Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Busy busy busy

My maid has gone back to Guang Xi for celebrating Chinese New Year yesterday, and now i totally feeling helpless. Have just put my little girl to sleep, so i will have another 1 hour to give my blog a lighting update before i start doing house chores. As for the lunch, i will order McDonald delivery for my boys, they love fast food rather than Chinese food, so better order something that i do not need to coax them to eat. Believe it or not, i have lost another 1kg in a day after my maid left, so i definitely do not need any fitness equipment to keep myself slim.

Stop here, have to boil porridge for my little girl now. Luckily i have the electronic pressure cooker which it saves my time a lot! My girl's porridge will be ready in another 30 minutes!

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