Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas is coming soon

Christmas is just around the corner, so have you got your Christmas tree up? And, have you prepared all of your Christmas presents for your loved ones? One of my guy friend has just texted me this morning about what to get for his new girlfriend. Well, i think all ladies do like jewelry, so nothing beats to get one of those elegance jewelries from salt lake city jewelers. I think i better get my hubby to get one for me too since he has just asked me what would i prefer to have for this Christmas!


Callie Lorenzo said...
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Callie Lorenzo said...

It's not just the holidays and sometimes, people are looking to get in a tussle. At a recent family gathering, my sister in law plopped herself down across from my husband and me and asked, "so, did you participate in Chik-Fil-A- appreciation day?" Mind you, we had not seen this relative in over a year and had just completed a major move to another city. I can only infer that she was looking for a fight, since she knows that we're agnostics and support gay rights.

So I engaged her and told her that no, whenever possible, we choose to spend money with companies that are either neutral or in line with our own political beliefs. Of course, her husband promptly got up from the table in a huff. Apparently, it is okay for conservatives to support companies that reflect their values, but we liberals are supposed to look the other way.

Besides, as i found out from writers who write my essay for me, there are plenty of places to get great waffle fries in Chicago.