Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I almost crazy

This morning..
"You want bread?"
"Want", but he threw the bread onto the floor after he tasted it.
Fine, he is sick of course he is moody.

I asked him again,"You want noodle?"
OK, i cooked noodle as breakfast for him, but he refused to eat again after taking few spoons.Nevermind, as he coughed while he swallowing the noodle.

During lunch time..
I steamed white pomfret for him, i tasted it and it was very delicious, so he should like it. But, he ate 2 spoons only. OK, nevermind, i made 8oz of milk for him.

At night..
"You want sausage"
So, i steamed 4 short sausages for him, he ate the first half and told me he doesn't like the taste.

I cooked noodle for myself and rice for him.He saw my noodle and insisted he wanted noodle as well. OK, rice just put aside and i cooked noodle for him again after i finished my noodle.

While i was cooking his noodle..
I heard "bang...."
I quickly ran out to living room, and i saw this :

Almost pengsan...
I just poured 2 refill packs of Enfagrow into the Tupperware, but now 2/3 was on the floor.
I smacked him as i couldn't control anymore.
He cried and said he doesn't like me.
He definitely driving me to nuts, help me!
He misses his papa (papa outstation till this Saturday), but it doesn't mean that he can bully his mommy.


Sasha said...

bad mood la yr boy...

Zara's Mama said...

Poor mummy.. Poor boy (got getting smacked).

Hope it's just a passing phase.

Jesslyn said...

忍耐!忍耐!最近我也时常责骂或打大瓜, 但每一次过后我都后悔。相信经过这次,他会乖乖啦!

kelly said...

He's not well, that's why he's cranky. Don't smack him when he's ill..guess it must have upset you when he said he didn't like you. When he feels better, he'll become a good boy again.:p

blurblur said...

Ahhh...i've been through the same...he said he want and when it's right infront of him, he said he don't want...i totally understand how you feel..

But...he's sick lah, so don't smack him okie? ;p

twinsmom said...

sorry oh.... my opinion, sick or not, miss daddy or not, this kind of thing happen I sure smack, in fact I just did a day ago when Isabelle pour whole bowl of rice on the floor. I used rotan beat her three times, never feel regret and sorry about it. to me sick is not a ticket to being fa-lan-zha.

I can't and I wouldn't let the kids go for the mistake they have made, because I learnt if I let them go, they will come back with double force.

I am their mother, if I don't punish them who else will do it? especially they waste foo, even though they might not do it on purpose, but that is to show them be more carefu next time.

gee... i am so fierce.

Magictree said...

It's just one of those days that is bound to come sooner or later! Cheer up!

Jan said...

He must be feeling damm lousy and uncomfortable thus for the cranky behaviour lor.....

Think he also didn't do it on purpose lar.....don't beat him to him and tell him next time not to play with the milk can anymore lor....

Relax mummy and get well Jo!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Poor mommy with a cranky boy. My opinion is not to let him get away with it but at the same time, don't be too harsh with him as he is sick. Just make sure that you get the message across that what he did was wrong. I know how it feels to be short fused when the kids test our patience at times like these. *Hugs* to you, daddy will be home soon.

chooi peng said...

sometimes i also 忍无可忍 n smack my gal. but later i will guilty, she stil very young ma, why smack her? aiyh..

jazzmint said...

OMG...that's a lot of milk powder on the floor!!! I'm sure I will jump also like you.

Kids when they are sick always like moody one..Faythe last week also the same, everything also take 1-2 bites and that's it!!

No worries, Jo will be back to normal soon. Hope he's recovering

Adrian & Alvan said...

Ok what I said here is the same I told myself when Adrian do the same
"Be patient, cool down, he just not feeling well, he such a darling boy also when he not sick isnt it, so calm down calm down, dont smack, dont rise up your voice"
hee hee

chanelwong said...

poor Jo and mummy, if I will also jump and be mad ...

Hijackqueen said...

Ouch! I feel for you. The worst is when the extra helping hand is not there. Been there myself before.

huisia said...

Sasha - Bad hor?!

Zara's mama & Kelly & MagicTree & Jazzmint & Rachel - Hope he will back to normal asap.

Jesslyn & chooi peng - Most of the time i felt regret, but this time i don't have as i hate people wasting food.

BlurBlur - Maybe boy is like that huh?! More naughtier than girl.

Jan - It's not easy to bring the milk powder from M'sia to here, that's why i was so angry at the moment when i saw all the powder on the floor.

immomsdaugther - i definitely couldn't stand anymore, so have to smack him. After that, i did tell him why i smacked him, hope he really got what i meant.

Twinsmom - Wow, don't know you can as fierce as this lol, anyway, i really agree with your points.

Chanel - Give me FIVE!

Hijackqueen - Thanks for understanding my situation! Really warmth.

laundryamah said...

yes i will totally freak out too! Smack smack smack! but then to explain to him why smacked him la..sigh..i hate it when my boy gets sick too..always whining..

荦怡妈咪 said...