Sunday, December 31, 2006

Before the END..

Today is the last day of 2006, so better to write down something to mark the end of this year. :)

Just very sudden i found out my Jo has grown up so much, and he no longer a little baby who used to sit inside his stroller while shopping. He prefers to run around the mall with his cheeky smile and squealling sound, and he likes to do his own shopping to toys shop. Just within a week from 24/12 till 31/12, only 3 days he didn't bring toy back to home as we didn't go out, yes, i know that we are spoiling him.

We spent our 30/12 in HK again as HK has a year end crazy sales till 1/1/07, that's a fruitful and tired trip. Jo only had 1/2 hour nap time in car rode on he way to Lo Wu, but 1/2 hour already enough for him to be extremely energetic in the mall. It's tired to keep eyes on him while had to hunt our own things, so finally i brought him to McDonald and let hubby had his own peace time to hunt for his shoes. Jo loves McDonald so much as he could gobble down his fries and cola without much restriction of mommy, of course has the toy that FOC.

When i told him we're going down to HK later, he even asked me these "go and buy ABARE's car car for Jojo?", "ABARE's car car very pretty?"...He loves this AbaRanger (Japanese Cartoon) so much lately, before AbaRanger, he loved Ultraman and he always self-proclaimed himself as an Ultraman. But now, he is an "ABare Blue".

He looked so puzzled when choosing the Abare, which one is better??

Finally, he opted this "Abare Black & Raptor Set".

We headed back home around 8.30pm with our victorious goods (Timberland 30% off & 2%'s Bag 40% off). By the way, Jo slept throughout the way back home and only took his dinner at 11pm.