Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bracelet & Anklet

Ladies being ladies, always love to be pretty! So, jewelry seems essential for ladies!

I have always fancied wearing some gemstones as a bracelet or anklet, actually i had been browsing through the internet in order to buy some cheap gemstones and wanted to make it myself. But, i was no luck to find some i love.

Stumbled across one of the stall which sells a lot of nice bracelets, necklaces, anklets and some little accessories for DIY, they are not cheap but at least cheaper than buying from MY. Got myself these 2 : -

The anklet has locks, keys and a treasure box as embellishment, simply pretty!

I love them so much but hubby commented the anklet simply looks like a "dog chain"....LOL


HN said...

Hello Huisia, I have a very special tag for you,do check out my blog yaa :D

p/s: Hope you are coping well with your pregnancy and your kids... It's not easy at all, I am feeling the same here ... Gambate together okie?

Jan said...

the anklet looks pretty chunky and heavy wor! heehee!

but I like the bracelet, very colourful!

aprilWong said...

I like your bracelet, nice!

Mummy Moon said...

I like the anklet, very nice. So far I never buy myself any anklet and never have 1 before..

Health Freak Mommy said...

Very nice bracelet and anklet. Hahaha... I bet my hubby would pass the same comment too if I wore that anklet!

Wonderful Life said...

hehe... locks to chain yourself up?? :P

KittyCat said...

Aiya...husbands are like that sometimes, aren't they? ;-)

As long as we're happy and feel pretty, that's what's important!