Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lunch dating with Eli

冰震咖啡 coffee surrounded by ice

Chicken chop rice

I left the maid at home, at first wanted to bring the maid out for lunch but the baby was taking her nap when I about to go out, so the maid had to take the leftover food which was homemade fish cake that I made last week.

As usual, Eli and me dined at a HK styled restaurant in ShangHe, I like to go there and been going there for 3 years. Simply like the foods there!

Ordered chicken chop rice with onion sauce for Eli, he likes the poultry served by that restaurant and he managed to finish half portion of rice there, the condition is totally unlike when we were at home, it is simply hard to coax him to take his meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. So, i have to bring him out for lunch everyday in order there is something to stuff his little tummy.

The lunch charged me RMB30 and another RMB22 for taxi, so this is pretty expensive, definitely wasting money for long run!

Location:Commercial Pedestrian Street of District 25,Shenzhen,China

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Michelle Loo said...

wow.. it looks nice to me.. Make me craving for it.. :p