Thursday, March 11, 2010

Damn boring

I have been eating a lot lately, simply can't control myself. I use to give myself ton of reasons to eat, actually is a bit not in my normal self. Perhaps the stress makes me lost my willpower.

I hate being at home, i hate to see the maid although i admit that i can't live without her. I hate the noise around me, i hate to cook when the time comes and i hate to take care of my kids, you know, i simply feel languor and i am so longing to have my own quiet time now.

I have put on some weights lately due to eating uncontrollably, i need to lose the increased pounds pretty soon in order to attend my friend's wedding next month, anyone knows any good diet pills around? It's okay if you don't know as i can check out by reading the diet pills reviewed myself.

Damn boring to be coped at home everyday! Sigh...if i can change the time back to previous then i definitely will choose staying single!

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