Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lonely 24/7

I'm so lonely due to hubby's busy schedule.
I'm so lonely due to i'm a SAHM.
I'm so lonely due to Monday is coming up.
I'm so lonely due to nobody to talk to.
I'm so lonely due to stay at home for 24/7.
I'm so lonely due to the day is so hot.
I'm so lonely due to nothing useful to do.
I'm so lonely due to my backpain and make me can't sit longer.
I'm so lonely due to no interesting TV programme.
I'm so lonely due to hubby wills to play sport even after work.
I'm so lonely when i cook but the dishes can't be finished.
I'm so lonely when Jo is sleeping.
I'm so lonely when my house is deathly quiet.
I'm so lonely when seeing nobody online in weekend.
I'm so lonely when seeing nobody plays with Jo.
I'm so lonely when Jo is lonely.
Thus, i plan to accompany him more in order to get rid both of our loneliness.


Sabrina said...

Poor thing. Do some online activity then. At least you'll feel occupy a little. As for me, I've started doing some online sell on ebay kill my boredam and also earn some extra money.Hehe

IMMomsDaughter said...

*Hugs* to you. I am seldom on line during weekends as my coverage for WLAN access is not too good. Get a good book to read or Dvd to watch with Jo, that might help :)

Jesslyn said...

Time to have another bb lor, can fill up your time as well as give Jo a sibling to play with...:P

jazzmint said...

don't sound so sad..probably time to make friends in China?

HMom said...

Give it some time, and things will get better. At least you have Joshua around

blurblur said...

You have us! :)

I'm sure things will get better once your hubby is not that busy..Or is he always so busy? Perhaps you can take up a hobby? :)

kelly said...

Ah, don't feel so down..I'm a SAHM too..I feel lonely sometimes... Most of my good friends are in KL..everybody's busy..we seldom meet up and only call one another occasionally. Like what blurblur said, you have us!

chanelwong said...

Plan for No2?

shoppingmum said...

err...have you considered about getting a second baby?

1+2mom said...

Feel lonely?i think blog hopping can be occupied most of the time :) Or do some excercise since you got free time.

Zara's Mama said...

But I thought you spent lots of time with Jo doing things together? Or Jo now goes to school?

FishyOct said...

are you back already or you are staying in KL for good ?

when i am lonely, i try to take ezra out for a walk,do something constructive with him - i taught him his body parts which he picked up really fast...

Read a book... nourishment for the mind