Thursday, December 10, 2009

Try my luck

Don't know since when i love sneaker a lot, recently i have been eyeing on Converse sneaker, yes, can just drooling over it but do not have extra money to buy. My online income is getting lesser and lesser, almost comes to zero actually, by hence i have to save money if i really want to get something i want. Little by little, sigh, perhaps the fancy over the sneaker is over before i have saved enough the money.

I can no longer rely on my online earning, really have to think out of the box hence to have more own secret money. My friend joked to me that perhaps i can try my luck through Online Casino, so should i? Actually i do not have knowledge about any online casino games, so i definitely won't simply play it unless i have garnered enough my knowledge about it. Of course, i need help from experts and i will read more reviews before opening my account on certain online casino sites. I do not wish to get deceived so better do more preparations and studies before trying my luck.

Hopefully i can buy my desired sneaker very soon, well, provided i have luck to earn extra from online casino. :-)

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