Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First VS Second

I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant, some might have known about my news through MSN and mybabybay's forum. Now, I'm announcing officially here. The following is my comparisons about my first and second. Hehe...though it seems like too early to compare the first and the second.

I hate onion smell as earlier as about 5 weeks pregnant.
I love to eat onion especially the onion biscuit.

I could finish a tin milk (Anmum or EnfaMama) within 5 days(shortest) or 7 days (longest).
A month is overed, but i only able to finish the half tin.

I didn't have special craving.
I have a craving for curry (curry fish's head), spicy (nasi lemak) and Nescafe.

I didn't feel tired and didn't suffer backpain.
I feel tired everyday and i have backpain.

Not really remember whether i had discharged or not.
I have discharge.

I ate 3 meals a day.
I eat more than 3 meals a day.

I could eat a same food for few days even for few weeks.
I can't eat What i have eaten yesterday as i would feel squeamish.

My face was shiny and my skin was smooth.
You can see i have few pimples over the face.

I could drink plain water.
I hate plain water. So, i have to put some lemon slices to impart flavour to water.

I felt everything is normal.
I feel abnormal especially my mouth is tasteless all the time and what my nose can smell just a smoky smell. But nobody smells the same as me. I feel like being suffocated soon.

I didn't take any sour pickles.
I love sour and juicy pickles.

I had urged to pee few times a night.
I don't have any urge to pee.

I had muscle cramped.
Same as first time.

I won't ask for When i seeing something very yummy.
I have to eat it immediately when i have the desire. Just can't be waited!

I remembered to take my pills on time.
I always forget to take my pills.

Started my pregnancy with fever.
Started my pregnancy with fever, flu, cough and eyes infection.

I didn't have morning sickness. I never threw.
Till now, i still don't have. Hopefully i won't have.

I got lotsa gas inside my stomach, when i had urged to throw, it's just a gas. However, i didn't have stomach ache.
Same as first time. But i have stomach ache.

I never drunk coffee.
I almost have my Nescafe every morning.

So, what do you think about the baby's gender? Boy or girl? Gender isn't important for the moment, i just hope my nose can back to normal, i want fresh air! Please...


shoppingmum said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy to hear this news as I know you've been trying for one. Take care ya? And let the craving begins! :)

MyBabies said...

Congrats! Hope everything goes well for you and take care :)

荦怡 said...


1+2mom said...

Congratulations!!! I like the 2nd pregnancy stage, but very scare of vomiting :)

Seow Wen said...

Congratulations again...
Oh, it might be a myth, but people say if it's a girl, then it'll be a more difficult pregnancy, cuz girls wants to be noticed... hehehe.... but just a myth, though I'm sure you'd hope it's true eh? So Jo can have a little sister to care for.... ;)

kelly said...

Congrats!! I know you want a girl this time...hope your dream will come true...:)

FishyOct said...

COngrats !! I am happy for you and look forward to more entries on your 2nd pregnancy ;)

Annie Q said...

Congrats again!craving for nescafe..nasi lemak..curry fish head?hmmm! sound like me oh..heehee..i like curry mee,nasi lemak and nescafe a lot during my pregnancy..But anyway,hope ur dream come true ( get a baby girl):)Aiya,boy or girl same same la..both also ur baby mah..take care

Sasha said...

kiong hee kiong hee..Ppl say its liddat..first and 2nd pregnancy will be terbalik..Hope everything is well with you, jo and pregnancy!

michelle said...

High chance of a gal, did you follow my formula...hehehe

Magictree said...

Congrats and Take Care ya! Will be waiting patiently to know the gender, not that it matters but just for the fun/joy of it!!!

Julian said...

Congrats congrats... after all those worries about whether pregnant or not is finally over now that it is confirmed.

Grace said...

Congratulations! Hope you get a baby girl.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Congrates to you *hugs hugs*. I 8poh hoping for a girl for you too ;) So many preggy announcement nowadays hor..

Fannie said...

wow! CONGRATS!!!

Another mommy to make me envious now...who's next in the league? Hmm...

milkmaid said...

Hey......CONGRATS Hui Sia... Very happy for you. Well, as they say, each pregnancy is always unique. Dont know about the sex of the baby, but people say that if you feel sluggish, tired and nose big big...it is a girl....But I think myth la this one. Pray that you will have a smooth and easy pregnancy..

chooi peng said...

congrats! Wish ur dream come true-getting a gal!

Jan said...

wow....congrats lor....another expanding mummy....lots of piglets hor!!!

take care and enjoy your journery (oops, 2nd) into motherhood....Joshua must be just as excited to be korkor lor!!!

mumsgather said...

Congratulations! This is wonderful news.

twin said...

wow i see lots of preggy mommies these days .. CONGRATS! they say every pregnancy is different. Both my kids are also different.

Jean said...


I'm so happy for you and at the same time, thinking when will be mine turn? Haha.

I think you will be expecting a gal, cos the food you craving for all sour and spicy!!.. just guessing.

COngrats again. Take care!

jazzmint said...

congrats congrats ;)...i had curry craving when preggy with Vyktore!!

poyin said...


Linda said...

hi huisia,
Congratulation to u again...hehe,,,could it be a girl?? cuz u got pimple alrd...??

hope to giv u my good news soon ya,,,:p

miche said...

maybe a girl??? hehe
try to cut down on the nescafe...caffein not good for baby and mummy too :)

mott said...

First time here. Congrats!!!! The only thing(s) I can say is.. do take care, eat well..and just sleep la!

laundryamah said...

CONGRATULATIONS MY DEAR!!!! Take care n pls try not to drink coffee ler.........

chanelwong said...

congrats!!!! do update us yar...

huisia said...

Thanks everyone!

babykhong said...

Woww..congrats! Take good care of yourself ya!

Angeleyes said...

Congrats!!!!!!! This is a piece of good news... A little piggy in the making!!!

I also always crave for nasi lemak and all the hot and spicy stuff when I was preggy with Darrius... always curi curi go buy nasi lemak coz my mom refused to let me eat!

Hope you get a little girl too...

dragonmummy said...


Zara's Mama said...

Hey.. congratulations!! Wow.. very 'productive' ler blogsphere.

Sabrina said...


blurblur said...


Welcome to the club! Hehe..so happy, another mommy joining us!!

Take care of yourself and take plenty of rest when possible! :) So happy for you!!

Pinky said...

Congratulations on the new addition!..... Take great care of yourself!

Ricket said...

I think its going to be a girl!!!

domesticgoddess said...

i know i'm very late but congrats nonetheless! ;)

mom2ashley said...

oh congrats congrats! i am 13 weeks preggie...:)

Huisia said...

Hi Everyone,
Have to say this again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Adrian & Alvan said...

Huisia, congratulation and take good care.

Hijackqueen said...

Hey, you forgot to mention your cravings for jujube. lol.

Egghead said...

hehe... didn't you also "kena" liao! Congratulations ah!!

Allyfeel said...

恭喜恭喜!!! 这么大的分别,一定是女的了。 嘻嘻!

Little Ghost said...



Baby Darren said...

Hope not too late to congratulate you for your 2nd pregnancy... so happy for you and it is always so wonderful to know a new life has been created.......