Saturday, March 28, 2009

Deserted blog

My blog seems like being deserted, what a pity blog! I wish i could have more time to update my blog but i hardly had my time to sit in front of the computer, simply busy everyday!

This morning after breakfast, Jo wanted to follow my sister back to her home because he wanted to play with his cousins, i let him go so that i could have more time to do my own things. Eli was quite co-operative just now too as he was willing to stay in the room to watch Hi-5 while i was doing laundry and i was able to take bath as well after finished those house chores. I didn't know what time he fell asleep as by the time i came in the room he had already fallen sleep.

I better finish my things asap now before the little boy wakes up! If the time is allowed, i hope i can have a short nap later too!


Helen Hunt - Free Link said...

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janice said...

i m feeling it too.. u got 3 on the way coming.. haizh .. i really felt the needs of time for myself.. huhuhu..