Saturday, September 30, 2006

Talking crap

hub : Imagine you're visitor from M'sia, do you have the interest to any place in Shen Zhen?
me : No, i would prefer to HK.
hub : Why HK again.
me : Because i've promised Jo to bring him to Ocean park and he wants to feed the dolphin too.
hub : It's very congested.
hub : We can take bus or train to Hokkien (福建).

me : Not suitable for carrying Jo along, can you make sure he sits still within the 20+ hours?
hub : Oh, ya, not suitable.
hub : But no point to go those famous places that crowded like sardine.
hub : We can go Australia.
me : Too far from here to there, if i choose Australia, i prefer taking flight from Sabah.
me : How about we go to Seoul, we can look for your ex-colleagues since i miss them too.
hub : You been there before, please choose somewhere new.
me : Japan..

hub : What for? You want to make baby there? But, now not a nice season, we better go during winter.
me : What baby? Now not an ovulation period! Then, how about Shanghai?
hub : Oh, you must tell me earlier as i can ask Ah.Lau to arrange accommodation for us.
me : You can call him now.
hub : (think a while)...but my holiday just till Wednesday, it's too hurry to go to Shanghai!
me : (started to feel irritating) We don't go anywhere, we use the money to buy one digital camera.
hub : But, i prefer video camera.
me : (Sigh).. We just stay at home la...

That's the conversation between hubby and me just now, we're discussing how to spend our long National holiday here but the end is still nothing out! See, we're like talking for fun only!


laundryamah said...

hahaha,,,i think all men liddat one..dat's y we should just make the decision n final! no need to talk cos no result ma!

Annie Q said...

Hi Hui Sia, thanks for visiting my blog. Heehee!Ya lo ya lo men are lidat, every time if i go out for dinner with my lou kong,he always ask what i want..when i suggest something he will said dont want lah..this also dont want,that also dont want..end up we hv arguement pula!

shoppingmum said...

Make baby? Can do that at home too...:P
Well, if can get flight tickets and rooms, Bali or Phuket also nice.

jazzmint said...

haha..ur conversation reminds me so much bout mine and hubby's too. talk talk talk end up never go anywhere, wasting my energy oni

Jesslyn said...

LOL...we are like that too sometimes!

You can go Guangzhou, few nices place there too!

Shannon Chong said...

hahaha, i think all couples also like that is it? "say in say out" then end up do nothing.... hehehehe.... hubby and i also always do that....

Jan said...

oh yahor, the Golden Week holiday in China.... are all like this hor, an they complain about us....seems like everything we suggest also have problem one, then why bother asking us in the first place, they decide lor, right? lol

milkmaid said...

everything I say also "sai hei" cause in the end, tak jadi talk talk -- and then he will say - aiya "u decide la". Sometimes I feel have to go thru the process otherwise will forget that he is at home !!

Sasha said...

aiyah ..all same la. Talk 3 talk 4. Sleep better la. Hahaha that's why we don't plan long long b4 go holiday..

Julian said...

The last time you guys "make" baby is abroad ah? :-) Made in Japan, Made in Shanghai, Made in China, wahlauuu...

Ya lor, make baby can make at home, dont need to go far far.

We havent had any crap talk like this yet, but everytime wanna go out and eat:

Me: darling, eat what ah?
Wife: Dont know, what you want to eat?
Me: dont know wor. What u feel like eating?
Wife: anything lah.
Me: where got anything to eat. must specify one
Wife: aiya anything also can lah

chanelwong said...

after all the talking, still home is the best hi hi...

kelly said...

Haha..talking for fun.. Ya, you can make baby at home, save lots of money in this way..keep for future baby.:)

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah.. all men like that.. talk only.

For us also, if want to go for holidays, I have to arrange everything.. and force him to claim for his airmiles or take his credit card to pay for hotels. :P

Grace said...

haha...ya lor, always talk too much at the end tak jadi.扫兴!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Heh heh at least I enjoyed your "crap". Farnylah but true that most men are liddat one :)

Allyfeel said...

Haha, my man also likedat one. Talk talk talk and no results.

Now, I am forcing him to go shanghai, take money from him everymonth, by next year should be able to go. haha!

blurblur said...

hahaha...this conversation is so familiar in our household...but but but...we just went to the NATAS Travel show over the weekend, and we booked ourselves something..hehe..finally..;)

michelle said...

Go Australia or New Zealand. Yeah as laundryamah said, make plans and just go.