Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wall painting job, anyone?

My elder boy seems very naughty these days and he got all his stickers stuck on the wall. You know, the wall looks so messy and ugly. I would like my house wall painted, so i can take photo by using my new Canon EOS450D, don't feel like taking any photos now due to the ugly look of the wall.

I was thinking to paint the wall by myself since my apartment is just few hundred square feet big. It is really not hard to get the paint done. However, the man commented "i am crazy" to have such a mad idea. What's wrong with my plan? Maybe the only concern is i don't have plenty of time since i still need to take care both of my young kids. How about hire one or two wall painter?

I was told that there is a site called, which the site specially designed to everyone who would like to post a task, looking for cheaper contractors, outsourcing job, part-time job and the list goes. Then, people who are keen can also bid on the particular job or services. However, it is no obligation for sticking with the cheapest bidder as people can always look for the perfect one to fit his/her job or service.

Sound interesting? I wonder can i post my task over there or not?

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