Thursday, April 03, 2008

I love Biotherm

At first i was thinking to buy La-Mer, but it is too expensive and i really got no heart to spend my hard earned money on the skin care product, La-Mer. So i finally spent about HKD1500+ on Biotherm, cheap yet efficient skin care product, and most importantly it is suitable for my skin.

I felt a bit regretted as i didn't buy the Line Peel Crystalescent Day cream which believes can tackle 4 major problems that commonly found for ladies. The complexion can have 88% improved in terms of luminous, and it can fade acne scars and diminish the pores. For the pink series, i only got myself the Line Peel Yeux Crystalescent which help revitalizing skin and diminishing puffiness and dark circles around eyes. Maybe i should get the day cream bought this weekend.


etceteramommy said...

Wow.. so Biotherm is good? Effective on eye areas?

shern's mom said...

I never use biotherm before. Is it all water based or oil based?

Hazel said...

sound good, i haven't try it before