Thursday, August 10, 2006

2 years 4 months 3 weeks & 5 days old

Age : 2 years 4 months 3 weeks & 5 days old
Weight : 16.5kg
Height : 99.5cm
Teeth : 8 top and 10 bottom
Shoe size : US9(kids), UK9(kids), FR27, JP160

Meal serving
Normally thrice milk per day, 8oz per time. Lunch around 1+pm and dinner around 7+pm. Have breakfast and supper occasionally, normally is bread or cake.

Speech Development
Speak in sentence and chatty like parrot. But occasionally mommy also get confused with his sentences that mingled with English, Mandarin and Hakka.

Potty training
Diaperless at day time or outgoing since 21 months old. Now diaperless as well at afternoon nap. Although still wearing diaper at night, the diaper can be used for twice or thrice, it seems he is getting know how to control his bladder and save the diaper.

Bottle using
Mission failed to wean off his bottle.

Feeding skills
Can hold spoon and fork nicely but most of the time mommy still feeding him as he eats very slow and would become picky on the food served.

Book : Goldilocks and the Three Bears & Red Riding Hood
Food : Eat everything but more proned to noodle and meat
Dessert : Love fruit cake very much
Fruit : Like chewable fruits but grape is the best
Toys : Lego, blocks, cars and gun
TV program : Police sitcom or whatever program with gun
Exercise : Like to kick ball, cycling, jumping and running

Sleeping style
Style like Muslim praying. Afternoon nap is around 3+pm to 6+pm and night is around 11+pm to 8+am.

Proned to throw tantrum if something is out of his desired. Somemore, he has high possession mind that dislike to share his things with others.

Social skills
He is ok with his peer but he dislikes to greet people despite how i persuade him. And, he loves to show his smiley face when somebody is staring on him.

Mushroom head and everyone mistreated he is a "girl".

Cell of music
Inherited genes from me as totally doesn't have music cell at all. He doesn't hum and sing but he wants me to sing for him. His favour songs are 客人来,十个兵 and 我的朋友在哪里. Hubby said Jo must stay with paternal grandpa in order to train him more to sing.

He is still drooling unconsciously, funny huh? Look at the picture then you will believe.


shoppingmum said...

Lots of kids sleep in Muslim praying style huh? My boy also like that. Very comfortable meh?

荦怡 said...



HMom said...

He's growing up really fast!

pearlvanoyster said...

my, jo looks so matured in that pic u uploaded. i almost mistook him for a 4 year old..

blurblur said...

Jo is 16.5kg, Damien is also 16.5kg and he's turning 4 in another 2mths...uh oh...;p

So cute, sleep in muslim praying style..hehe..and he sleep quite late at night huh? ;)

kelly said...

Wow, mushroom head! Let him put on Qianyi's huge 70's specs, I'm sure he would look like 林亚珍 too...hahaha..

He's younger than Qianyi but he's 5kg heavier than her.

Zara's Mama said...

actually he looks like he's 3 or 4 yrs old ler.

Drooling? can it be he's teething ah?

Eileen said...

Joshua as big size as Johan and a lot of ppl said he looks like 4yrs boy.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Jo's weight is very good for that age. I think my girl very far away from thatlah :(

chanelwong said...

he is much bigger size than Jeriel

Allyfeel said...

Wow! Jo looks like a big boy here. And he weight 16.5kg? That's a very good size for kid that age. Bb is so much smaller size.

Mommy is doing a good job eh...bravo for diaperless.

AsleyLee said...

Shoppingmum - So uncomfortable for me lol!

荦怡 - Little Jo doesn't have this sort of artistic's cell lol!

hmom - Hehe, maybe feeding him to much!

pearlvanoyster - Everyone said he is 4yrs old!

blurblur - Seems like Jo is quite big size huh?!

Kelly - I got his 70's specs photo too, will upload it later..sure like 林亚珍 since everyone said he is a "girl".

Zara's mama - No teething le...drooling started when he was few months old.

Eileen - Agree! Johan looks like 4+ too. Maybe due to his size!

Immomsdaughter - Maybe girl has little stomach than boy, thus more smaller size lol!

ChanelWong - Ya, even Jo is 4 days older than Jeriel but the size is apparently.

AllyFeel - diaper money for adding my personal money!