More business chances for you

Want to untapped more business chances? In fact, this is possible if you know how to choose a right business lead company. So, you can always trust the services provided by Martin Worldwide, one of the leaders in the direct marketing industry who has built a reputation by offering innovative business lists that result driven to your business. With their powerful database which performs well in tracking, compiling, and optimizing data merged, that's why they can easily let their clients to achieve more business opportunities. Plus, Martin Worldwide is one of the largest and most successful mailing list providers in the nation, other than business list, they offer customized mailing lists, telemarketing lists as well as fax lists to small businesses and other major businesses. In a nutshell, boost up your business chances make easier with Martin Worldwide.

eBay Research Data

My friend sells a lot of things in eBay, she simply loves eBay and gets her good revenue from eBay. Be frankly, eBay is not a strange word for me as i almost heard of this word everyday, but so sorry, i really don't know how people could successfully sell their products to public and gain their income through eBay. Is it any special trick in order to stand firm in this rat-race environment?

There are thousands of sellers in eBay trying to sell off their items, some even selling off the same item, so how to make your product successfully bade and paid is really a profound knowledge to be learnt from. In order to research your items before you sell on eBay, perhaps you can get free eBay research data that might help you to find the best time to list your "eBay Buy It Now" and bid auctions. As for the listing price, most of the eBay sellers just ran out of good idea to price their items, that's why they need more help from Terapeak, which the Terapeak helps eBay sellers know what buyers are willing to pay for items on eBay.

In order to maximize the sell-through rate, Terapeak also helps in choosing the best keywords for your items, this could make the search engine easily locate to your items for intended buyers. Thus, if you want success in your eBay business, do think of this quick, easy and invaluable eBay Research tool that presents an amazing wealth of information in such an easy to understand layout.

Do check the site out for more information.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Proper Dental Care

Visiting to dentist is the phobia for most of the people, don't just blame your child for not following you to dentist, as i know, even adult has probia for visiting dentist. I was lucky enough as i never pay a visit to dentist due to i have a set of pretty nice looking teeth, and i even had won a teeth certificate when i was about 8. The teeth certificate is used to justify i have strong and healthy teeth, unbelievable? :)

My hubby is just opposite than me, as his teeth are very fragile and this driven him to have more visit to dentist. Tell you secretly here, hubby just hates to visit dentist as he was like a little kid who would develop fear whenever he heard the word "dentist", so don't say further about the machine sounds and the scaring injection to the gum. Genetic affects teeth growing too, that's why i really hope my boys will alike me instead of alike my hubby. You know, bringing kids to dentist could be a huge disaster, that's why i have been starting some simple rules to my elder boy, these rules just trying to help him to keep away of being sweet tooth.

Oral care should be implemented since young, in order to teach your kids how to brush their teeth, you should bring them to dentist at least once a year. A good oral care can benefit them and make them be more confident to show their smile to others. TMJ dentist in NYC is the ideal dentist that you can choose to visit, as they can provide comprehensive approach with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic services that assess the entire system of teeth, jaw, joints and muscles to assure they are working in harmony.

Do check this out if you are currently looking for special dental treatment.

Smile Makeover

A good smile can definitely leave a good impression for others, for example, a candidate with a good smile could even help himself/herself to get the job easily as his/her smile could simply grab the interviewer's heart. However, before you have a good smile, you must have a nice looking teeth, i bet there is just nobody likes to see a person with broken or ugly set of teeth, isn't it?

Having nice looking teeth not only benefit your socail relationship, it helps to increase your personal confident as well. Like what my hubby used to say, a person with a set of nice looking teeth is a person with high and strong confident. However, due to the genetic problem and the food we takem, in fact these two factors are deeply affected us to have set of nice looking teeth. Therefore, if you want to have an impressed looking teeth, you do can consider to visit to San Diego Cosmetic Dentist. They are the dentists who could provide state-of-the-art-technology to the patient who needs special dental treatment and care, which including teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, smile makeovers, crowns and bridge, endodontics, implants and a lot more of special dental practices.

Want to show your sweet smile again? Why not? Do check the site out for more information.

Going to Australia

Thinking to traveling to Australia? Why not since Australia is a place that full of adventurous activities as well as it is a shopping heaven, if you like to shop and like to explore more about Australia, then you should go to Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Adelaide and Perth as these 4 places will bring you more memorable experiences.

Gold Coast, yeah, you can do a lot of things in Gold Coast, just make sure you have enough time to explore their adventures like bungy jump, parasail, abseil, sky dive and more. If you don't like to have adventures experiences, then maybe you can pampering yourself in spa or do shopping in their famous shopping centers. Shopping in Gold Coast has always been a new era for trendy people like you and you will be seduced by the huge range of their shopping choices and styles. Beaches, another famous hangout for travelers too. Either Beaches in Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise, you definitely can enjoy the breeze and walk through the offshore with your loved one. As for the must-visit theme parks in the Southern Hemisphere like Dreamworld, WhiteWater World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet’n’Wild Water World are suitable for travellers of all ages. Therefore, you have to make sure you know where to book your hotels in gold coast and hotels in surfers paradise if you wish to visit these two wonderful places.

Adelaide, another must visit place for travelers, you can take your memorable photos in front of their historical churches and visiting to their local wineries and Murray river. Sightseeing to Murray River is such a joyous moment you can have, other than sightseeing, you can cruise, ski, lying on sandy beaches, swimming, fishing as well as golfing. In short, Murray is a place for your to forget your stress and embrace to natural. hotels in adelaide are taken up quickly too, so don't forget to book your accommodation before you going to Adelaide.

As for Perth, the attractions in Perth has been attracting thousands of visitors to there in order to enjoy the most natural beauty of environment. Plus, Perth is the premier destination for business, entertainment, nightlife and cultures. Therefore, do pre-book your perth hotels in order to avoid any disappointment.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Internet changes our life

I laud the internet as with internet, it really simplifies a lot of things, for instances -
- Thinking to renew your driving license? Well, your driving license can be done in a flash with few clicks of your mouse.
- Thinking to do online banking? Well, login to the banks and your bank transactions can be done easily without personal visiting to the counter.
- Thinking to look for a cheap vacation package? Well, there are thousands of websites available for you to dig out the information you are wanted as long as your pc connected to internet.
- Thinking to be a shopping queen? Well, as long as you have credit card, then shop online will be another breeze for you.

But, do you realize that internet is another trap for you to spend more and more without realizing though we just can't reject the benefits of internet? I don't know you, as for myself, i like to shop online as it is just so convenience for a lady who doesn't has her own transport and staying at strange and foreign country. I admitted recently i was over spent my money due to i found a great site to shop for branded kids' clothes like Oshkosh, Guess and Hallmark Baby. What to do, as a mother, i just like to give the best to my kids. :) That's why my hubby has been making noise that he is going to stop my credit card.

Hubby has excellent credit background, so he doesn't need any Payday Loan, some more he's from financial background, that's why he is pretty calculative when comes to money. I am thankful that we don't need any loan, but my BIL is just so unlucky and he is going to take Online Loan to settle his financial problem.

Real Rank is out

Real Rank is out, at first i was still confused about the rank, is the lower the better or the higher the better. My blogspot, for sure, i just don't have a good rank as my current rank is 2387 and 627 for my paid domain. Actually how this real rank benefit to bloggers since most of the advertisers still very concern about PR, my income dropped like roller coaster ever since my PR dropped to big fat zero, though tiga-P has implemented this real rank for posties, then how about other advertisers? I just hope i can get more opps from my favorite advertisers S and L. Solely depend on tiga-P just not enough for me, some more i hate to do filler post.

Mental Block

So sleepy, so tired, but money still motivates me to blog more for ti-ga-P, don't know today is what day as i saw so many opps from this ti-ga-P, so just tell me how to stop for not grabbing them. Though is not a high paid post, acceptable to have $5 for 50w, right? My brain like can't function now, some more my background is just so noisy with the telly sound, maid's and my mum's voice. I just hope i can have peaceful and quiet environment to finish my post, so that i can go oi oi before baby wakes up.

Patch for my blister

Blister, what a scare term for me as i used to have blister once i back from jogging. I was told that due to my footwear problem, is it? I have Nike, Adidas, Timberland and Reebok jogging shoes, but none of them could give me blister free. So, i don't think the real culprit is my footwear. Recently i have been jogging a lot due to i want to shed off the extra fats before Christmas, that's why blisters keep happening these days. I was told that Blister Relief can give me immediate relief and heal the blisters faster, so i think i better order some for myself, as i just need this long lasting blister prevention patches so much.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Online Recipes Portal

Thinking to buy a set of cookbooks just now while i was wandering around the book store, ended up i put them back to shelf as i really didn't have heart to spend again. This month income has dropped and i had been overly spending last 2 weeks, so, it's really not so wise to spend again. Though i just love those cookbooks so much...

Actually, i don't like to cook as i just hate to clean the greasy after cooking, but what to do, as a wife and a mother, i have to cook for my family. Since cooking is not my hobby, that's why i have always been running out of ideas. And, due to this reason, i need more Recipes in order to diversify my dishes. Like what old people said, the better you cook, the frequent your hubby stay at home. Honestly, i really don't care whether he spends his time in front of the telly or spends his time to play Xbox, i would feel extremely contented as long as he is at home.

Well, don't just talk about my hubby as my kids are my throne too, so i definitely need Cake Recipes to bake more cakes for my boys. Baking cake for them is not only feed their hunger, as the cake inside has been embraced my love towards them too. Recipes are important for ladies, somehow i felt like it is as important as having diamond in your ring finger. :)

Ok, let's search to MyDish, see whether i can find the recipe for making Mango Layer Cake or not? Below is the one i currently crazily craving for :

Let's be sexy

I have a whimsy thought for my hubby, i bet he will love to see me wearing sexy boots. As for sexy apparels, i don't think my hubby would allow me to wear outside, man not generous to share his woman with others :) Of course, i won't wear sexy apparel too, not because of my hubby, i just don't want to expose my flabby and fat tummy to others, so ugly!

Horse Riding Apparel

I never ride on horse, i also don't think i am dare enough to ride horse. :) Hubby is totally different as he likes horse so much, he even could spend his whole Sunday afternoon to have horse riding. Since his birthday is coming soon, so i am planning to buy him a high quality horse riding apparel, i guess he will love the apparel very much as he has been dreaming to have one. I was the one who prepared presents for people most of the time, that's why i really wonder when is the day there will be a person preparing present for me. :)

Will need payday loan soon

So fed up, woke up earlier also couldn't grab any attractive payout post, that's why i really worry how much i still can earn these days. Be frankly, it is so hard to earn now (i bet you know the real reason behind), so i think someday in future i will totally say goodbye to those advertisers. Plus, i also hate to spend my time in front of computer without any fruitful fishing. So i better bookmark this payday loan site, who knows one day i will need to have fast cash to settle my financial difficulties. You know, i am just prepared for the worst. :)

Writing help for students

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Good Antivirus Software

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Whimsy and Grand Wedding make easier with WFAGI

Wedding preparation can be exhausting, aside from exhausted your energy and time, it's exhausted your money as well. Thus, looking for a comprehensive wedding portal is essential for couples in order to efficient their wedding preparation. Wedding Favors and Gift Ideas will be an ideal place for you to shop at since they are offering a variety of wedding gifts, wedding accessories and wedding favors for your tastes and within your budgets. When you are about to think of having whimsy wedding day, you definitely can get all your wedding related stuffs from Or, if you are wondering what is the best theme for your wedding day or if you are just about to run out of ideas in preparing your wedding, then this is a must-visited site for you. Check it out!

Amost clear my FEED

Yeah, i almost cleared all the posts in my feed reader, now only 60+ posts to go, of course i won't be able to read all but i have tried my best to blog hop and leave a comment. Now have to stop a while as i have to entertain my baby and i have to bring my maid to wet market. I just wondering what should we eat for our dinner later, hehe...i know it is still too early to say dinner since now it is a breakfast time. :)

He spoilt the camcorder battery

I don't own camcorder, that's why that day i borrowed one camcorder from my friend as i needed it on my sister's graduation ceremony. My friend has the Sony DCR-SR42, i love it very much and has been thinking to buy one for myself. Of course, i won't use my money and will urge my hubby pays it for me. :) While i was showing my interest on this Sony DCR, hubby just acted opposite and he even said "what for to hold a camcorder since you are already have a digital camera?". Sigh, my man was commented discontentedly about my plan of having camcorder. Never mind, he can't escape to pay for me since Christmas is just around the corner.

Well, back to the story of borrowing my friend's camcorder, i know it is my fault as i didn't put the camcorder properly and let my boy had a chance to play with the camcorder battery. Do you know how mischief of him? Gosh, he spoilt my friend's camcorder battery as he threw it from upstair to downstair, gosh, i have to buy another battery for the camcorder, if not, how to confront my friend again?

I had spent a whole morning yesterday and finally found a great website that selling a lot of camcorder batteries and video camera batteries, besides, they have developed a camcorder battery finder tool that will guide people in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for their camcorder. I finally found the battery for my friend's camcorder, somemore, i can get my 25% off if i send the old battery for them.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Alibaba bought me blazing jewellery

If you are stock buyer then you might know how powerful of this Alibaba on these days. Well, i am not going to share you more on this Alibaba, but, i just wanted to tell you how this Alibaba brought a Silver Jewellery for me. This stock soared from HK$13 to HK$39, if you are very good in counting, the maybe you can roughly know how much did my hubby earn from this Alibaba. :)

In fact, hubby has always wanted to buy a jewellery for me, but the plan was kept on delaying due to our previous financial status, now, it is an ideal time to buy those luxe jewellery for me by using the extra money reaped from Alibaba, muaks...that's why i really have to say my thanks to Alibaba. Because of Alibaba, i have chance to get my dream Silver Jewellery from Astley Clarke. I simply love the jewellery from Astley Clarke due to their uniqueness, and the most importantly, you won't find their products anywhere else other than at Astley Clarke. This just made me felt like i was a celebrity who wears in uniqueness and nobody has the same as me.

Now, i am wondering what should i buy if this Alibaba soars more further? Maybe i can think of getting Gold Jewellery for my mother too. Well, i know you would think i am bad as i use hubby's money for buying jewellery for my mother, but i hope you can understand this "What's mine is mine and what's him is mine". So, please don't have negative thoughts on me, i in fact a very nice lady!

We went Pak-Tor

This evening, i was bad enough to leave my 2 kids to my mum and went out with my hubby. Tell you, this was the first time i was out with hubby without kids along after 2 years of staying in China. The feeling was great, as i could shop and eat whatever i like. Be frankly, it is necessary for me to think of something in order to spice up our marriage, so i really hope it is not too late for me to do so. Something that i hate the most is that hubby likes to criticize my look especially my hair. Sigh, of course i want to be pretty, but, can you tell me how to find extra time to "pan leng leng"?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Surrender to Big. G

First time i felt extremely sad when my PR dropped to 2, second time i felt a bit sad only, and third time, i told you, i just felt nothing since the ranking system performed by this Big. G no longer reliable. So, if you are also the victim for this recently update, don't be sad as big fat ZERO doesn't mean your blog is lousy, you still can continue to blog as your intention of blogging is not only because of m-o-n-e-y, right? Just try your best to write the best to your readers, ok?

Surrender to Big. G? No....i won't, and i am going to b-oy-c-o-tt them. get what i mean?

Company trip...finally

During my 3 years working as a cheapskate programmer, i could tell you explicitly here, my ex-company never paid us any company trip though my ex-boss used to say he would like to organize one pleasant trip to his staffs. Company facing financial difficulty was just an excuses for us, even the account staff was accidentally revealed how profitable of company had been achieved. That's why, this ex-boss had been accused of acting dishonestly in front of us.

Hubby was much more luckier than me, he had plenty of chances to go for traveling during his service at MNC, see, that's the different between MNC and local company. Actually, it is not weird to see how local company retained their right for not allowing their staffs to have company trip. Some more, my ex-boss is a typical C-H-I-N-A man, this kind of person usually concentrates on profit more than having good conversant with his employees.

Recently, i was told that by my ex-colleague that my ex-company is going to have a company trip on the coming Christmas, honestly, i was initially thought that i heard the sentence wrong since i really couldn't convince myself that my ex-colleague was talking about how kindness of my ex-boss. Perhaps he knew how important to fulfil what he used to say, or, perhaps he knew certain spending would definitely benefit his business. Think of having high efficiency employees, undoubtedly, he must know how to give in then only he can reap.
Now, i just stare green with envy as they will be going to Tokyo, woo, that's cool, some more they can go for skiing, visiting to those famous and tranquil temples as well as the pleasant perfumed gardens. Be frankly, i have been somewhat suspected if this a truth though my ex-colleague had convinced me by showing her flight ticket. I was even told that this trip was fully organized by my ex-boss and heard that he got the enticing corporate packages from htoa where the site offers more than 40 thrilling vacation odysseys of holiday adventures land, sea and air. Oh, gosh, i just couldn't believe my ex-boss even could surf net and found this great website!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Gift Basket for you

I always love Christmas, ya, i have to take this opportunity for sending my love and concerns to one of my online friend. Of course, with the capability of current technology, i can choose my holiday gift basket with a few simple clicks on my mouse without going out to shop, and my love can be send safely to my friend's doorstep. So, don't you laud to our advance technology? Everyone loves receive gifts or flowers unexpectedly, so i can imagine how happy will my online friend has once she receives my gift basket. In fact, there are quite a number of online boutiques, so it is essence for you to look for a secure site to make your order. You are always can fully trust the service provided by, as they take pride to provide 100% satisfaction to people, and they work with thousands of florists nationwide in order to send flesh flowers to your loved one across the country, aside from flowers, they are specializing in other luxury gifts like robes, plush as well as chocolate-covered berries. If you like to send your loved one with some unexpected surprise, do check what can offer you.

Future of Communication - Email Marketing

My life no longer free and easy ever since baby is here, be frankly, it is just so difficult for me to sit peacefully in front of my pc and blogging, some more i even hard to get my time to have proper eating as i have to rush for everything while baby is sleeping, otherwise, i just couldn't finish my things after he is awakened. Due to this result, i have been missing a lot of recent updates as well as my emails are piling up for me to read on. But tell me, how can i grab some time to finish my things?

I was told that the iContact Email Marketing Software is literally useful for busy people, that's why i am wondering whether i should download the free trial and see how it can help me to keep upfront, or am i too exaggerated to use this powerful email marketing for personal used since i am just a full time mother at home? You know, i really don't mind to try it if it is useful for me since this software just $9.95 per month.The price is so reasonable and affordable, isn't it?

What caught my eyes was their over 400 professionally-designed templates, even my hubby dotes on this software. Ya, i know, if compare myself with my hubby, hubby would be the one who needs this marketing software more than me since this amazing iContact can easy to create, publish, track email newsletters, blogs, RS feeds, surveys, and autoresponders. With those capabilities, people can easily track the opens and clickthroughs on the emails, add a sign-up form to their website and start manage the subscribers. In a nutshell, iContact is useful to help businesses and non-profit organizations communicate effectively online with their customers, prospects and subscribers. That's why i said hubby needs this software more than me. :)

Home Based Business Tips & Guides

The fluctuation of her job has made her decided to quit her recent job. Perhaps it is a good news to have another new episode of life, some more she can run for a home based business so that she can have more time for juggling her own business, family as well as kids. Doesn't it a good idea to quit her job and running a business?

Of course, there are always pros and cons for running a business, you could have peace of mind when you were working for others as your paid would be guaranteed and be received stable every month, whereas running own business does has a certain risks and your income has always been depend on how well of your business run, plus, your own business needs more harder work as well as some initial outlay. Having said so, i was quite agree on setting own business, epecially home based business and i believe the extra work that sacrificed by her today may be worthwhile tomorrow.

Good planning prior running your business is essential, that's why the Home Based Business Guides by A Touch of would be the stepping stone for the newbies to run successfully their own business. At their site, some resourceful and insights articles are practically useful for people who are thinking to operating their own business, the pros and cons, the reasons, the form of right business, the techniques for running a business were well written for you to borrow, refer and applying to your own business.

Many people have been looking forward to have more freedom and independence by operating a business, if you're the one who craving for this freedom to be the boss, then this Home Based Business Tips are relatively useful for you as well as you must be adhered those tips for starting your business, it is not weird to know that has always a potential risky in your own business, but you could totally cope with the risk and enjoy your business outcome if you have innovative thinking and know how to cope with the unexpected occurences in your business. Do get the guides, tips, ideas as well as suggestions prior operating your business, bear in mind, that's always no harm to listen to others' words.

Get life insurance for yourself or your loved one

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There are a lot of insurance companies in town, so it is essential for you to make your Insurance Quotes and compare which insurance companies can give you the best insurance premium rate. Lower Your Insurance Rates can be done easily at Advantage One, you can get your quotes and analysis of your health class with their powerful quoting system by answering a few questions about yourself and instantly compare quotes from over a 140 companies.

Semi solid for Elijah

I let Elijah started on semi-solid on 13/11, though little baby is not recommended to start solid at 4 months old, Elijah's case was slightly different as he doesn't like milk, so doctor advised me to start semi-solid on him, if not, he might not get the nutritions that he needed. What a shock that Elijah loves the Nestle Brown Rice cereal very much, he could swallow the cereal very well (2 scoops of Enfalac and 4 scoops of cereal) and he even cried for more after finished the first bowl. And, he loves his milk very much if i mix some cereal in his Enfalac. However, i still breastfeed him as long as i can. Just hope my milk supply can satisfy him and make him more healthier. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

We are in CHINA

We are in China now, everything is considered ok, but Jo has a bit coughing and Elijah has a bit runny nose. I think they just need time to adapt to the environment. This morning went to buy some winter attires for Elijah as his hands and toes are very cold even though now is not the winter yet. Spent almost RMB400 for winter rompers, pants and bibs. Money, sigh, spent like using water.

The Quality Outsourcing Provider

There are plenty of companies that can provide application development and offshore software development, but only Hundsun can provide both the service and the quality that you deserve. I know that when you think of outsourcing China comes to mind, but not only can outsourcing be provided by Hundsun, but product and application development as well. When you're company is looking to outsource work, let Hundsun help you get the best service and results, because you and your company deserve the best.

Ventless gas fireplaces

Finding vent free gas fireplaces can be trying, but it's not impossible to find the one you want. What can be tricky to find is quality fireplace surrounds that can be made to fit whichever fireplace you do end up getting. At Agee Woodworks I've seen the work they do and they're masters at customizing everything from mantels and cabinets to surrounds and granite facings to fit every size and shape of fireplace. They'll even give it the finish you want so that it matches the rest of your décor, or let you do it yourself. That's service that you won't find anywhere else. Go see what Agee Woodworks can do for you and your fireplace…I think you'll be happy that you listened to me.

Something for Everyone

Getting North Carolina car insurance and Virginia car insurance doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Whether you're a perfect driver without a blemish on your record, or a driver that's had to get a SR-22 or FS-1, Insurance Doctor can help you find car insurance. I can't imagine spending any more time stressing out about finding affordable car insurance, so check them out today and I'm fairly certain you'll see why I've been recommending them to all my friends looking to change their insurance provider.

Looking for a care home

I guess old people would reject for being sent to nursing home, as they might feel lonely at nursing home and might think that their children don't want them as a parents. In fact, i prefer to send old people to nursing home instead of letting them staying at home without proper caring if there is nobody free to take care them. Don't you agree my point? Sending old people to nursing home doesn't mean that we don't love them, it is just because we show our affection in other way, as my mother, she was quite regretted as she didn't send her father to nursing home, and there was no one around with my maternal grandfather when he passed away.

For those who are thinking to send their loved one to care home, i understand you might have a lot of questions to ask, that's why you can look for BetterCaring, which is a site providing dedicated service for anyone who needs answers about all the relevant information about care home, care options, care news, care tips and a lot more of useful information from care experts. Do check it out if you really thinking to send your ripe old age parents to nursing home.

We want to buy Honda

I think we really need a car during our stay in China, i could accept to take public transport last time as that time i didn't have little baby in tow. Just try to imagine how to hold a 3+ years old active preschooler and carry a 4 months old frail baby to take public transport? Due to this reason, car is definitely essential for us, and, it is much more convenience when we are going out as well as we can take our own time without rushing the bus schedule. Hubby has suggested that we could opt for Honda, that's a good idea as we were told that the latest crossover SUV is pretty family-oriented, and we were quite satisfied with the good reviews on Honda Cars from Honda community sites as well as other friends who are Honda fanatics. Though we need the car in hurry, we just don't have extra time to get more Honda Car Quotes since hubby has to work and i have to take care 2 kids by myself. How good is if we can find a car comparison site like what can do for consumers, it is the site that allows consumers to compare Honda Car Prices prior booking the car. What an advantage for us if we can get quotes and prices with a few clicks of mouse at home.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Qualified Headhunters from AEF

Most of the overseas companies like to hire headhunters for helping them in recruiting job. Like my hubby's company, they used to pass their recruiting job to A.E Feldman Associates, Inc because their recruiters have all had successful careers in the industries, thus, with their professional and skillful experiences, that's not difficult to find the best matches of candidates for particular job. Aside from recruiting, their practice are including financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products. Due to their different quality practise, i was told that a lot of multi-national companies as well as overseas companies have been choosing AEF for running smooth their candidates hiring process. If your company is just fret out no suitable candidates to best match the job position, you do can consider to AEF and let's them help you to solve your recruiting problem.

My new frameless specs

My new frameless specs, which only cost RM210. Cheap or not? Cheap la, no need to have expensive one since my specs always be a toy for Jo. In fact, i have been lost count how many times he had spoilt my specs. :(

Jo's new hair style

Handsome or not? Haha..i know i was quite thick face to say this. But so what, Jo is always looked handsome in mummy's eyes.

Took him to trim his hair yesterday, i was initially suspected his red eyes was due to the stimulation of his long fringe, that's why i quick quick took him to cut his hair. Some more, i also prefer him to cut his hair in KK more than in China, as in Shen Zhen, that's just nobody could understand "what is mushroom head".

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

High Quality Of Pool Construction

My rich uncle recently planning to build a swimming pool at his backyard, so that his second wife can swim every morning in order to keep a nice looking body shape. See, that's how a rich man pampering his wife. He is going to contact arizona swimming pool contractors in order to quote the price for building a swimming pool. He likes this Cameo Pools as it is the oldest pool company in Mesa Arizona that has been running their quality pool construction since 1977, moreover, they are family owned and operated, that's why they could always take pride in providing excellent customer service and the customer satisfaction is always been number one in Arizona. How i wish my hubby can give me a swimming pool at home, you know, i just hate to go to public swimming pool as i always feel like public pool is very dirty, some more, i have bad allergy recently, public pool is just no no for me.

Lollipop Bibs

Bought this Lollipop Bibs for Elijah as recently he has terrible drooling, is it the sign of teething? And, he has been using his tongue to tickle his gum, so i very suspected the white pearl will be sprouting out soon. These 2 bibs are just so cute for Elijah, even these bibs also tickle Jo's fancy as he was trying to wear it. Or maybe not fancy, just jealous his little brother has new things.

Jo has eyes infection

This morning Jo woke up with a terrible red eyes, so brought him to see the eyes specialist in KK Specialist Center, the doctor was quite terrible as he dared not to touch Jo's eyes and asked Jo do on his behalf. What a lousy doctor even charged me RM100 for less than 5 mins consultation. He didn't check properly and just told me "he has infection", then i asked him "what caused the infection?", he then answered me "anything, dust, dirty, bacteria", do you think worth to pay him RM100??

Get your payday in advance

Money shortage? I guess that's normal phenomenon for everyone, it is included me as well. What a good if i could find an online payday advance from a leading online lender like the payday lending, are now available to residents of Montana and it is complianced with law, so it is pretty safe and legal to borrow your fast cash from them. If you plan to take your loan, what you have to do is just providing them with some basic information, they would deposit into your checking or savings account once your request is approved. And, usually the loan will due on or soon after your next payday, so, it is quite convenience for your to repay the loan, or, if you prefer not to pay the loan in full, then you are allowed to renew your loan that is available in most states. Money difficulties no longer big disaster with the presence of

Win money via social networking

Do you want to win money while making new friends? Sound impossible? No, it is possible and this feature is proud bringing by is a Social Media hub for members to share their videos, photos, articles, links, homepages, businesses and more. The site even welcome their members do frisk as many as possible so that the frisk results can be shared with other members, and allows people to vote and comment. That's why making friends through EarthFrisk is as easy as reading ABC. The most importantly, joining EarthFrisk will help succeed your business too as there just brimming over with best clients or even a business partners. If you want to win $2000, just join the contest, the most comments and submissions as well as the largest network of friends you have, then you are entitled to take the $2000 back. Want to win the money, that's simple feat, join the contest and start flooding your comments and submission by pressing "Shout Out"! That's a simple money..

Monday, November 12, 2007

Wear like celebrity

Without second thoughts, i took out my CIMB credit card and bought myself a very chic looking Sunglasses just now when i was hunting my hubby's birthday present online. Ended up i was the one who has present but not my hubby. *so guilty*

In fact, i would like to buy those branded sunglasses, but after browsing thought the internet, i tell you, i really didn't have heart to swipe my credit card even though hubby is the one who pays the bill. Somehow i felt like my level has not reached to pinnacle point to wear those famous designer sunglasses, actually i would prefer to spend at reasonable price for same quality sunglasses. Some more, it is not difficult to get Wholesale Sunglasses these days.

Today, i bought a chic sunglasses for myself, tomorrow i have to go to optical shop for another pair of spectacles and contact lens before i am returning to China.

Comprehensive wedding planning site

My brother is getting married soon, his fiancee is currently looking for a good wedding site in order to get more quality wedding stuffs for their wedding registration and dinner as well as decoration for their bedroom. I have introduced my future-SIL to take a look on, it is a comprehensive wedding planning site that provides everything for brides and grooms which including free and interactive planning tools, expert advice, inspiration photos, a local vendor guide, a patented online registry system and a lot more. Nowadays, people are much more luckier with the revolutionary of technology, during my time, i had to prepare my wedding by myself and it was hard to get useful wedding resources on internet, that's why wedding can be very grand and upscale these days if compare with old days.

Get Your Bad Credit Auto Loan

Thinking to change your old car, but you just can't make your car dream comes true as no finance institutions willing to lend money for you due to your bad credit background. Don't fret, as you still can get your Bad Credit Auto Loans from AutoCreditExpress. It is an online site that specifically designed to provide auto loan for people who have bad credit score and have been rejected by other financial institutions. Their headquartered in the US, and is one of USA and Canada's leading auto buying services for people, since 1999, they have processed over 1,000,000 dollars in High Risk Auto Loans via online for people.

If you still confuse how would you get approved for the auto loans, you do can check out their Bad Credit FAQ, Resources and Blog for more related information. Auto Loans for Bad Credit at AutoCreditExpress is totally hassle free as you only need to fill up 1 page of form which only takes you a minute, besides, you could get competitive rate that suited your budget very well. Regardless how bad of your credit history, your auto loan still stand high chance to get approved as they have 93% of approved rate nationwide.

Claude Monet Oil Paintings

Do you know who is Claude Monet? I guess most of you know who is this guy, as it is a famous founder of French impressionist painting. In fact, i don't born with any artistic genes, that's why i always failed in my artwork during my school time. However, i have started to love oil painting collections ever since i joined my company as a multimedia programmer. Ex-colleague of mine is a loyalty supporter of Claude Monet, i was influenced by her too and like to collect Monet's paintings.

Of course, it is impossible for me to own an original Monet's masterpiece, but i could have the painting as real as the original in term of the painting quality, some more it is not as expensive as the original one. If you like Monet painting, you can visit to, at there, you are able to find real hand painted oil paintings of Monet at very reasonable price.
Personally, i like the "Garden Path at Giverny" very much, i definitely could feel the serenity and tranquil in my mind everytime i look at the picture, that's why i have ordered another one for my friend who is always throwing her bad tantrum, i believe have a good painting dispaly in her den would absolutely relax her tension mind and soothe her bad mood.

You are able to see other famous Claude Monet oil paintings at, plus, they are currently having great price promotion for the painting, do check the site out.

Home Medical Supplies

After having kids, i am quite concern about my health, what to do, a healthy mother only able to upbringing healthy kids, right? I have stumbled across to an online medical shop, in fact, it is not only a medical shop, as it does sell other products like milk powder, diabetes test strips, weight vest, beast feeding pillow, heart monitor and a lot more. In a nut shell, this online site is served as medical equipment and home fitness supplies since 1998. At their site, people can look for their desired things from 55,000 products which under 50 categories and hundreds of sub-categories. Though it has plentiful of categories, searching your product is definitely not difficult as their system allows you to shop by category, shop by brand as well as shop by condition. I really like this site as i can buy my things without going out and can have the product safe delivery to my doorstep.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Further achievement in beauty line

Having some professional skills in hand always easy to find a good paid job, that's why i was quite agreed on my sister's mind who planning to attend to beauty school. Ladies always want pretty, that's why beauty line has always been popular especially for those who want to look more prettier. If you want to have further achievement in beauty line, you better look for a good reputation beauty institute like REGENCY Beauty Institute. They have an unique learning system and stunning facilities for students, and the most importantly is their relationship with SalonPartners, this can even make sure the graduated students are able to find a decent income. That's why i said, when you think of further studying your beauty course, do opt Regency as they help you to achieve your dreams and build your confidence as a popular beautician.

Almost clear my pending posts

Another 5 pending posts to go, yeah yeah yeah, i almost can finish all my posts before boarding the plane. Be frankly, i do hope i can have more pending posts in hand, the more pending posts i have the more money i could be received, but after my 2 blogs' PR dropped to PR2, i just felt like eating grass, you get what i mean? For the past 2 weeks, my paid domain had earned quite a good money from 3P since i had PR3, but now eating grass more than writing post! Maybe also a good news for me, less offer from 3P means less rubbish in my kids' blog! :)

Rent you car/truck

If you have business trip to Israel, you can contact Shlomo SIXT as they are the famous and oldest truck and Car Rental in Israel. In fact, Shlomo SIXT provides vehicle rental services both in Israel and abroad. It is not hard for you to have your car rental in Israel as Shlomo SIXT has 20 branches throughout the Israel. You even can get your rental price quote at Shlomo site by giving the related information which including the pick up location and date, return location and date, your age and the days you are staying in Israel. In short, car rental in Israel make easy with Shlomo SIXT.

Proper treatment for people of addiction

A scream of rage happened about 5ish am on this morning, i woke up with a jerk by hearing the horrible scream. In fact, this was not a first time i heard this, but i still couldn't get used of the scream. I was jerk and sometimes the screams event sent a chill down to my spine. You know, that's not a normal scream and the scream was as horrible as somebody is being murdered.

I was talking about a young brat who is staying opposite my house, he is the only son but what a waste that he doesn't know how to love himself by exploring himself to drugs and ecstasy pills. Be frankly, somehow i felt like that's not his fault and his parents have to take responsibility too. Since he was young, he seldom got enough concerns and affections from his parents, actually, his parents also a pair of trouble couples who are always hitting each other, and it's not weird to see policeman at their home since i was young. Just try to imagine, how could this boy grow up healthily in this kind of unhealthy family? Even when this brat started to escape his classes and engaged to smoke, drink till the serious part of trying drug, from the beginning till now, his parents had acted like blindness who didn't give any help for him.

He in fact needed some proper help, don't you think the result could be totally different if he was able to receive the family intervention over his self-destructive behavior? So, could you understand why i have mentioned how failure of his parents are? If his parents love him and send him to drug rehab for proper treatment, i believe the ending won't be like this. How could this little brat live through his life since he is only 22 years old now, is it any bright future for him? Honestly, i really couldn't sense his future and i believe the scream of rage will be getting more and more.

As a matter of fact, i always think that his parents also need to have proper adult program in order to educate them to be more gentle as well as teach them how to help their child. What can we do if his parents also feel slacking for lending their hands to their kid?

Elegant Watch Straps

Be a lady, i always like to have novelty things which are including watches, bags, rings, necklaces and etc. Lady being lady, sometimes just hard to resist the luring and attraction of pretty gadgets. That's why money has always been insufficient for ladies, don't you agree? Like myself, i could save my money for not buying foods, but i definitely not possible to keep my money for not buying pretty attires, bags, watches as well as cosmetic.

Recently, friend of mine keep showing her trendy and chic look to us, you know, i was quite jealous of her appearance as well as the things she has. She has very good idea for changing her watch straps rather than changing her watch. More over, those watch straps are so exquisite and showing out her feminine to the core.

I was told that her high quality of Watch Straps were bought from WatchBand.BIZ, and they are handcrafted one by one, that's why the watch straps are pretty unique. Plus, the watchbands are sauna tested and water resistant, no wonder i saw my friend even wears her watch during our swimming course. I was about to ask her why she never take off her watch everytime she goes down to pool, that's explain why!

Another way of earning money

Life still goes on though i no longer able to earn as much as previous ever since my Google PR is dropped. I should think bright and positive, as well as thinking other way to earn my money. How about i take what i have been earned from internet for metals investments? Isn't it a good idea to have hard asset investment? If i really invest, most probably i will invest in bullions and definitely will look for the Monaco Rare Coin, which is the famous coin dealer, they can help people to build a world class rare coin portfolio and do cost effectively. I think i better call their representative so that i can get more latest investment information from them. Let's see how their expert can help me to locate the best and highest quality rare coins at best prices hence to bring me more dollars.

P--R3 to P--R2

Gosh, this is the first time i see only 1 available opportunity in my account, this 3-p pretty fast to update my P--R. While my paid domain being promoted to P--R-3, you know, i could see more than 20 opps available, and of course, all are high payout since advertisers love to advertise on paid domain rather than free domain. But, now my P--R has been demoted to P--R-2, that's mean P--R-2 is something like P--R-0, just no opportunity can be grabbed! :(

How come this Big.G keep updating the P--R within 2 weeks time?

Get your payday loan quotes

Sometime it is real hard to predict our future, just like 2 weeks back, i received my joyous from Google that they had promoted my domain to PR3. I had earned quite a big sum of money right after i got my PR promoted, but today Google smacked me again and they decided to demoted my PR. What a sad news for me!

Some bloggers are blogging for fun, some for own satisfaction, some for paying bills while some for buying luxury items, as for me, i blog for paying bills, so you can imagine how huge of the strike that my PR have been demoted. So, worst come to worst, i think i will need Payday Loans for paying my sister A-Level school fees.

Fortunately, it is not hard to get short term loan these days, you know, i can get up to $200 to $1500 in as little as 24 hours without troublesome of documents submission. Everyone is able to have fast cash regardless of your credit background. I think i better check out the free quotes today. I might need it asap.

Selling Video Clips

My friend is quite good in video shooting and editing, so i think he can think of selling his video clips in order to make more money and further his cinematographic study. AlwaysHD is the place where talented cinematographers can submit their HD Professional Stock Videos, so producers around the world can look for high definition footage from AlwaysHD and buy from particular cinematographer. All clips are sold royalty free, this means buyer can use it worldwide for any length of time. At AlwaysHD, they amass quite a quality collection of footage, if you are keen to know more, do hop to AlwaysHD for more information. I better ask my friend to submit his video clips as soon as possible.

Appreciate clients/employees' contribution

Another 1 plus month to end the year of 2007, other than celebrating a series of holidays, it is also a time to appreciate your customers as well as your employees, thanks you them for being part for your business and be part to help success for your business. So, what is the good way to show your gesture to them? You actually can think of opting unique and excellence corporate gifts as a recognition reward or award for them.

You can pick up your promotional items at PromoPeddler, the largest online gift shop and largest catalog of promotional products, the promotional products will meet your every budget that you need. If you don't have terrific idea to choose for your items, you also can try their Branding Ideas Guru for creative promotional ideas for your gift selections.

Besides, you also can think of choosing their earth-friendly products, when you are showing your affection to your customers and employees, do show your affection to our environment as well.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Get Paid For Blogging

Have you ever heard of "Get paid to blog" before? I guess majority of bloggers know this phrase well!

Ever since i joined Smorty, i love Smorty very much since their payout is quite enticing and i get my paid in weekly basis. Apart from their high payout especially for high Google PR, i like their non-repeated topic thereby i have more opportunities to review some informative sites and products hence to broaden my knowledge as well.

I like Smorty as i don't need to stress myself to finish their review in very short time as they give 3 days in order to finish the advertiser's product or website review. And, i get the post approval in very quick manner as well. In short, writing for Smorty is just free of stress.

So, are you interested to blog for money in order to earn more extra for yourself? If you're keen, please read through their RULEs or FAQs prior you registering your blog to Smorty. Or, if you are an advertiser, you are highly welcome to advertise on blogs at Smorty. Do check the site out for more information.

Turn your favorite photos into skins

I am planning to take my 2 lovely sons' photo and turn the photo into Xbox skins. So that my hubby can look at the photo while playing his Xbox games. Sometimes i really admired the evolving of technology, as everything can be turned into trend and pretty. Do you like the idea of turning your favorite photo into Skins? You do can visit to and see how they can change your mobile phone, iPod, Xbox and other thousands of devices into an unique and adorable device. Besides, the skins provided by them are in highest quality and durable, and the most importantly, the skin can flight scratches. Personally, i pretty like this ideal and definitely will order one for my Apple iPhone.

34th Graduation Ceremony in STTSS

Today is a 34th Graduation Ceremony in Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School, and today also marks an important day for my younger sister who is finally finished her six years studied in Tshung Tsin. I was there to attend her ceremony, i somehow felt extremely touching and my mind just flashing back to the days when i was studying in Tshung Tsin, and so surprised that i still managed to sing the school song. Tshing Tsin has been evolved into another era, everything there is new and high-tech, but as for discipline, i saw those students can simply have new hair styles, and some even dyed their hairs, gosh, you definitely can't see these during my school time.

Friday, November 09, 2007

PR Dropped Again??

This morning i was told that our PR is dropped again. I was like "ha?? dropped again??", Google just updating the page PR and now updating again. What happened? It is hard to cari makan ever since my PR dropped to 2, i just couldn't imagine what will be happened if my PR dropped to BIG FAT ZERO. :(

I guess everyone is so panicked now!

Tampa LAP BAND Surgery

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Direct Satellite TV

I love to watch the Taiwan sitcom at 7pm every night in Channel 317, but sometimes have to depend on the weather, if weather is good, then i could watch my sitcom from beginning till end otherwise the reception was just interrupted by bad weather. I think most of you are having this sort of problem at home, and most of us are subscribing to A-S-T-R-O, so i think you would agree how irritating that your telly programs are manipulated by weather but not by you.

I just wondering whether i can get Direct Satellite TV in M'sia or not? What i was told that satellite TV can deliver a digital signal 99.9% of the time regardless rain or shine. See, this fact is much more better than our A-S-T-R-O service provider. Like what my friend who is staying in US said, US people tend to opt their telly program from DirectTV more than other cable companies, this is because:
- it can provide digital quality and brilliant picture as well as sound
- Higher customer satisfaction, at least your favarite program won't be affected by bad weather
- The best channels in HD
and a lot more.

My brother has just bought a new HDTV, but i tell you, i really not feel like watching telly if the signal keep been interrupting on and off. In this case, i prefer to turn off my telly and go back to sleep.

Nursing Homes

My friend is thinking to put her maternal grandpa in a nursing home as she thinks this is the best way for her grandpa. She is actually an orphan since she was 6, and she was upbringing by her grandpa, and now there is nobody can take care of her grandpa as she has to work too.

However, she is still in dilemma should her send her grandpa to nursing home as she has been hearing a lot of bad cases happened in nursing home. Of course, there is always had pros and cons for putting senior people in nursing home. Rather than hire a 24 hour maid to take care her grandpa, i would suggest her to send her grandpa to nursing home since the staffs in nursing home are much more well trained than those 24 hour maid. Don't you agree? At least, those well trained staffs are able to give help when comes to emergency.

Maybe she can contact BetterCaring, which the site offers a dedicated services for anyone who needs answers to crucial questions about care for old people as well as their loved one at
care homes. Hope my friend can decide well prior she sends her maternal grandpa to nursing home.