Thursday, May 05, 2011

Baby shampoo

My kids have been using Aveeno baby shampoo since they born, but recently i could not find it in the place i stay. I wonder why? My friend suggested me to use SebaMed baby shampoo but it is too expensive so it won't be my choice. Currently the kids use Johnson brand, but be frankly i do not like it due to the kids' hair seem to get tangle easily and their hairs are pretty dried after using it. Now i seriously looking for a cheap brand yet good quality kids shampoo. Do you have any recommendations? I hope i can find some quality reviews and critics on kids' used products at beauty, so that i know what is the best bathing product for my kids.


Anonymous said...

Is this safe to use?

Baby Shampoo said...

I like to try this kind of baby shampoo for my kids.

Baby Shampoo said...

Is baby shampoo dangerous for kids?