Thursday, April 03, 2008

Invest in contemporary condo

The man wants to earn more, so he is just can't be limited in the current life. He wants more, of course, i want too. But, what is the definition of "enough"? You won't feel you would have enough money if you don't know the word of "satisfy". You would feel enough even you only got one penny in your pocket as long as you know how to be satisfied. I never think of being rich and never think of getting myself a luxury car, staying in contemporary house, traveling around the world and etc. I know explicitly what kind of life i want, and i know how to be satisfied and be happy. Contrary to say, i won't mind to have Apogee Condo South Beach as investment since this condo can access all the facilities and amenities easily. Of course, i only want this provided i am affordable. Like what Chinese said, wear a suitable size of hat for your head to prevent any eyes blockage. So, i only invest if possible, otherwise, just trying to heavy up my shoulder.

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