Monday, October 18, 2010

Better than none

I need a proper and uninterrupted rest. Been thinking a lot lately, so it is not weird to see i have few more strands of gray hair now. A lot of things happened around me lately, until i did not know how to handle them. If the problem continues, think i will be getting more and more strands of gray hair and wrinkles too. The more i think the more weaker i am, you know, i have flu again. Gosh, i have just recovered from my flu for one week, and now i am under the weather again. Life is so unpredictable, and now only i know how important of having saving. Money can settle everything, sadly to say, i don't have much money to help settling my own family issue. I should have listened to my man's advice that to stop spending uncontrollably hence we would have more money to invest gold bullion. I wonder will it be late if i start being frugal from today onwards?? But, even if late, is better than none!

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