Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jo's kindergarten

Few friends of mine asked me why i didn't send Jo to either Q-Dees or Fungates, well, i do not like Q-Dees since very beginning, no special reason, maybe due to the location of the Q-Dees in KK. As for Fungates, Jo had attended the Fungates kindy in year 2007 when we're in KK to wait for the arrival of baby Eli. Actually i didn't see any special improvement in his academic, worst that he still didn't know how to grip the pencil properly after he joined Fungates for about half a year. This time, Chung Hwa Kindergarten Likas was purposely chosen which it is well-known, well-established and also a largest kindergarten in KK, and most importantly it's my ex-kindy too. Well, 26 years back! Over and above, the computer programs that they are learning now are from my ex-company, and i was one of the programmer who written the programs! I simply wanted him to experience what had mommy experienced when mommy still a little girl!

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You know, my kindy is still in operations also! More than 30 yrs lah! Amazing! Those days my mom paid RM38 for a month, now its RM550 a month!!!