Sunday, February 14, 2010

Special day of year 2010

Today is a special day, maybe i only have one chance to have such a special day once in my lifetime. Today is a Valentine's day and also the first day of Chinese New Year. I would like to greet all of my blog readers a Happy Chinese New Year and may the year of Tiger brings you health and wealth.

How are you going to celebrate such a special day with your loved one? I yet to plan properly but been thinking to go to the steak house with my hubby. Now the problem is should i bring along the kids or leave them to my in-laws? Be frankly, i wish to have a peaceful celebration without any kids tagging along, with kids, the dinner is definitely ended with more screams and cries! I mean it. But i don't feel like leaving the kids behind since today is also a Chinese New Year, so do you understand my dilemma? Well, let's check what's my hubby's thought later.

As for the Valentine's present, yes, i have mine. I have a Coach bag from hubby. As for his present, i have got him a macbook case from GearZap where the place you can find variety types of laptop accessories and netbook accessories. I got my hubby a laptop bag on last Valentine's day, he loved it so much and been using the laptop bag as his business bag for year and it still in its tiptop condition, that's why i love to get all my laptop stuffs from there. It worth to pay for the price as well as the quality and not mention the customer service and the delivery service too.

Time is running out fast, i better to go discussing with my hubby about our Valentine's dinner later. Of course, i need time to dress up and make up myself too!

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