Friday, September 14, 2012

Spend wisely

The staff of the saloon insisted to hairdo my girl's hair while i was having my eyebrows trimmed at the saloon. I didn't bother it and just let the lady to style my girl's hair because i knew my girl would love all these hairdos and cosmetics things. After a while, the lady started to put clips on my girl's hair and being very hard selling those hair accessories to me. She said i could bring my girl over for hairdo anytime for free as long as i buy their hair accessories. Be truly honest, i was about to pay for the hair clips as my girl loved them a lot, but i didn't at last because the prices of the clips are too expensive, all the clips on her head charged about RMB500+. Gosh, i am not stupid and i am not blind, i really couldn't see why i should pay few hundred for those low-quality plastic clips. I would rather use the money to get my kids one of those good quality rustic bookcases to keep their books. Well, even i like my girl being pretty but it doesn't mean i should spend blindness.

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