Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Am I weird or just a nut case?

Tagged by Angeleyes on the "5 weird things" (emm..unique topic).
1. I like to buy branded lingerie, but the weird part is i like to keep them in my wardrobe without wearing them. I only wear them when other new sets are bought. So, my wardrobe always has some new lingeries especially those sexy sexy one..

2. I always easy to stress myself up, let say tomorrow morning i have to go to wet market, then sure tonight i will wake up few times to think about what should i buy or what time should i go out though everytime i go out in same time and even buy the same things.

3. I like to wash car, yeah, extremely love it. I have the high gratification after seeing my car is being washed. I will stare at my car for few minutes, and have the self-praising. I still washed my car when i was pregnant with Jo, until my neighbour's maid said "Alamak, moi, kamu masih cuci car ar? itu baby mahu keluar sudah lo..."

4. Other than washing car, i like to wash toilet too, but of course, just my own house toilet la..

5. I am a sort of double minded lady, when i tell you i want "a" but most probably my heart is thinking i want "b". Sort of variable person. i weird? Hehe..
Not going to tag other people since i know most of the mummies already done this tag.