Sunday, July 21, 2013

Moving house

We will be moving in to our new house this coming Christmas, yeah, just can't wait now! Do you know that i have been waiting for our new house for more than years? Finally we can get the key! *Jumping Up high*!!!

And, finally we can say goodbye to this matchbox sized house which it is definitely too small for our family! With a new house, my kids can now have their own room without sharing one small room, gosh, i know my kids have been waiting for having their own and private bedroom too!

Apart from all the happiness of having a new home, the most headache things now is "RENOVATION". Oh, money, spending money is like using water now! Luckily, we have got our cheap pipes from u bolts! It does save a lot of our money! As for others, gosh, sigh, money sometimes is just not enough. 

But, i know hubby will still do the best for his family!

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