Thursday, December 10, 2009

Skinny jeans become straight cut

No, i didn't get helped from fat burner, every pound i lost is due to the reduction of calorie intake. I have limited my rice intake since June, and that's why i could lose about 30 pounds. I have never thought that i can hit 53kg in my life again. The number was my weight when i was still in secondary school, but now i am a mother of 3, so it is quite unbelievable, even for myself. I do not know whether i will get thinner and thinner or not, actually i wish i will but i am worrying about my skinny jeans, perhaps my skinny jeans will become straight cut if i really shed off more fats later.


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Anonymous said...

Mind to share how u do it, i m trying hard to lose weight, but no luck at all. Finding time to go to gym, but my youngest one is only 4 mths old.

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huisia said...

Hi CheanYee,

I cut down my carbo intake a lot, i eat my breakfast as usual, normally is 1 or 2 slices of toast and one plate of noodle, for lunch and dinner, i just take 1 spoon of rice + vege + meat, and i am still breastfeeding my girl, perhaps this is the reason why i can shed off my fats fast.