Friday, September 11, 2009

Car Accident

I was so bad luck this morning as i met a car accident just after i sent Jo to school. I was on the way back to Damai from Likas, suddenly a gray Kancil from the right side crashed my car. I was shocked and when i turned my head back, i saw the 2 men were moving their hands inside the Kancil, simply looked like they're scolding me there. I voiced out pretty loud too when i just stepped out from my car, of course ended we had quarrel there. Quarrel won't settle the matter smoothly so eventually we had to call the traffic police.

My car didn't damage seriously, and luckily this morning Eli didn't follow me to go out, otherwise i just can't imagine what would happen to him because he has always rejected to sit on his carseat and has always rejected to get buckled. Really thanks God for blessing me and my loved one.

As for my car, now it has been sent to workshop, but still cannot start repairing first because have to wait for the report from the third party's insurance company. Sigh, seems like i won't have my car back that soon, the worse is next weekend is my BIL's wedding, short one car is definitely troublesome since my car was initially planned to pick and send the guests. But, think of the bright side that i can get my own custom headlights fixed rather than using the old typed front headlights.

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