Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Come on, my friends, try this Pixart.
Finally i finished uploading those pictures to Pixart, it only charged RM49 (after 20% discount) for 24 pages. Thanks
Sarah for the recommendation.

I wonder when can i receive my photo book, but actually the date is not so important to me as i put my mother's place as my mailing address. It means i only able to see the photo book when i'm back to Sabah.


Zara's Mama said...

you made the small book?

I did one for Zara when she was 1yrs old.. made the wrong one.. I chose photoprint instead if digital print. Every time when we flip through the photos.. we have to be very careful.

huisia said...

Zara's mama - Oh, i'm not sure the size, it's a Pocket Book..ha..maybe is a small book. Oh no..

chooi peng said...

i hav 4 pocket books done during their 40% discount promotion! :)
it look nicer if u put the pix full page!

Hijackqueen said...

Can't wait to see your book.

huisia said...

Chooi Peng - Really, i just put 2 pictures into full page, aiyo, what a mistake i have taken!

Hijackqueen - Haha, i also can't wait, but i think i only able to view it at the coming chinese new year.

laundryamah said...

which part are u from in Sabah?? are you Hakka also?? if yes..chi kar yin la!

Julian said...

How's the book? I just made my third photobook but it was for my nephew's birthday. It had all his photos of his first year as baby. As for our Baby Raelynne, we shall accumulate more photos of her before making the third book! This book making can be addictive :)

babykhong said...

I've tried Pixart for Brae's 1-year-old milestones...but not very satisfied with the quality. Furthermore I had some problems uploading the book previously.

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